In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 307

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Abyss Hydra

In Baleful Blood Realm’s Baleful Demon City, Ren Tianyou was walking down the streets towards the center of the city. Right now, nearly one month had already passed since the time he had encountered that terrifying Thousand Eyes Evil Beast at Endless Abyss. Now the main city of three realms’ transfer gate leading to Demon Metropolis—-Demon Emperor’s City had already opened. And all the people who wanted to participate in the trial and watch the excitement could enter the transfer formation to leave for Demon Emperor’s City. And Ren Tianyou was precisely one of those people.

After living outside the city for nearly one month, finally the day he had been waiting for had come, so how could Ren Tianyou be unhappy? So immediately after the arrival of this day, he directly rushed into this Baleful Blood Realm’s Baleful Demon City where Blood Prison Demon God—-Bulada resided, intending to enter the transfer formation to go to Demon Metropolis.

Right now all kinds of Demon clan’s experts were coming to this Baleful Demon City, and were walking towards the center of the city. With regarding to these ordinary people of Demon clan, being able to enter Demon Emperor’s City and see the Demon Emperor in itself was greatest honor.

In the center of the city, there was a transfer gate on the high platform. Right now in front of this transfer gate, there was large number of people. And beside this transfer gate, some people were in the process of unceasingly trying to maintain order in order to avoid any chaos.

“It seems this Demon Metropolis is quite attractive to people, but this way is better. The more the people, the more the chaotic situation, and that more beneficial to me.” Standing on the long queue of the transfer gate, and looking at those long stream of people around him, Ren Tianyou sighed.

This was the condition of only Baleful Blood Realm that all, in addition to this there were still Purgatory Realm and Demon Dragon Realm’s two main city from where one could enter Demon Metropolis. And the number of people entering Demon Emperor’s City from there would definitely not be any less than here. When the time comes, don’t know whether Demon Metropolis could be able to accommodate such large stream of people or not?

After waiting for nearly one hour, it was the turn of Ren Tianyou. Stepping up to high platform and entering into the transfer gate which was active long ago, he disappeared. And when his vision restored again, seeing the scene before his eyes, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but become stunned.

There was a large city at a distant place in front of him. That was the largest city he had ever seen, there was no another city that was anywhere close to this city in area covered. Comparing this city with Baleful Demon city of just now, this city was nearly twice as much in area.

At four sides of this city, four huge magic towers stood erect. These four towers reached straight up to the skies and were glimmering with a black colored magic light.

And this was not the most shocking thing, the most shocking thing was none other than a huge Hydra hovering around in the sky above this city.  The body of this snake was exceptionally large, and its nine heads were hovering around one of the tall magic tower. Right now the eyes of these nine heads were closed tightly, as if this noise and excitements of underneath was powerless to disturb its hibernation.

“Is this the legendary pet Abyss Hydra of His Majesty the Demon Emperor?” Seeing this Hydra hovering in the sky, one of the two person talking among themselves said, which attracted the attention of Ren Tianyou.

“Yes, I heard this Abyss Hydra is the fierce beast that had survived from ancient time, and its strength is unfathomable. Its nine snake head can swallow the heaven and devour the sea, and possess monstrous magical power. I heard it is only slightly weaker than that beast of Endless Abyss.” Another person added while nodding his head. He clearly knew the origin of this hydra. “I heard that, originally this Hydra had received mortal injury because of unknown reason. And at that time His Majesty the Demon Emperor had saved his life. After that feeling gratitude towards His Majesty the Demon Emperor for saving its life, it became the pet of His Majesty the Demon Emperor and took the role of defending this Demon Emperor’s City.”

“So that was the case.” Hearing his companion, this person nodded his head in understanding.

And as for Ren Tianyou, currently he was looking at this Hydra with his gaze full of passion. Such powerful pet was a kind of huge temptation for anyone.

“Wait until the time when I have enough system points, then I will immediately exchange all nine tailed-beasts. At that time, when I dispatch all nine tailed-beasts, who will be able to stop my way?” Thinking about scene of nine tailed-beasts simultaneously wreaking havoc everywhere under his control, Ren Tianyou’s heart was filled with longing, but unfortunately, currently he didn’t want to exchange all nine of them.

Currently Ren Tianyou actually had 9.6 million system points which was more than enough to exchange all nine tailed-beasts, but he currently he was in the process of accumulating the system points to exchange Rinnegan, and these nine tailed-beasts were not his main goal currently. Only if his own strength is powerful, he will truly be strong.

Unless there comes a time when he truly needed the power of nine tailed-beasts, he would not exchange all of them first. Only after exchanging Rinnegan first, he would choose to exchange them.

Calming down his state of mind, Ren Tianyou stepped forward towards the city gate of Demon Emperor’s City. After walking through the city gate, he entered into Demon Emperor’s City, and wide streets appeared in front of Ren Tianyou.

On the street, groups of guards wearing black colored armor and helmet, and holding black colored spear were in the process of patrolling. They didn’t emit any aura from their body. They were just like death guards, giving people a kind of stifling feeling.

They were Demon World’s elite guardian regiment—-Guardians of Shadow Legion.

The army group of Demon World could be subdivided into four large army group, individually were Demonic Legion, Baleful Demon Legion, Virtuous Image Legion and Shadow Legion. Among these four large army group, the Shadow Legion had least people. This legion only had nearly one-twentieth of people compared to the number of people in other three legion. This was so because all the people of this Shadow Legion were elite among elite. Their most ordinary soldiers were all Low God realm in strength. All of them resides within Demon Emperor’s City throughout the year, and were responsible for the defense of Demon Emperor’s City, and also were the personal squadron of Demon Emperor himself.

And inside Demon Emperor’s City, outsiders were not allowed to do any business. All the pubs and hotels within this city were under the charge of someone send by Demon Emperor himself. When Demon Emperor’s City was opened to outsiders, these pubs and hotels would also open for business. They would provide accommodation to guests for free, but guests however needed to spend money for foods.

Ren Tianyou arrived at the most bustling hotel, which was five storey tall. One might well say such building was rare in this world. After entering inside this hotel, someone would naturally provide him a room.

Receiving the key of his room, he ordered a number of foods and drinks, and made a person of the hotel to bring them to his room.

After that when Ren Tianyou was preparing to go upstairs and return to his room, a voice suddenly came from behind him, “Never thought that I would meet you here, Uchiha Tianyou!”

Hearing this voice, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but turn around. And after seeing the person behind him, he couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “You…”

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  1. If he doesnt realise she was behind the incident with her showing up in front of him then I don’t understand how he can be seen as intelligent

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