In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 301

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Qidian messaged me saying that it’d still take a little bit more time to release chapters in Qidan international, and I can release the chapters here in advance until they release all the chapters there, so as to not inconvenience all of you readers. Therefore I’m taking out my time to post the chapters. Hope you all will enjoy the read.

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Why have fear

“Truly interesting youngster, you are the first person I couldn’t see through, so I am very curious about the power you are hiding within your body. I hope you will not disappoint me.” Beside the window of pub, looking at the disappearing figure of Ren Tianyou with her beautiful eyes filled with charm, Yaorao revealed a beautiful smile. After that slowly changing into purple colored mist, she disappeared from that place. But everyone within the pub who were in the process of drinking seemed to be completely oblivious of this, and as before kept drinking.

In the city lord mansion of Bloody Cloud City, a bottle of wine suddenly fell down to the floor from the hand of a robust man who was two meters, then that robust man immediately stood up, “Bastard, dare to kill Labake within my city, you are courting death. Messengers, give command to my Protection Squadron to stop him at all cost, I want to tear his body into thousands of pieces.”

“And immediately seal off the city gate, from now on, without my command, don’t allow anyone to enter and exit.”

“Yes!” In the hall, a kneeling robust man of Demon clan wearing black colored armor and holding a spear bowed and answered, then stood up and retreated. Shortly afterwards, a group of soldiers emitting powerful aura rushed out in full force from city lord mansion.

“Baluoda, you must avenge my younger brother.” At this time, from the rear of the hall, a tear stained beautiful woman walked out. Walking over to this tall robust man of Demon clan, she said while weeping.

“Rest assured, I will definitely wring out the head of that person and hand it over to you.” Baluoda said. After that emitting powerful black colored magic light, he disappeared from there.


On the street within the city, Ren Tianyou was rapidly running towards the center of the city. The instant Labake died, he immediately knew that this was bad, and it was already too late to investigate who was the one that had framed him, so he immediately ran inside the city.

The reason why he didn’t immediately run towards outside the city without wasting any time was because he already knew the identity of Labake from the talk between the onlookers of just a moment ago.

Now the city gates must have been already closed, and if he ran to the city gate then he would be walking right into the trap that’s all. Although he had the method to instantly leave this place, but unless it was out of absolute necessity, he would not do use it, because he wanted to use the transfer magic formation within this city to go to next stop. After that he could directly go to Demon World’s Demon Metropolis—-Demon Emperor’s City, which was his final goal. And Ren Tianyou also cannot waste this opportunity.

So the moment he met with a mishap, he instantly decided to quickly run to the center of the city where the transfer magic formation was located, but not towards the city gate.

At this moment, suddenly a group of 10 or so Demon clan’s guard appeared on the street in front of Ren Tianyou. They were wearing black colored battle armor and held a black colored spear. They issued a loud roar, then directly charged towards Ren Tianyou.

“They came so quickly!” Seeing the sudden appearance of guards, the pupils of Ren Tianyou firmly shrunk. He had never thought that these people of city lord mansion would found him so fast. Furthermore all of these guards were unexpectedly Saint ranked in strength. These Saint ranked people could only become the guards of city lord mansion, this shows the strength of Demon clan.

“Stopping me relying on you pitiful strength is only a wishful thinking.” Looking at the guards in front of him, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly in disdain. After that along with the circulation of chakra within his body, the location of his shoulder and knee simultaneously wriggled unceasingly, then several sharp bones stuck out from his shoulder and knee.

“Go to hell, Yanagi no Mai! (Willow Dance!)”

‘Puchi’, ‘puchi’……several stabbing into the body sound rang out. The body of these guards were simultaneously stabbed through by these steel like hard and sharp bones. After that along with dark red blood flowing out from their body, they simultaneously feel down to the ground.

“Humph!” With regarding to the death of these Demon clan, Ren Tianyou didn’t have any reaction, merely leaving behind a snort, he again began to rapidly run towards the center of the city.

Roughly after ten minutes, Ren Tianyou arrived at the center of Bloody Cloud City. All along the way, he unceasingly encountered the obstruction of Demon clan’s guards, but with their strength level, they weren’t able to resist even a single attack of Ren Tianyou.

In the center of city, there was a huge platform, and above this huge platform, there was a dark gate. This gate was emitting a powerful devouring power, just like a ferocious beast wanting to devour all space. This was the Blood Cloud City’s Space Transfer Gate.

But this moment, this transfer gate was surrounded by roughly 200 armed guards. There was also Bloody Cloud City’s city lord Baluoda and his five Personal Squadron emitting powerful aura in front of this transmission gate.

“Very good lineup ah.” Ren Tianyou walked out from the corner, then looking at that luxurious lineup, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but make a wry smile.

“A True God realm expert, 5 High God realm experts, and a group of Saint and Deity ranked guards. You are thinking too highly of me.”

Hearing the footsteps sound, everyone looked towards the street in front of them. Right now entire city was under the martial law under the command of Baluoda, forbidding anyone to walk outside. So in this moment, whose footsteps could it be other than the footsteps of Labake’s murderer.

When the footsteps closed in, they saw a handsome youth wearing unusual dress walking over. Stepping firm steps, step by step, he walked towards Baluoda and others.

And not far away from the location of Ren Tianyou and other people, along with a purple colored magic light, Yaorao’s charming figure appeared on the roof. After that with an interest on her beautiful eyes, she looked downwards where a drama was about to unfold.

“Boy, did you kill Labake?” Looking at Ren Tianyou walking towards them with a firm steps and without a trace of any cowardness, Baluoda couldn’t help but slightly praise the courage of Ren Tianyou.

“Don’t you already know the answer of whether I killed or not within your heart? So why waste time by asking again?” Ren Tianyou didn’t explain that he really didn’t kill Labake, because he didn’t have any evidence to prove it, and most importantly, Ren Tianyou didn’t feel like explaining to them. Wanting to attack, then attack, as any crafty plots and mechanism were nothing before absolute strength.

“Ha ha, boy, if you hadn’t killed Labake, then I would have definitely drink with you for three days and three night, but too bad, you will die today.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Baluoda didn’t lose his temper, instead he said with some admiration.

“But as a respect, I will not bully you with group, as long as you can defeat me, you can leave this place alive.” Finished speaking, Baluoda took out two battle-ax in his hand and pointed towards Ren Tianyou.

“No need, you all can come together.” Ren Tianyou didn’t appreciate the favor of Baluoda, just looking towards 200 or so people of Demon clan in front of him, he said, “Even if you all can come together, why would I, Uchiha Tianyou have fear!”

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