In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 313

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Space Teleportation

After wooden golem caught that huge purple colored energy ball created by Yaorao, under the control of Ren Tianyou, this purple colored energy ball was directly thrown back towards Yaorao. And when this energy ball hit Yaorao, this energy ball exploded. This explosion engulfed everything within 1 li radius.

“Not good, there is a problem inside!” When the explosion occurred inside, the guards outside the barrier immediately had great change in their complexion, then they immediately rang the alarm sound.

Just after that, suddenly three huge light beam streaked across the sky far away. And those lights instantly appeared in front of barrier, then those light dissipated, revealing two middle-aged men and one young woman.

One of the middle-aged man had two black colored dragon horn on his head and was wearing black colored battle armor. And his body was filled with black colored magic lines. This person was one of the three Great Demon God, Evil Dragon Demon God—-Anlake.

Another middle-aged man had a handsome face and was wearing white colored robe, but his body however was emitting unusually evil aura. This person was also one of the three Great Demon God, Baleful Heaven Demon God—-Busike.

And the remaining young woman was wearing fiery red long skirt, and her body emitted an aura that would cause people to have their blood expand. And especially that sexy fiery red lips of her, it gave people a kind of wanting to eat it feeling. This person was final one among the three Great Demon God, Blood Prison Demon God—-Irene Nuo (Bulada)!”

Originally they were in the process of preparing to direct the upcoming selection competition, but they suddenly noticed the battle fluctuation in the west side, so all three of them immediately rushed over there.

“Greetings to Your Excellency the three Great Demon God.” Seeing the three figures in the sky, those guards underneath immediately knelt down to one leg and bowed their head respectfully, paying respect towards these three people.

“Okay, all of you retreat, there is nothing you all can do here.” Evil Dragon Demon God—- Anlake waved his right hand, and said towards everyone underneath. Now that someone was fighting inside the barrier, furthermore sensing the might of that explosion winds and waves of just a moment ago, which even they themselves couldn’t look down upon it, he immediately knew that these guards underneath were basically of no help, so he ordered all of them to retreat.

“Yes, Your Excellency the Great Demon God!” Those guards answered loudly, then prepared to retreat.

“Wait, you all go to the venue of competition where 13 Demon General are located, then transmit my orders. Immediately control the entire venue, do not permit anyone to enter and exit, if anyone dares to disobey, then kill them on the spot without pardon!” At that moment, Baleful Heaven Demon God—-Busike ordered towards underneath guards.

“We’ll obey your command.” The leader among the guards bowed and answered, then quickly left taking everyone with him.

“Busike, this barrier is already activated completely, this means Her Majesty the Demon Empress ought to be inside. Don’t know who she is fighting with.” After the guards left, Blood Prison Demon God scanned the Purple Yuan Baleful Heaven Formation in front of her with her beautiful eyes, and slowly said.

“Yes, but since this person could silently enter inside the barrier, his strength should not be low. I also don’t know who that person is.” Busike nodded his head in agreement to the words of Irene Nuo.

“Now we should think about the way to enter inside this barrier.” Looking at that explosion smoke rising inside the barrier, Evil Dragon Demon God Anlake slowly said.


Inside barrier, after the smoke and dusts of explosion dissipated, Ren Tianyou who was standing on that nearly 30 meters in tall huge body of wooden golem slowly scanned all around.

At that time, suddenly a purple colored light flashed above the head of Ren Tianyou which attacked towards the head of Ren Tianyou.

“Humph!” Seeing this, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly, then making a hand seal, that wooden golem extended its huge right hand directly blocking this sudden attack.

Along with a muffled sound, above the right hand of wooden golem, the figure of Yaorao slowly become visible. She didn’t have any wounds on her body, it seems that explosion of just a moment ago didn’t cause any damage to her.

At that time, the right hand of wooden golem slowly began to form a fist, seemingly wanting to crush Yaorao within its palm.

But how could Yaorao let Ren Tianyou succeed so easily. Borrowing the power from the body of wooden golem, she directly changed into a purple light and dodged it.

“Didn’t expect your wooden golem to be this sturdy.” Standing in the sky far away, Yaorao said with a smile looking at that huge wooden golem.

“That’s given, did you think that I would dare to come here without any strength?” Ren Tainyou also said with a smile. This wooden golem when used by Senju Hasirama was once able to catch the bijudama of kyuubi with one hand, so how could someone break it with one or two causal move.

“But, it seems your helpers have arrived outside.” Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou looked towards outside of not distant barrier. Those three Great Demon Gods hadn’t concealed their aura, so Ren Tianyou immediately discovered them upon their arrival.

“Rest assured, they will not affect our battle.” Finished speaking, Yaorao extended her right hand, then she shoot out purple colored light beam towards the barrier from her hand.

And outside the barrier, those three Great Demon Gods were in the process of unceasingly thinking the ways to enter inside the barrier, but just at that time, suddenly a huge purple colored light flew out from inside the barrier, and spread all around, instantly sending all three of them flying.

“All of you leave, don’t interfere with my battle!” At that time, coldly shouting voice of Yaorao came from inside the barrier.

Three Great Demon God quickly stabilized their body in the sky, and after hearing the voice of Yaorao, three of them immediately fell to one knee, and respectfully said: “Yes, Your Majesty the Demon Empress.”

Finished speaking, three people immediately change into light and left without looking back. In Demon World, the command of Demon Empress was supreme, so no one dared to defy her commands, including three Great Demon God.

“Well, no one will interfere our battle, but if we continue our battle here then everything will be destroyed very quickly, so let’s change our location.” After driving away those three Great Demon God, Yaorao looked at the destruction around the graveyard, then said.

Finished speaking, without waiting for Ren Tianyou to respond, a purple colored crystal ball flew out from her body. This crystal ball was emitting terrifyingly powerful aura.

After this crystal ball flew out, Yaorao began to make hand signs rapidly. Along with her hand signs, powerful purple colored radiances appeared around that crystal ball, and the Purple Yuan Baleful Heaven Formation around also gave out a purple colored radiances as if it was correlating with the purple light of crystal ball.

“The power of Universe Boundary, Space Teleportation!” At that moment, the voice of Yaorao entered inside the ear of Ren Tianyou. Shortly afterwards, the surrounding barrier and crystal ball emitted large amount of purple colored radiances, making the eyes of Ren Tianyou to temporarily lose its sight.

Ren Tianyou became aware of bluff, so he immediately controlled wooden golem to cover his body with its palm.

When the radiance dissipated, and after his vision was restored, the scenery around him stunned Ren Tianyou.

Now there was no graveyard around them, it was replaced by barren field, but the surrounding’s Purple Yuan Baleful Heaven Formation was still firmly shrouding the surrounding within the radius of 10 li.

“This…this is……?” Seeing the changes around him, the complexion of Ren Tianyou instantly became a little unsightly, and stuttered a little.

“I have teleported us and this barrier to this barren field. Here we can fight freely.” Standing not far away from Ren Tianyou, Yaorao slowly explained. After that with a wave of her right hand, that crystal ball instantly disappeared.

“Damn it, her strength is actually so strong that she could instantly teleport such large range, including the entire barrier too, how did she accomplish it?” Looking the surroundings around him, Ren Tianyou thought with unsightly face.

“No, just now wasn’t space sealed off? So how could she accomplish space teleportation? Don’t tell me that….?” Thinking this, the eyes of Ren Tianyou shone and he immediately used Hiraishin no Jutsu, but unfortunately there was no effect.

“Too late, just now when that dazzling light was flashing, I had removed the space seal for a moment, but I have already activated the space seal now. You have already lost your only chance to leave, now you should either defeat me or break this barrier if you want to leave this place.” As if she understood the thought of Ren Tianyou, Yaorao suddenly poured a basin of cold water onto Ren Tianyou.

“Damn it!” Hearing the words of Yaorao, Ren Tianyou instantly punched the ground underneath, causing a huge crater to appear in that place. Now his complexion was even more unsightly.

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  1. Mc is a dumbass. Can sense space but doesnt notice. Can bend time but doesnt. Can dig underground but doesnt. The fk is the loint of him getting naruto system if he doesnt even min max. Dodnt even get madara and izunas eyes. …..

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