In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 310

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Robbing the Grave

This Demon Emperor’s Graveyard was said to have the corpses of more than 80 strong Demon clan’s experts. One might well say that the corpses of those experts were precious treasures for many people, as those copses would play a very big role for researching power.

And Demon Emperor and others naturally knows the importance of this Demon Emperor’s Graveyard, so Demon Emperor had dispatched this large number of troops to guard this place from outside, but all of these guards were only for showing. The genuine protection of this place was that huge barrier surrounding the radius of 10 li.

This barrier was something Demon Emperor himself had set up personally—-Purple Yuan Baleful Heaven Barrier. The energy of this barrier was Purple Yuan Power which was formed by the combination of Demon Emperor’s own power with the power of Universe Boundary Divine Artifact, so this barrier was exceedingly powerful.

The defensive power of this barrier was so strong that it was already beyond the imagination of people. According to the words of Demon Emperor when he had set up this barrier, if one wanted to break open this barrier, then other than having the same level of power of Demon Emperor or the combined power of eight God Lord realm experts, it was basically impossible to break this barrier.

So the people of Demon World were completely at ease with regarding to the safety of this Demon Emperor’s Graveyard. They didn’t have even a slightest bit of worry that something unexpected would happen here.

But at this moment, suddenly an uninvited guest appeared beside this barrier.

In one concealed corner beside the barrier which was located in dead angle of the guards, suddenly the space distorted, then a man wearing bamboo hat and black robe with red clouds imprinted on them appeared.

“Finally found it.” Ren Tianyou raised his head, then looking at the barrier in front of him which was emitting huge energy, he slowly muttered solemnly.

“Now that I have already found my target, I should immediately begin my operation in order to avoid something unexpected.” After looking at the barrier around, Ren Tianyou no longer delayed, and directly passed through the barrier as if his body was transparent. That powerful barrier was not able to block Ren Tianyou even a bit.

After entering the barrier, he discovered that the atmosphere here emitted a kind of indescribable pressure. This pressured directly affected the spirit of people, so there basically was no way to resist, unless you use your own spirit to break the pressure.

All the Demon clan buried here were once earth shaking experts of Demon World. All of them were God’s favored one in their era, and had embarked on the road of the strong. Now even though they had already fallen, their The Strong’s aura still existed. And after the passing of long period of time, their aura slowly fused together and become a powerful oppression power.

If a person with insufficiently firm The Strong’s heart stepped into here, then at that moment they would be oppressed to the ground, and even if their strength was exceedingly high, they wouldn’t be able to move.

“Interesting?” Feeling that powerful aura in the atmosphere and powerful pressure spread all over the place around him, Ren Tianyou chuckled.

After that he walked towards the center of the graveyard. After the distance to the center reduced, tombs began to appear before the eyes of Ren Tianyou.

Black Cavalry Demon General Athake’s tomb, Cloud Dragon Demon General Dalke’s tomb, Bewitching Lotus Demon General Alice’s tomb……many tombstones carved with names stood tall and upright above their tomb, indicating their identity.

This area was for the tombs of Demon clan’s past Demon Generals. All of them possessed respective title, and these titles were something bestowed by successive Demon Emperors indicating their status as Demon General. All of these Demon Generals were at most God King realm experts.

“The strength of these Demon Generals should not be too low, let dig out them first.” Ren Tianyou having the principle of not wasting spirit didn’t ignored these tombs even though there were even stronger experts’ graves deeper inside.

Quickly making hands seals, and circulating the chakra within his body, he said: “Doton—-Kaido Shokutsu! (Earth Style—-Erupt!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the ground around the tombs of two Demon Generals began to slowly loosen, then with a ‘peng’, ‘peng’ two muffled sound, two huge coffins broke out from the ground of tombs, and fell before the eyes of Ren Tianyou.

Walking over to the coffins, Ren Tianyou put forth his strength to directly open the lid of the coffin, causing the powerful corpse qi to come out from inside the coffin. After that looking inside the coffin, he saw a corpse of a man wearing black battle armor with spear by his side.

God King realm expert. Although these experts had already died for a long period of time, but their copses were still not decayed.

“Yes, this is a very good specimen.” Looking at this middle aged man’s corpse, Ren Tianyou nodded with satisfaction. After that along with kamui of right eye, he absorbed these two coffins into his kamui space.

Shortly afterwards Ren Tianyou broke open eleven other tombs of Demon General, and suck all those corpses into his kamui space.

“These tombs of Demon Generals are not urgent, now I should take a look at inner region. Inside there ought to be the tombs of Demon Gods, and perhaps there might also be the tombs of Demon Emperors too.” After breaking a number of tombs, Ren Tianyou stopped his move, then walked deeper, intending to look for the tombs of Demon God.

After walking for nearly 5 li, the tombs of Demon Gods finally appeared before the eyes of Ren Tianyou. The very first tomb of Demon God appearing before the eyes of Ren Tianyou was a tomb of Demon God called Balada.

Compared to the tombs of Demon General, the tombs of Demon Gods were not only bigger, but their introduction was also carved more explicitly on the tombstone.

Balada, one of the three Great Demon God of hundred thousand years ago, titled Dark Night Demon God. According to the introduction, this Dark Night Demon God was the demon of one of the most ancient Demon Clan, and his identity was very mysterious. He always liked to go out in night, because in the night environment, his strength would increases greatly. And even in daytime, within the certain range around him, he could change the celestial phenomena, causing the night to arrive in advance.

He was once hailed as the strongest Demon God among three Great Demon Gods of his time. And at that time, he had already reached Peak God Lord realm in strength, infinitely close to the strength of Demon Emperor himself.

“Not bad.” After reading the introduction of the identity of the tomb owner, Ren Tianyou nodded his head in satisfaction. Then he immediately began to break open this tomb, and put away his coffin.

And beside the tomb of Dark Night Demon God, there was the tomb of his younger brother Shadow Demon God who was through and through assassin. One might well say that the assassination method of this fellow was at apex. He was known as the most dangerous Demon God, because you don’t know when his dagger would cut open your throat.

But when Ren Tianyou was ready to break open the tomb of Shadow Demon God, suddenly a female voice filled with charm resounded from not far away, “So your target was actually this place.”

“What?” Hearing this sudden voice, the fine hairs all over the body of Ren Tianyou immediately stood erect, and he instantly took the fighting posture while looking at the source of the sound.

“It’s you!” When he saw the person, Ren Tianyou instantly exclaimed in surprise, and his voice was filled with disbelief.

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    1. Stalker alert is not emitting a signal, it needs to be replaced with something stronger (maybe Rinnegan?)

  1. Thank you for the meal!
    Really nice to be able to continue reading this series. With Yaorao actually appearing in there I can only think of 3 possibilities:
    1: She is an extremely skilled space magician, able to slip through the barrier
    2: She has a connection to the Demon Emperor that is close enough to give her permission to enter the graveyard.
    3: She is the Demon Emperor herself! This would be the most interesting one.
    Unless it’s number 1 I’m pretty sure the guards are already getting ready to jump him. It would be interesting if it was number 3 though XD

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