In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 294

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IDWWNS, Chapter 294: Demon Spirit Baleful Soldier

“This is……? Demon clan!” With the eight sight of Ren Tianyou’s Sharingan, even if they were 200 meters apart, he was able to clearly see the figures that had suddenly appeared from inside the iron forest.

The skin of those figures were dark purple in color with mysterious magic line everywhere, and had two long curve horn on their head. They were precisely people of Demon clan.

“How can Demon clan be here?” Seeing the sudden appearance of people of Demon clan, this question suddenly appeared in the heart of Ren Tianyou who was standing far away.

“What are they doing here?” At that time, Ren Tianyou suddenly noticed that these people of Demon clan were going towards those already dead people hanging on the iron trees.

After walking to the side of iron tree, these people of Demon clan pulled out those dead people hanging from iron trees. Because the blood was already drained out, only left over human skin came down. Shortly afterwards again several Demon clan walked out from inside. Each of them held people who had their tongue sliced off and four limbs broken. Among these people, there were men, women and even one seven or eight years old child. Tortured to final breathe, cutting open their back skin, they forcibly hanged them on the iron trees.

And not far away, all the actions of these Demon clan’s people were reflected in the scarlet Sharingan of Ren Tianyou.

This moment, the Sharingan of Ren Tianyou was spinning rapidly, and a trace of eye power were slowly flowing out from them. Now his complexion was deep black, and his body was emitting dense killing intent which could terrify other people.

“These beasts, I will definitely slaughter you all.” Seeing the actions of these Demon clan’s people, right now Ren Tianyou had already exploded thoroughly. He had never been this angry before.

Ding, congratulation to host for triggering random mission, destroy the iron forest before your eyes. Mission succeed reward: 200,000 system points. Mission failed penalty: Seal Yonbi, host need to exchange it again.”

And at that moment, the System voice suddenly resounded within the brain of Ren Tianyou. And in the list of mission, suddenly a new mission appeared.

Hei hei, this mission came at the right time, now I can’t wait to turn this place into ashes and raze it to the ground.” Hearing the prompt of System, Ren Tianyou laughed grimly, then along with the space ripple from his right eye, he disappeared from there.

And in the iron forest, after completing their task in hand, these people of Demon clan put away those skin, then separately walked towards the inner part of this iron forest.

And from the ground behind one of these Demon clan’s people, Ren Tianyou suddenly came out.

Seeing the Demon clan in front of him didn’t perceive him, a cold smile appeared on his face. After that he placed his right hand on the shoulder of this Demon clan from behind, then before this Demon clan could react, suddenly a spiral shaped space ripple came out from his right eye, which immediately absorbed this Demon clan.

After absorbing this Demon clan, Ren Tianyou again used kamui to leave this place.

Within the kamui space, this Demon clan who was suddenly absorbed was in the process of looking all around confusedly. At that time, suddenly two blood red Sharingan appeared in this space. When this Demon clan looked at these eyes, the eyes of this Demon clan instantly became lifeless, and lost consciousness.

“Where is this place?” After that, suddenly the voice of Ren Tianyou resounded in this space, which entered the ears of this Demon clan.

“This place is Demon World’s Soul Breaking Cliff……” Hearing the question of Ren Tianyou, this Demon clan answered everything he knew without slightest hesitation.

After half an hour, Ren Tianyou became silent while still concealing himself within kamui space. He had already used illusion on this Demon clan to know everything he wanted to know from the mouth of this Demon clan.

It turned out this place was not Divine Wind Continent, rather Demon World. What Ren Tianyou had never thought was, at that time when he had received serious injuries, and his life was hanging in the balance, he had unexpectedly broken the boundary of two space and entered the Demon World. And that silver colored space barrier he had seen in the space before was the space barrier of these two world.

And the place outside was called Soul Breaking Cliff, was one of the place where Demon clan used to produce Demon Spirit Baleful Solider.

And those iron trees Ren Tianyou had seen inside Soul Breaking Cliff were special metal called Baleful Spirit Iron.

This Baleful Spirit Iron contains a kind of unique Baleful Resentment Qi within it. Usually this Baleful Resentment Qi stays within the metal, but once it was tainted with blood filled with resentment and enmity qi, at that time it would resonate, and these Baleful Resentment Qi would arise from these Baleful Spirit Iron.

And if ordinary people absorb this Baleful Resentment Qi, then that person would be corroded to idiot instantly, losing the intelligence. Even people with high strength would feel pressure within their heart. And once large amount of Baleful Resentment Qi was gathered, even if Gold Lord realm expert enters into it, it would trigger his/her evil qi within his/her body and swallow him/her up, changing him/her into a monster who only knows killing.

And here Demon clan used the large number of slaves who were captured from Divine Wind Continent during the invasion of last time. These slaves contained human, elves, bird-men……….and so on.

After nearly ten thousand years since the last war of Demon clan had ended, suddenly a person known as Mo Yun rose within Demon clan. He met with Demon Emperor, and gave Demon Emperor a method of refining Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers.

The first step of refining this Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers was to use Baleful Spirit Iron to forge these iron trees, then torture the people that were caught at that time with every method possible, making their heart filled with resentment. And when the heart of these people is filled with resentment, use the blood of these people to wash these iron trees created with Baleful Spirit Iron.

When these Baleful Spirit Iron were covered with the blood filled with resentment, the Baleful Resentment Qi within it would be drawn out.

And finally use a secret magic of Demon clan to set up a mysterious magic formation in the center location of this place. These Demon clan also didn’t know anything about this magic formation, only knew that this Mo Yun had set up this magic formation.

This magic formation would gradually absorb these blood’s resentment and Baleful Resentment Qi from the air, making a Heavenly Baleful Pond in the centermost location of this magic formation.

Each drop of blood water within this Heavenly Baleful Pond contains boundless Baleful Resentment Qi. Mo Yun would put the corpses of Demon clan’s already dead people into this Heavenly Baleful Pond, and use the blood water containing boundless Baleful Resentment Qi within the Heavenly Baleful Pond, coupled with the power of magic formation to unceasingly refine these corpses. After that these corpses would possess strength once again, and gradually becomes Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers.

After absorbing this Baleful Resentment Qi, the strength of these corpses would slowly restore. The longer the refining is done, as well as the stronger they were before they died, the stronger the strength of these Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers would possess. Finally these corpses would gradually change into a killing machine who only knows how to kill without slightest consciousness. This was equivalent to Demon clan owning large undead army.

Further these Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers contained terrifying Baleful Resentment Qi, so if average people ran into them, then they would be oppressed by their terrifying aura, causing their strength to drop to 70% or so.

Moreover one must not get wounded by these Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers, because once wounded, the Baleful Resentment Qi contained within Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers would corrode the victim from within their body. After that if not treated timely, then victim would similarly change into Demon Spirit Baleful Soldiers who only know how to massacre.

And when Ren Tianyou asked who that Mo Yun person was, this Demon clan however said he didn’t know. He only knew that this Mo Yun was very mysterious person, and within Demon clan, other than Demon Emperor himself, it seems no one else had ever seen his true features. Even if he was male or female was unknown.

Furthermore the strangest thing was, during the Demon clan’s invasion to Divine Wind Continent 30,000 years ago, no one had ever heard about this Mo Yun. And nearly after 10,000 years after Demon clan had retreated back to Demon World, this Mo Yun suddenly came out, so his identity was very mysterious. There was a secret rumor about this Mo Yun being the next Demon Emperor of Demon clan who was secretly cultivated by present Demon Emperor.

After listening to this, Ren Tianyou became lost in thought for a long time. Finally his voice again resounded within kamui space, “Since you have already given me all the information you have, kill yourself.”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, this Demon clan’s right hand immediately stabbed though his own heart, and the corpse weakly fell down inside kamui space. After that the two huge Sharingan in the sky also disappeared slowly.

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  1. This is essentially similar to the Scourge in World of Warcraft!! The Scourge was originally created by the demonic army known as the Burning Legion for the same of weakening a world. Just like the Plague of Undeath used by the Scourge to turn their enemies into more soldiers they could use, these Baleful Soldiers also can turn an enemy into another Soldier with but a scratch.
    I wonder if the author took inspiration from World of Warcraft for this thing. If he did, I feel he did it in a rather good way. He didn’t just copy-paste the concept, but made his own version (no Undead Plague, but rather using resentment to create a corrupting effect). Well done, one of the best chapters so far in this series =)

  2. ‘These slaves contained human, elves, bird-men……….and so on.’ in bird culture this is considered a dick move

  3. Please can you work on your English, a lot of this feels almost like edited MTL, you keep refering to single demon clan members as “demon clan” “3 demon god” instead of “3 demon gods” etc, have you not got an editor that knows the language fluently? If so, they suck.

    “which immediately absorbed this Demon clan” it’s one guy, so either “This demon clan member” or “this demon” is more accurate.

  4. Why should he killed that demon? He can just bring him outside, give it to those 100 clans. So they can know about it. If he said about what that demon said to him to them. Would they simply believe him? And last time on god weeping region, he did not even tell the plans of those demon to anyone, wtf was that? Did he think he can solve it in time when they open the portal? Or did he forget? Useless idiot.

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