In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 299

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IDWWNS, Chapter 299: Demon Metropolis

Holding that bottle of blood red liquid—Blood Mist Wine, Ren Tianyou walked to the empty table and sat down. After that picking up a wine cup on the table, he slowly poured the wine.

This as if blood wine, gave a kind of evil sense of beauty. After that picking up the wine cup, he slowly brought it to his mouth. Drinking it, he suddenly felt this wine as if raging fire, exploded on his mouth, then changing into a clear stream flowed down his throat to his stomach.

This feeling instantly captivated Ren Tianyou, and he slowly become immersed in this feeling of Blood Mist Wine.

After a long time, Ren Tianyou slowly opened his eyes, and his Sharingan shone as he thought, “Didn’t expect this place had this kind of good wine, truly not simple at all.”

Ren Tianyou found that the taste of this Blood Mist Wine was even more superior to Sky Fragrant Wine. Although the taste of Sky Fragrant Wine was also superb, but in the final analysis, this Sky Fragrant Wine was more suitable towards women, and for men, it however was not that suitable. Only this Blood Mist Wine that was able to give people a kind of blood boiling passion was suitable for true men to drink.

Sitting on the wine table, and spinning the wine cup in his right hand while pretending to be intoxicated in good wine, he was seriously listening to the information inside the pub. In this place, perhaps he would be able to gather the information he desired.

Roughly after 10 minutes, the talk between the clansmen of Demon clan in not far away table arose the attention of Ren Tianyou.

“Basake, did you hear? Our great His Majesty the Demon Emperor is recruiting team leaders for Demonic Legion. I heard there is only less than 15 quotas left.” A robust man of Demon clan with body just like that of elephant and two huge oxen horn said towards his companion beside him in a low voice.

“Really? I only heard about His Majesty the Demon Emperor recruiting guard leaders ten years ago.” The middle-aged Demon clan drank a mouthful of wine, and wiping the wine flowing out from the corner of his mouth, he said, “But it was not that easy to be selected as the guard leader ah. That time there was only very few quotas, so wanting to distinguish oneself among the crowd was not easy matter.”

“And this Demonic Legion is the place where the real elite force of our Demon clan is placed together, so with their arrogance, even if we were selected as their leader, it will not be that easy to gain their approval. I heard among 32 recruited leaders of last time, after entering into Demonic Legion, only less than 15 were able to truly persist.”

“Yes, this time I am also intending to sign up, although I might not necessarily win the competition, but I will still be able to see our great His Majesty the Demon Emperor. This will be more than enough for me.”

“Moreover Demon Metropolis is usually in sealed off state, and will not opened unless His Majesty the Demon Emperor himself gave order to open, otherwise the city gate of Demon Metropolis will never open. Furthermore three realms’ capital cities are located all around this Demon Metropolis, blocking everyone from trespassing into this Demon Metropolis.”

“So this time there is hard to come by chance to enter this Demon Metropolis. Last time when recruiting leaders, this Demon Metropolis was opened. At that time I however was in seclusion, so I missed that hard to come by chance, but this time I will not give up this chance no matter what.” That elephant like robust man said. When he was speaking about Demon Emperor, his eyes flashed with worshipping looks.

Ren Tianyou who was sitting beside them while listening to their talk, was able to clearly see the admiration flashing in their eyes when they talked about Demon Emperor.

“It seems in Demon clan, the position of this Demon Emperor is supreme. And these common demons seemed to have blind worship towards this Demon Emperor. From this point, the circumstance of Demon World is much better than the circumstance of Divine Wind Content.” Thinking about the worshipping look on their eyes when they were talking about the Demon Emperor, Ren Tianyou sighed inwardly.

Divine Wind Continent had countless forces, although during the invasion of  Demon clan, they would come together and join their effort for the sake of protecting Divine Wind Continent.

But these powers after all were scattered for a long time, so even if they were able to sincerely unite, when they had to transmit fighting orders to lower levels, there would be a lot of inconvenience.

But in Demon World, all powers were under the charge of Demon Emperor. The command of Demon Emperor was supreme, and no one would dared to disobey it.

Furthermore Demon Emperor was in charge of all the armies and forces of Demon World. So when transmitting the orders to lower level, the command could be directly transmitted to lower level and conduct operation in unity. Moreover Demon Emperor knows the function and fighting capacity of these army like the palm of his hand.

This was also advantage of Demon World. Although Demon World dared to directly invade Divine Wind Continent, the people of Divine Wind Continent completely lacked retaliating power, and was only able to seal the transfer passage of Demon clan spending great price.

Other than the combat power of Demon World’s people being much stronger compared to the people of Divine Wind Continent, this capability of truly uniting while fighting of Demon World’s people was also another reason.

“But this selection of leaders of Demon World’s Demonic Legion however is a pretty good chance. This also gave me a chance to blatantly enter Demon Metropolis.” The matter of the selection of leaders of Demonic Legion they were talking about however gave Ren Tianyou a chance to enter Demon Metropolis.

Demon Metropolis was the city where Demon Emperor resides. This place was the centermost place of Demon World and also the place where countless people of Demon clan yearns to enter.

And within Demon Metropolis, other than the guardian regiment of Demon Emperor, only three Great Demon God under his leadership were qualified to enter whenever necessary. But as for all other people, before they could reach Demon Metropolis, the guards of the capital city of three realms around Demon Metropolis would attack and kill them.

So for a common people of Demon clan, entering inside Demon Metropolis was a very rare opportunity, so it was of no wonder that these few people of Demon clan were so excited.

After getting the information he wanted, Ren Tianyou decided to no longer waste his time, and planned to immediately head towards Demon Metropolis, after all now that he was in Demon World, if his identity suddenly leaked out, then he would be surrounded by countless demons and at that time, he might be in trouble.

Going to the bar, Ren Tianyou took out a pouch of demon coins and tossed it towards that charming Yaorao, while opening his mouth with a smile, “Beautiful lady, thank you for your wine, I liked it very much. Now I am leaving, hope we will meet again, farewell.”

Finished speaking, he blew a kiss towards Yaorao, then turning around, he left the pub.

Looking at the back view of leaving Ren Tianyou, a beautiful smile appeared on that sexy lips of Yaorao, “Interesting youngster, perhaps we will meet again before long in the future.”

And after leaving the pub, Ren Tianyou prepared to walk towards the center of the city, as the fastest way to go to the capital city of three realms was using transfer magic formation.

But just when he had stepped out from the pub, suddenly a sharp wind breaking sound came from behind him.

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