In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 305

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Thousand Eyes Evil Beast

“Roar!” An ear-deafening roar resounded from inside the Endless Abyss, and endless sound waves came through underneath as if wanting to thoroughly shatter the eardrum of people.

Under this terrifying sound waves, Ren Tianyou firmly covered his ears with his hands, and resisted this sound wave attack while showing uncomfortable expression on his face. At the same time, he was thinking, “What the hell is this thing?”

Along with the slow dissipation of sound waves, suddenly inexhaustible black colored magic mist rose from inside the Endless Abyss. These magic mists didn’t scatter but gathered in one place, slowly solidifying above the abyss. Along with the dissipation of magic mist, one huge claw appeared in the sky, and fell down straightly towards Ren Tianyou.

“Again this move?” Seeing that thick huge claw which looked like the pillar supporting sky, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but raised his brows a bit. Last time within Tower of Babel, that Heaven Sealing Demon God—-Amike had also used his one palm to swat him to death. Now after coming here, he again ran into an expert with similar taste. Do all the experts of Demon clan love to use their palm to swat people to death just like swatting flies ah?

“Kamui!” At this moment, Ren Tianyou didn’t have much time, and immediately used kamui. Because the strength of this claw was far more powerful compared to Heaven Sealing Demon God—Amike, so if he tried to keep his strength even now, then that was basically just courting death.

“Hong!” a loud sound of explosion resounded. This huge claw passed through the body of Ren Tianyou and landed on the ground underneath. Suddenly a terrifying explosion sound resounded, and large amount of dusts and smoke instantly rose spreading all over the place.

At that time, a figure broke out from the cloud of dust and landed on the ground not far away. This figure was precisely Ren Tianyou. Using the ability of Kamui, he was able to dodge this sudden attack without any injury.

And at this time, that huge claw also changed into black colored magic mists and slowly dissipated. Meanwhile a huge shadow rose up from inside Endless Abyss. A terrifying aura was being emitted from the body of this shadow which gave terrifying degree of pressure.

When Ren Tianyou clearly saw the appearance of this shadow, he involuntarily inhaled a mouthful of cold air suddenly, and unconsciously swallowed mouthful of saliva.

In the sky of abyss, not far away right in front of Ren Tianyou, an octopus like magical beast floated in the midair. The size of this octopus’ body was a little too frighteningly tall, reaching up to nearly 40 meters. And right now its black colored huge tentacles coming out from its body underneath were unceasingly swinging.

And the most terrifying was not these, rather in the body of this octopus like magical beast, one huge eyes after one appeared, densely covering the entire body of this octopus. It looked very terrifying and nauseating.

“This……what is this magical beast?” Looking at this terrifying magical beast in front of him, and sensing the pressure from that aura leaking from its body, Ren Tianyou was completely sure that this magical beast was a lot more powerful than all the opponent he had encountered this far.

At that time when this magical beast had wreaked havoc in the entire Demon World, and no one was able to stop it. Finally Demon Emperor along with the combine effort of three Great Demon God and thirteen Demon General and also with the help of Universe Boundary Divine Artifact was finally able to seal this Thousand Eyes Evil Beast with great difficulty.

Thousand Eyes Evil Beast was the overlord of Endless Abyss where the ordinary people of Demon World wouldn’t dare to even go near it. It was so powerful that one might well say that it could bully the entire Demon World and no one could oppose it.

Thousand Eyes Evil Beast was a terrifying ferocious magical beast that had survived from the ancient times of Demon World. It had the ability to absorb the negative feelings and emotions of people’s heart, and can also draw the support of these negative energy to rapidly raise its strength, so it in itself was one evil ferocious beast. Furthermore those thickly dotted eyes on its body could release Extermination Magic light which could evaporating everything, moreover these eyes still possess a number of other special abilities.

But because of its own restriction, this Thousand Eyes Evil Beast was powerless to change itself into human form throughout its life, and could only maintain its beast form without being able to change.

“Boy, didn’t expect you were able to pass through this seal and enter here. I guess you have method of passing through this seal without getting any obstruction. Boy, if you are able to take me out from this seal, then I might let you go with your life intact.” Looking at Ren Tianyou underneath, a loud voice was transmitted out through the body of this Thousand Eyes Evil Beast.

As a matter of fact, when Ren Tianyou had approached the seal, it had already noticed him, but it however had ignored Ren Tianyou, because it was affected by the seal created by the power of Universe Boundary Divine Artifact of Demon clan, so it was simply powerless to go out of this seal, furthermore other people also didn’t have any means of entering there. As a result it had completely ignored Ren Tianyou.

But to its surprise, Ren Tianyou unexpectedly passed through the seal without any obstruction, entering into this place. This instantly raised its interest towards Ren Tianyou.

And with its strength coupled with its power of thousand eyes, it naturally was not deceived by that surface Intermediate Fighter raked strength of Ren Tianyou. It clearly sensed that powerful strength hidden within his body. This power was something it had never seen before.

This made it see a hope of getting out. It was sealed by this damned seal for unknown numbers of years, even it itself couldn’t remember the exact numbers of years. On the basis of strength, it was not afraid of Demon Emperor, but the key point was Demon Emperor held the Demon World’s Universe Boundary Divine Artifact. One might well say that this Universe Boundary Divine Artifact was a treasure birth from the crystallization of the aggregate power of entire plane.

“Want me to take you out……?” Hearing the demand of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, Ren Tianyou was stunned, then he instantly understand. Looking at seal around, this beast definitely sealed here for a long time, so it’s understandable that this beast put forward this demand.

“Want me to take you out, why? Although I do have a method to let you out, but give me one reason why I should do so.” Looking at Thousand Eyes Evil Beast in front of him, Ren Tianyou didn’t have any fear on his face. Although this fellow was very powerful, and even if he fight he might be defeated by it, but as long as this beast couldn’t kill him instantly, if he wanted to flee, then this beast would be unable to stop him.

“With you completely under my control, boy, don’t tell me that other things are more important than your life?” Looking at Ren Tianyou as if he was already a lamb waiting for butcher, Thousand Eyes Evil Beast said. Indeed, with its strength, it could speak this sentence, but it however didn’t know that real methods of Ren Tianyou.

“Is that so……” Hearing Thousand Eyes Evil Beast, Ren Tianyou sneered, and thought about refuting, but at that time, the chakra within his body as if attracted by something, flowed towards the body of Thousand Eyes Evil Beasts.

After carefully sensing, Ren Tianyou noticed that the thing that was attracting his chakra was a piece of black colored hexagon crystal which was inlaid on the forehead of Thousand Eyes Evil Beast. It was not easy to notice that piece of small crystal as compared to Thousand Eyes Evil Beast’s that terrifying body.

And this crystal was emitting an evil power which gave people a kind of not very good feeling. And just at that time, Ren Tianyou suddenly heard the system sound within his mind.

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