In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 309

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Demon Emperor’s Graveyard

After his shadow clone used kamui and left, Ren Tianyou immediately opened the door of the toilet and return to the room, then sitting on the stool next to table, he chatted with Yaorao while drinking the tea.

In one unmanned street corner of Bloody Cloud City, along with the appearance of spiral shaped space ripple, Ren Tianyou appeared in that place.

Since he had already been in this place, he already know the space coordinate of this place. So using kamui, he directly return here. This time he had returned here to confirm a matter.

Looking at the streets all around, Ren Tianyou quickly made a series of hand seals, then along with the circulation of chakra within his body, a white colored smoke appeared around his body, “Ninpo—-Henge no Jutsu! (Ninja Art—-Transformation Jutsu!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the white smoke around his body dissipated, and a tall and big robust man of Demon clan appeared at that place. Before Ren Tianyou had caused havoc within Bloody Cloud City, and many Demon clan had perished in his hands, so that demon called Buluoda absolutely hated him to death. As a result if he appear here in his original form, then that would be just provoking him.

Arriving at the location where Yaorao had opened her pub, and seeing the scene before his eyes, Ren Tianyou who was already prepared for this outcome was not surprised.

The pub which used to be there had already disappeared. Now there was only huge empty ground here. That tall and big pub building which used to be here had completely disappeared in a thin air.

“Just like I have thought, the pub has disappeared. This clearly explains that that Yaorao definitely has a problem, but why did she incessantly scheme to approach me? I have never known her before, moreover my current identity is something I have casually came up with, so it is basically impossible for her to have any relation.” Ren Tianyou fell into a deep thought for a long time, but even after thinking for a long time, he couldn’t come up with any clue. After that making a hand seal, he changed into white smoke and disappeared from that place.

And at the same time, far away in the Demon Metropolis, the body of Ren Tianyou suddenly shook, then the scene his shadow clone had seen appeared in his brain. After that his gaze looking towards Yaorao changed.

“What happen, Tianyou?” Seeing the peculiar gaze of Ren Tianyou, Yaorao asked feeling somewhat strange.

“Ah? Nothing, probably am tired because I rushed for an entire day to come here.” Ren Tianyou laughed a bit hollowly, then said.

“Since that is the case, take an early rest. The competition will begin after three days, and you don’t want to miss that competition.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Yaorao stood up and said.

“Rest assured, how can I miss this kind of grand gathering? Since you want to go, I will see you off.” Ren Tianyou nodded his head, then accompanying Yaorao to the door, he opened the door. After Yaorao left, he shut the door again`.

Standing at the head of the flight of stairs, and looking at the already shut door of Ren Tianyou’s room, Yaorao softly said with a smile, “Already noticed?”

Then along with purple colored mists, she slowly disappeared from that place.

And inside the room, Ren Tianyou sat on the bed while pondering the oddness of Yaorao, but even after thinking for a long time, he didn’t have any countermeasures. “Forget it, counter soldiers with arms, water with earth weir, after three days, I will immediately leave this place after I succeed. And at that time, whatever scheme you have, you will not be able to do anything as I will be already out of here.” Finished speaking, he lied on the bed and entered into dreamland.


Early morning after three days, Demon Metropolis was already very lively. Many people were already walking to and from on the streets, because today was a special day, the day for the final competition to select the leaders of thousand guards before invading Divine Wind Continent.

And the number of guards in the streets had clearly increased, as the quantity of visitors today was absolutely the largest and they must uphold the order. Although no one dared to stir up trouble here, but just like the proverb says better to be safe than sorry, they had already made preparation for problem in advance.

And in the room of Ren Tianyou, Ren Tianyou had already disguised himself. Now he was wearing Akatsuki organization’s robe and bamboo hat, and he had placed Uchiha Round Fan on his back.

“Okay, let move out.” After making preparation, Ren Tianyou estimated the time, then along with the spiral shaped space ripple from his right eye, he disappeared from inside the room.

On a secluded street, a groups of guards of Shadow Legion had just arrived here while patrolling from elsewhere, and were preparing to continue their patrol.

But behind them, a person wearing black colored robe with red clouds imprinted on it and also wearing a bamboo hat with round fan on his back slowly walked out from the wall behind them, without being noticed by anyone.

Looking at those patrolling soldiers in front of him, Ren Tianyou slightly smiled, then extending his right hand, he noiselessly caught the last guard.

The instant his right hand touched this guard, before this guard could react in any way, he was directly sucked into the kamui space.

When his Sharingan had evolved into Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, the doujutsu of his eyes were also enhanced further. The absorption speed of his right eye had also become one-third times faster than before.

After completing this task, Ren Tianyou also disappeared from there along with kamui.

In the kamui space, Ren Tianyou directly used illusion of Sharingan to control this guard of Demon clan, then asked about the location of Demon Emperor’s Graveyard.

After he got all the information he needed, Ren Tianyou directly broke the neck of this guard, ending his life.

Demon Emperor’s Graveyard was in the west side of the Demon Metropolis. And that place had a barrier set up by Demon Emperor himself. Usually no one was permitted to enter this place, and numerous guards heavily guarded it from outside. All the trespassers were killed on the spot without any pardon.

Now that he knew the location, it naturally was time to take action. Currently the attention of majority of people were attracted by the upcoming competition, so the defense around this Demon Emperor’s Graveyard should be lax compared to before. As a result this was a good chance, which shouldn’t be wasted.

In the west side of the Demon Metropolis, a huge purple colored magic light barrier surrounded the radius of 10 li. This place emitted light death qi, and one could clearly see huge tombstones inside the barrier. This was Demon Emperor’s Graveyard.

This was the graveyard where only very strong demons of Demon World were buried after their death. And in the center of this place, even the Demon Emperors of past generation were buried.

And in all sides of this barrier, there were high platforms from where soldiers of Demon clan overlook everything around this place. Although this graveyard had barrier surrounding it, but they were still guarding this place very alertly, because this was their duty.

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  1. I hope nothing goes wrong since this war is going to be large scale and he will need alot of soldiers and the tailed beasts are only good for maybe one on one with the god realms and above

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