In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 308

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Suspicious Demon

“It’s you!” Seeing the person behind him, Ren Tianyou exclaimed in surprise.

In the middle of the hall, a flirtation woman of Demon clan was standing. Her skin was light purple in color, which didn’t have any angelic beauty of human, but gave people a kind of exotic sense of beauty. This person was precisely Yaorao.

“What a coincident, didn’t expect to meet you here too.” Ren Tianyou stopped his steps, and turning around, he came over to the side of Yaorao and said with a smile.

“This isn’t a coincidence, don’t you remember? At that time, at bar I said that we will meet again very soon.” Looking at that handsome face of Ren Tianyou, the eyes of Yaorao showed a mysterious smiling expression, then slowly said.

“Is that so? Did you say that? I am sorry that I have a bad memory.” Ren Tianyou shrugged his shoulders and said pretending he was helpless.

“How come you are here? Are you here to participate in the competition for the selection of leaders of thousands guards?”

“Nope, I am not interested in that. I came here to look at the excitement nothing more. I don’t plan to take part in this competition.” Shaking his head, Ren Tianyou slowly said. He came here only for that grave, so he didn’t care about this competition. As long as he got things he needed, he would immediately leave this place.

“Oh, Tianyou, your strength ought to be not weak. I heard about the matter of how you were able to escape from that heavy encirclement in Bloody Cloud City, so with your strength, I think if you want to win this competition, then it would not be any difficult. Could it be that this position of leader of thousand guards is not attractive to you?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Yaorao confusedly asked.

“That is not the case, merely I am used to being free and unrestrained. I don’t want to be bound by the army, so I don’t want to participate this competition.”

“So it was like that.” Yaorao nodded her head in understanding, then looking at Ren Tianyou, she said with a smile, “Standing here is not too convenient to talk, don’t know if it is possible to ask you to go up and have a seat?”

“Look at my brain, neglecting beauty is my fault, I just got the key of my room. Let’s go up.” Ren Tianyou hit his head, then slightly bend over while extending his right hand, and feign the look of gentleman.

“Thanks for the trouble.” Yaorao nodded her head with a smile, then gracefully walked in the front, and stepping on the stairs, she unhurriedly walked upstairs.

And after Yaorao went up, Ren Tianyou lifted up his head, then looking at that figure of Yaorao, his eyes flashed with a strange look.

The appearance of Yaorao had extremely surprised Ren Tianyou. Just now in the brief moment of contact, he had already used no less than three methods to probe her, but all of them didn’t have any discovery.

First, just now when he had entered inside this pub, he had already used the memory ability of Sharingan to secretly scan the scene of the hall including everyone present in this hall. At that time, he hadn’t noticed Yaorao. The way of this hotel to go upstairs was only this one stairs, and at that time there was no people coming down and going up, but just when he had taken the key and was preparing to go upstairs, within this brief amount of time, Yaorao had suddenly appeared behind him without him noticing anything.

Second was the temperament of Yaorao. Although her entire body emitted a kind of mature charm which would involuntarily attract the attention of other people, but if one carefully looked her, one would discover that under this charm, a noble aura was deeply hidden. How could two completely different temperament appear in one person? This explains that she was hiding her identity.

Third was the strength of Yaorao. Since this Yaorao was able to conceal herself from his perception and suddenly appear behind him, this means her strength was not low, but right now when he bowed slightly and asked her to go upstairs, he had already opened Sharingan to scan her. But unfortunately, there was no discovery. Her strength was still Saint rank, appearing ordinary and mediocre.

But it was because her strength was ordinary and mediocre, she was suspicious. From this brief moment, Ren Tianyou was completely alert against this Yaorao. He wondered why she was deliberately approaching him. And he also didn’t believe that she had fallen in love with him in first sight, this kind of nonsense.

“Eh, Tianyou, why aren’t you coming up? What are you thinking?” At that time, Yaorao suddenly turned around, and looking at Ren Tianyou, she curiously asked.

“Ah? Never mind, just now I merely recalled something. I will lead you the way.” Ren Tian woke up with a start, then quickly walking up the stairs, he came in front of Yaorao and took the lead.

Looking at the figure of Ren Tianyou, the corner of Yaorao’s mouth slightly curved upward, then began to step forward.

The room of Ren Tianyou was in third floor. After finding his room, he used his key to open the door. After that Ren Tianyou and Yaorao simultaneously entered inside, then the door of the room slowly closed automatically.

This room was not big, roughly was 7-10 square meters. Sitting on the stool beside table, Ren Tianyou poured a cup of tea for himself and Yaorao.

“Oh, that’s right, I still haven’t asked you? How come you are here, is your pub closed?” Ren Tianyou raised the tea cup and drinking the tea, he asked Yaorao.

“I came here with similar reason, only came to see the excitement. This kind of prosperous age is very rare to see.” Yaorao also sipped her tea, then slowly said. “As for pub, I was only substituting for my friend for a short time that’s all. Now that my friend has already returned, I naturally should leave.”

“Oh, it was like that.” Ren Tianyou nodded his head, but his eyes however flashed with a trace of unusual light, while clearly recalling the words he had heard in the pub regarding that pub of Yaorao in Bloody Cloud City.

“This pub had suddenly appeared here more than a year ago, and the wines sold inside this pub were something we had never drunk before.”

“Finally exposing a flaw?” Ren Tianyou slowly thought. That pub was clearly hers, but she didn’t admit it, that revealed a flaw.

“I’m sorry, I need to go to toilet.” Ren Tianyou stood up, and apologetically said to Yaorao.

“Hee hee, no need to feel sorry, you can go.” Yaorao covered her mouth and said with a smile.

“Thanks a lot!” Ren Tianyou thanked her, then went into the toilet and shut the door.

And after closing the door, Ren Tianypu instantly made a hand seal, “Shadow Clone Jutsu!”

Along with the white colored smoke, another exactly the same Ren Tianyou appeared beside him.

“Go!’ Ren Tianyou said to shadow clone.

“Got it!” Shadow clone nodded his head, then along with the spiral shaped space ripple, disappeared from the toilet.

And after completing the task, Ren Tianyou opened the door and walked out.

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