In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 297

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IDWWNS, Chapter 297: Hiding Identity

The Demon World could be divided into eight domain and three realms. Eight among thirteen Demon General under the leadership of Demon Emperor were in charge of these eight domain. They were responsible for all the matters within these eight great domain. Although several of the thirteen demons had fallen during their previous invasion, but in these past 30,000 years, Demon World had also recuperate and rapidly restored their strength. There were already new people to replace these fallen demons.

And three realm contained all these eight domains, and three Great Demon Gods were in charge of these three realms. In those years, one of the three Great Demon Gods had fallen, another Heaven Sealing Demon God—Amike who was sealed within Tower of Babel had also died by Ren Tianyou’s hand, and final one was luckily able to flee back to Demon World. And now that the invasion of Demon clan was imminent, the empty seat of three Great Demon God were also already filled up.

Baleful Blood realm’s Blood Prison Demon God—-Bulada, Purgatory realm’s Baleful Heaven Demon God—-Busike, and luckily fled back Demon Dragon realm’s Evil Dragon Demon God—-Anlake.

And the Demon Emperor of Demon clan was in the centermost location of Demon World—-Demon Emperor’s City. This place was the centermost location of Demon World, and also was in charge of all people and belongings within the land of Demon World. And these eight domain three realm individually becomes the protecting force to protect Demon Emperor’s City located in the center. If one wanted to go to Demon Emperor’s City, then they must pass through these eight domains three realms.

And the destination of Ren Tianyou’s this trip was precisely this Demon Emperor’s City, but his goal was not Demon Emperor, as Ren Tianyou was not stupid enough to go there to court death.

This Heaven Sealing Demon God Amike was sealed within Tower of Babel, so due to the power of Tower of Babel, a lot of his strength was whittled away within these past 30,000 years, but even like that, even with the help of four tailed-beasts’ strength, he unexpectedly almost died battling against him, then to what extent was the strength of this Demon Emperor who dominate the entire Demon World.

And although the destination of Ren Tianyou was this Demon Emperor’s city, however his goal was not to attract the attention of Demon Emperor, rather a place within a Demon Emperor’s City.

According to the recount of that person of Demon clan who was caught before, within this Demon Emperor’s City, there was a graveyard called Demon Emperor’s Grave. This grave was the place where the past dynasties’ strong existences were buried. And this graveyard was precisely the destination of Ren Tianyou.

Since he had decided to learn Edo Tense (Reanimation Justu), then Ren Tianyou intended to gather some experts’ DNA. And when he heard that there was such a graveyard within Demon Emperor’s City, the goal of Ren Tianyou instantly become this graveyard.

This time he intend to become a grave robber. If he could gather all the corpses of the experts in this graveyard, then he could resurrect all of them. After that, when Demon clan invade, the scene of them (Demon clan) seeing them (resurrected Demon clan) would be very interesting.

But although he knew that Demon Emperor’s city had such graveyard, but he however didn’t know the space coordinate of that place, so he could only try his best to sneak in.

But wanting to sneak in was not an easy thing to do. This place was Demon World, and he was a human, so if he swaggeringly walked out, then as if beating a dog with a meat bun, he will be gone forever ah. [T.L note: beating a dog with a meat bun (idiom): using the wrong method to solve a problem]

But he was a ninja, and ninjas were most proficient in sneaking in and infiltration. Some ninjas need to constantly disguise oneself to scout out intelligence. In conclusion, infiltration was one of the required course for a ninja.

In front of Baleful Blood Realm’s Bloody Cloud City, along with the spiral shaped space ripple, Ren Tianyou appeared at the hidden place in front of the gate.

But this moment, the dress up of Ren Tianyou however was a little non-mainstream. Ren Tianyou wore the robe of Orichimaru, and his sturdy chest laid bare in the front.

And a lump of bone shaped matter bulged above his chest, and two small-sized bone stick out from his forehead. A bone chain dangled down from the wrist position of his right hand, and Sword of Kusanagi was stuck in his waist.

“M-hm, this dress up is still pretty good, even after changing into a Demon clan, I am still so handsome.” Ren Tianyou sized up his own attire, and while placing his right hand on his forehead, he sighed in narcissism.

Afterwards looking at that huge city wall and moat, Ren Tianyou faintly smiled, then walked forward. In front of the door, there was an incessant stream of horses and carriages. And just like in human cities, several guards of Demon clan were stationed in front of the gate who were inspecting coming and going pedestrians.

Looking at those continuously coming and going Demon clan, Ren Tianyou clearly sensed a strong energy within their body.

“This Demon clan is really worthy of calling natural fighting race. Even these ordinary people’s combat power can match strength of Divine Wind Continent’s Great Swordsman. One may well say truly abnormal to the limit. No wonder they were able to nearly sink the Divine Wind Continent at that time.” Sensing the strength of these common people, Ren Tianyou sighed inwardly.

Finished thinking, Ren Tianyou also joined the stream of people walking towards the city gate of Bloody Cloud City. If one wish to go to Demon Emperor’s City, then one must pass through this Bloody Cloud City, furthermore Ren Tianyou wanted to use this Bloody Cloud City to deal with a number of affairs. He wanted to thoroughly integrate his current identity in this world, after that he would no longer have any problem with his action, so he had not used kamui to directly pass through this city.

After coming in front of the gate, very soon it was Ren Tianyou’s turn. After seeing the dress up of Ren Tianyou, One of the Demon clan’s guard soldier immediately picked up his weapon and stopped him.

“Stop, who are you?”

“I am Uchiha Tianyou, am a person of Bone Demon clan.” Hearing the question of this Demon clan’s soldier, Ren Tianyou calmly answered already prepared answer with a smile.

“Bone Demon clan? What is this race?” Hearing Ren Tianyou was from Bone Demon clan, this Demon clan’s soldier was slightly stupefied, and asked curiously.

In Demon World, there were many different races, such as that Dilisi clan’s person that he encountered in God Weeping Region, Blood Demon clan and so one. But his this Bone Demon clan was naturally something he himself had randomly thought. He had used his particular kekkei genkai—-Shikotsumyaku to disguise his human identity.

Yes, Ren Tianyou had thought that if he wanted to disguise his identity, then using Shikotsumyaku was a pretty good choice. Although the effect of Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) was also pretty good, but the limitation was too large. If he ran into an expert, then his cover might be blown, moreover if he encountered any attack then Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) would be broken.

“Our Bone Demon clan is a small-scale race. Our race have innate ability to control our bones.” Ren Tianyou extended his right hand and from his palm, a bone stuck out.

“And because we possess ability to control our bones, our body have a kind of gloomy white color.” Withdrawing the bone, Ren Tianyou said with a slight smile.

“Okay, you can enter.” Seeing the bone sticking out from the palm of Ren Tianyou, this soldier waved his hand signaling Ren Tianyou could enter. Within the Demon clan, there were various kinds of strange races, so nobody clearly remember each races and their abilities, as a result this soldier of Demon clan didn’t have any suspicion. Besides it was impossible for anyone of Demon clan to think that right now a human had broken through the space barrier and came to Demon World.

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