In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 300

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IDWWNS, Chapter 300: Shikotsumyaku

“Stop!” Just after Ren Tianyou left the pub and was about to walk away, suddenly a coldly shouting voice came from behind.

Hearing this word, the originally stepping forward steps of Ren Tianyou stopped. After that slowly turning around, he looked behind.

After turning around, Ren Tianyou saw that robust man called Labake who had retreated after Yaorao had scolded him inside the pub was chasing after him from inside the pub.

Right now this robust man called Labake’s face appeared to be pitch-black, and his two big bull eyes were firmly staring at Ren Tianyou with ominous glint.

From the time this Labake had seen Yaorao for the first time, her beauty that was unrivalled within the entire city had deeply attracted him.

And with an identity of being brother-in-law of the city lord of Bloody Cloud City, this Labake was always arrogant, domineering and act wickedly within this city. And at the time he had seen Yaorao for the first time, he wanted to take her to his home by force.

But his brother-in-law i.e. the city lord of Bloody Cloud City stopped him. He told him that whatever happens he must never provoke this Yaorao. If he (Labake) offend her, then he (city lord) would break all the relation he (city lord) had with him (Labake).

Although he Labake would act wickedly relying on his identity as a brother-in-law of city lord, but he was just a bungling oaf. He also clearly knew that everything of his were given to him by his brother-in-law, so after hearing the words of his brother-in-law, he hastily agreed to his brother-in-law.

And the matter that had happened next made Labake even more terrified of Yaorao. Once the eldest son of Bloody Cloud City’s foremost clan carelessly offended this Yaorao, and on the same night, this entire clan was massacred leaving none behind.

The next day, only the corpses were found inside the residence of this clan, but no one had heard or sense any battle activity within this clan in the previous night.

One should know that there was two True God realm experts within this clan.

Although the big forces within Bloody Cloud City knew who had done this deed, but all of them selected to suppress this matter.

Still although this Labake couldn’t obtain Yaorao, but inside his heart, he however had already regarded her as his woman, and didn’t let anyone to touch her.

But today seeing Yaorao and Ren Tianyou were merrily talking with each other, he intentionally came to disrupt things, but outside of his expectation, he was reprimanded by Yaorao, so he hated Ren Tianyou on the spot. But he didn’t dare to raise his hand inside the pub, but outside, he however didn’t have any worries.

“Are you talking to me?” Looking at Labake’s that black as if carbon ash face, Ren Tianyou expressionlessly asked.

“Nonsense, dumb idiot, relying on your white face, you dared to seduce big sister Yaorao, today if I don’t kill you, then you will not know the power of I, Labake.” Crackling the finger bones of his hands, Labake slowly walked towards Ren Tianyou from a flight of steps of the pub entrance.

And the activity of this side attracted the attention of the pedestrians walking around them. All of them surrounded Ren Tianyou and Labake and began to watch the drama.

All of these people knew Labake, and they also naturally knew his behavior too, so all of them sighed one after another thinking someone was out of his luck.

“Go to hell, dumb idiot. Tiger Roar Wave!” Labake gathered huge amount of black colored magical power within his body, then brandished his fist, sending out huge black colored magic tiger towards Ren Tianyou.

Seeing the move used by Labake, the onlookers around again sighed one after another thinking Ren Tianyou was screwed.

Because although the character of Labake was not decent, but he was Peak Deity ranked expert. And as for Ren Tianyou, no matter how they looked at it, he was merely Intermediate Fighter in strength, so how could he be the opponent of Labake?

This huge black colored magic tiger quickly reached Ren Tianyou, and with the roaring sound, it directly swallowed Ren Tianyou, then along with the loud explosion sound, it exploded, and huge shockwaves spread in all direction.

The onlookers tumbled backwards due to the wind and waves of this explosion, and simultaneously thought that this boy ought to be already torn into pieces.

“Ha ha, this damned bastard, this time you died without a place for burial.” Seeing his black tiger had swallowed Ren Tianyou and exploded, Labake open his mouth and laughed loudly.

“What does this mean?” At that moment, an indifferent voice came out from inside the explosion.

“How could this be?” Hearing this voice coming out from the cloud of dusts raised by explosion, the surroundings onlookers of Demon clan simultaneously thought inwardly.

When the cloud of dusts raised by explosion dissipated, everyone could clearly see Ren Tianyou. And seeing Ren Tianyou, the pupils of all of the onlookers couldn’t help but shrunk firmly, and a word simultaneously appeared within their heart, “Monster!”

Right now the clothing on the upper part of his body had already fallen off, and was hanging down from his waist. And countless white bones were unexpectedly sticking out from his body, forming a bone shield in front of him. This looked very terrifying.

This was Ren Tianyou using the ability of Shikotsumyaku to manipulate the bones within his body for defense. Now that he had entered Demon World and was disguising himself as demon of Bone Demon clan, he wanted to play this part up to the par.

And although the strength of this Labake was very weak compared to himself, but his human body was not strong like that of Demon clan. If he use Raiton Chakura Modo (Cloak of Lightning), then this attack would have tickled him at best, but he however couldn’t reveal his ninjutsu casually.

Moreover since he had chosen to use the identity of Bone Demon clan as a disguise, using the ability of Shikotsumyaku was the best choice. This was also something Ren Tianyou had already thought in advance before entering the city of Demon.

“Only this level of power and you want to have a beauty for yourself, isn’t this overrating yourself?” Looking at surprised Labake, Ren Tianyou sneered in disdain.

“You bastard!” Hearing Ren Tianyou’s those mocking words, the complexion of Labake immediately become red in shame, then rushed towards Ren Tianyou.

“Humph, overestimating your capabilities!” Seeing Labake rushing towards him, Ren Tianyou sneered in disdain, then stretched his hands. After that the fingertips of his ten finger unceasingly wriggled, shortly afterwards ten tiny sharp bones shot towards Labake.

“Teshi Sendan! (Digital Shrapnel!)”

“Not good!” Seeing sharp bones, the complexion of Labake changed, then waving his right hand, he created a black colored energy barrier in front of him.

‘Peng’, ‘peng’, ‘peng’……muffled sound unceasingly rang out. These tiny bones collided against the barrier and fell down. The color of this barrier also unceasingly became dim, and finally broke apart. After that remaining two bones directly shot into the shoulder of Labake.

Labake gave out a blood-curdling scream, then covering his shoulder with his right hand, he fell down to the ground. And a dark red colored blood flowed out from his covered shoulder.

“Is this the level of your skill? Trash!” Looking at Labake who was knocked down with only one move, Ren Tianyou sneered.

Although the reason why Ren Tianyou was able to defeat Labake in a single move was because there was a huge gap in strength between himself and Labake, but the ability of this Shikotsumyaku being too terrifying was also another reason.

The ability of Shikotsumyaku if used for attack, then it was strongest attacking spear, and if used for defense, then it was strongest shield.

In the first place, even when Garra had buried Kimimaro 50 meters deep underground, and applied the big pressure, he was still unable to kill him, this shows the strength of Shikotsumyaku.

“No…don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I beg you.” Seeing those eyes of Ren Tianyou flashing with ominous glint, Labake said with trembling legs and fear written all over his face.

“Killing you will only dirty my hand, so I don’t feel like killing you.” Seeing that fearful look of Labake, Ren Tianyou said in disdain.

Inside the pub, Yaorao stood beside the window. Seeing the situation outside, her lips which were full of charm slightly bend upward. After that raising her right hand in front of her, she muttered, “Interesting youngster, in this several ten thousand years, you are the first person I was not able to see through. Let me use this trash to test out your potential. Hope you will not disappoint me.”

Finished speaking, with the wave of her right hand’s finger, then a purple colored energy passed through window and directly shot outside. After that it entered the tiny bone beside Labake.


“Many thanks for not killing……eh!” Hearing Ren Tianyou would not kill him, Labake immediately got excited, and thanked to Ren Tianyou. But before he could finish thanking, the tiny bone with purple light directly shot straight into the space between his eyes.

The words of Labake immediately stopped, and blood began to flow out from the hole in the space between his eyes. After that his consciousness slowly dissipated. And his last thought was why did Ren Tianyou go back on his words and kill him.

“Not good!” The instant that bone had flown, Ren Tianyou immediately realized that this was bad, but he was too late to react.

Now seeing Labake had died, Ren Tianyou didn’t have time to carefully search who secretly framed him. Now he could only use his fastest speed to run away from here.

Ren Tianyou ran away leaving behind the corpse of Labake and those dumbfounded onlookers.

Inside the pub, seeing Ren Tianyou had quickly ran away, Yaorao slightly smiled and her beautiful body changed into purple colored mist and disappeared from that place.

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    1. Not Really- Because of his disease, he wasn’t able to fight at full power, and even without the curse deal only drink Lee could fight him.

    2. Kimimaro was sick. Sick enough to be coughing up blood. He had spent the last weeks in a sickbed, trying to recover, but he was just getting worse. Rock Lee fought a man who was already close to death, and even then he couldn’t win (even without Kimimaro using the Curse Seal). A healthy Kimimaro was strong enough to go up against a Kage-level fighter (it was together with Orochimaru so he probably can’t solo a Kage-level opponent but just being able to participate in the battle with one shows he’s FAR stronger than Lee)

      1. He was using cursed seal power, thats how his bone ability became strong,. Cursed seal is actually an ability to automaticaly absorb nature energy and turn it into sage chakra by body transformation. iirc he also already mastered his cursed seal ability.

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  2. I don’t often comment on a site, but I’ve been reading IDWWNS and I really like it. I’m always checking to see if it’s updated, Usually when a chapter is late I don’t think about it very much as translaters have their own lives and it happens to everyone.
    But it’s been awhile now, have something happened? Is this not something you want to translate anymore? Or are you just taking a break?

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