In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 295

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IDWWNS, Chapter 295: Raimu Raito! (Limelight)

In the depths of Soul Breaking Cliff, in the middle of that Iron forest, there was a huge blood colored pond. At the side of this pond, there was three huge blood colored magic formation where powerful Baleful Resentment Qi was in the process of gathering continuously.

And in the blood colored pond, 300 people of Demon clan were standing, but these Demon clan and other Demon clan were different. Their body didn’t have a trace of life, and their whole body was enveloped with baleful qi, and their eyes were very red in color, seemed very threatening.

As a matter of fact, these Demon clan had already died, now they were only corpse that was left behind. But afterwards the people of Demon clan had used these corpse of dead Demon clan to absorb these Baleful Resentment Qi to refine them into Demon Soul Baleful Soldiers.

And around these Demon Soul Baleful Soldiers, there was a group of roughly 50 people of Demon clan guarding. And the reason why these Demon clan were not affected by Baleful Resentment Qi was because they all had a Baleful Avoiding Bead of Mo Yun with them in advance. This Baleful Avoiding Bead could resist the corrosion of Baleful Resentment Qi, but each Baleful Avoiding Bead could resist for only three years. After three years, this Baleful Avoiding Bead would lose its efficacy.

And in a distant place, there was a continuous iron cage. Inside of this iron cage, countless slaves caught from Divine Wind Continent were locked up and raised. All of them had lost their freedom, and every day they had to endure all kinds of torture. Now their whole body was bare and with their whole body filled with wounds, their lifeless eyes were blankly watching outside.

And at this time, along with the sudden appearance of spiral shaped space ripple, Ren Tianyou dressed in the robe of Akatsuki and bamboo hat suddenly appeared there.

“Who’s there?” Seeing the sudden appearance of Ren Tianyou, those Demon clan’s soldiers guarding that prison immediately called out in alert.

Although this place was Demon clan’s place to refine Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers, still this place after all was the place of Demon World. And everyone and every place within the Demon World was subjected to the control of Demon Emperor. Furthermore although this refining of Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers was inadvisable, but it had already been in production for nearly 20,000 years without any problem, so in this period of time, Demon clan had place less guards in these Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers producing place.

And the place for producing Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers was not only this Soul Breaking Cliff. In the entire Demon World, there was no less than five such places.

Humph!” Seeing these alert people of Demon clan, Ren Tianyou whose heart was already filled with powerful killing intent didn’t speak any nonsense, but directly raised his hands, “Mokuton—-Jubaku Eiso! (Wood Style—-Tree Bind Eternal Burial!)”

Along with the voice of RenTianyou, on the ground under these Demon clan, suddenly a huge crack appeared, and countless branches directly broke out from the ground changing into a huge tree, while directly binding all of these Demon clan firmly. Now their bodies were suppressed in the tree roots, without being able to move.

“Use you dirty blood and change into the fertilizer for these trees to wash your sins.” Looking at those tied up Demon clan, the eyes of Ren Tianyou flashed with pallid light. After that along with a change in his hand seal, the binding of these trees suddenly become tighter, and the trapped Demon clan’s body rapidly deformed. Along with the blood-curdling scream, these Demon clan immediately changed into minced meat and sprinkled on the ground.

After all this, Ren Tianyou walked to the front of these prison. When he clearly saw the condition inside it, his eyes were immediately filled with difficult to express sadness.

With regarding to the sudden appearance of Ren Tianyou as well as death of these Demon clan, these people inside the cage didn’t have any reaction, and as before their eyes were completely lifeless.

Ai, pitiful people ah……” Seeing the reaction of these people, Ren Tianyou sighed while standing in front of this cage. These people had clearly given all hops in life because of torture, for them, death might be a better relief.

In particular, some only seven or eight years old children within the cage, originally they should have been able to live in the bosom of their parents without any care, but here they suffered inhuman torture. Right now their eyes that should have been filled with childishness were filled with death light.

“The screaming sound came from over there, quickly go and see what had happened there.” Just then, some movement came from the distant iron forest. It seems the final scream of these Demon clan had attracted their attention.

Ai, all right, let me send you all on your way.” Looking at these people who had already given up all of their hopes in life, Ren Tianyou sighed, then his body slowly disappeared.

When those Demon clan arrived, they however discovered nothing other than traces of blood on the ground.

In the four sides of Soul Breaking Cliff’s iron forest, Ren Tianyou and his three shadow clone simultaneously stood there respectively. After that looking at this hell like place filled with evil, he softly whispered, “Under the thunderous roar change into ruins.”

Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou and his shadow clones began to simultaneously make hand seals. Along with hands rapidly making hand seals, a huge thunder and lightning radiance simultaneously appeared around the body of Ren Tianyou and his clones. And large amount of chakra changing into powerful lightning, rose towards the sky.

Looking down from the sky, one would have seen the sudden rise of four huge lightning light beam which was glimmering with lightning sparks towards the sky from the four corner of this iron forest.

Afterwards these four huge lightning light beam extended in the sky and connect with each other. And in the place where all four of these lightning light beam was connected, a massive ball of lightning was formed.

“What is this?”

“What’s going on?”

Seeing the sudden appearance of massive ball of lightning, all the Demon clan within the iron forest felt uneasy.


“Listen to the roar of thunder, Raiton—- Raimu Raito! (Lightning Style—- Limelight Jutsu!)” Seeing the lightning energy was already gathered at the intersection, Ren Tianyou instantly initiated this S rank lightning style ninjutsu.

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the massive ball of lighting in the sky fell down. And along with the ear-deafening explosion sound, dazzling lightning light suddenly flashed, and terrifying storm suddenly engulfed everything around.

When the explosion stopped, the vision restored, and the clouds of smokes and dusts had already dissipated, everything within the iron forest had already changed into a pile of debris, and all the lives within it had also already disappeared. Furthermore the original Baleful Resentment Qi which had filled the entire atmosphere had also already dissipated under this lightning element.

This Raiton—- Raimu Raito (Lightning Style—- Limelight Jutsu) was S rank ninjutsu used simultaneously by four strongest lightning style ninja Kitane, Tou, Seito and Nauma of 12 Guardian Ninjas. After initiating this ninjutsu by four people individually standing at east, south, west and north, this ninjutsu could instantly incinerate everything within the space inside these four people.

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  1. To those who don’t know, this is the jutsu that Asuma Saratobi stopped. He defeated four of his previous comrades that had been re-animated to activate the limelight jutsu.

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