In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 293

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IDWWNS, Chapter 293: Extremely Tragic

In the middle of mysterious space, one could clearly see a dazzlingly beautiful space quicksand streaking across. This was time-space, i.e. fifth space that others often spoke.

And in the depth of this time-space, there was a continuous silver colored space barrier blocking in the front. Countless space quicksand were blocked here after flowing into here.

And at this moment, in front of this space barrier, a figure suddenly appeared. Carefully looking, this figure was precisely Ren Tianyou.

“It’s the space barrier.” Looking at the space barrier in front of him, the complexion of Ren Tianyou changed slightly. Before when he was in the process of space teleporting after using Hiraishin while severely injured, because of the obstruction of this space barrier, he was additionally injured while breaking this barrier to return to Divine Wind Continent.

But now not only all the injuries were already healed, his strength had also become a lot stronger compared to before. Thanks to refinement of Forever Green, his chakra capacity was also strengthened further.

“Kamui!” Looking at the space barrier in front of him, the left Sharingan of Ren Tianyou spun rapidly, then along with huge amount of eye power continuously gushing out, suddenly a space black hole appeared in the space in front of him, and this firm space barrier was immediately broken, creating a huge space passage.

Hiraishin no Jutsu!” After breaking open the space barrier, Ren Tianyou immediately used Hiraishin no Jutsu, then disappeared from that place. And shortly after Ren Tianyou had left, the hole in the space barrier slowly disappeared, and the space barrier restored becoming anew as ever. But just in case, Ren Tianyou had left behind a thing in this space barrier just before he had left.


In that place under the cliff and beside that blood colored small brook where Ren Tianyou had fallen before, ‘xiu’ wind breaking sound suddenly resounded, and the figure of Ren Tianyou suddenly appeared in the midair.

“Finally came here, this time without any injury, it was really easy to come here.” Ren Tianyou descended from the midair, then pulled out special kunai with hiraishin mark he had stuck on the cliff wall before. After that looking all round that depressed environment, he frowned, “Where in the hell is this place, the environment of this place is really depressing.”

After standing here, Ren Tianyou noticed that the accumulated evil qi in his heart because of his massacre seemed to be coming out unconsciously. And his body also unconsciously emitted a powerful killing intent.

After becoming aware of this point, Ren Tianyou was startled inwardly, and he immediately forced down that evil qi of his heart and slowly dispersed the killing intent of his body. “What is this place, so strange, unexpectedly can unconsciously control people’s killing intent. If someone stays here for a long period of time, then that person will change into a killing machine that only knows killing.”

“This won’t do, I shouldn’t stay here for a long period of time. Let’s look for a way out first.” Ren Tianyou thought in his heart. With this unusually evil environment around, even the proud and arrogant heart of Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but feel fear. He immediately rose in the sky, then flew towards the distant place.

But after flying in high speed for nearly ten minutes, Ren Tianyou however noticed that the blood colored brook underneath however had gradually become broad, and that blood colored water was also flowing faster.

Of course that oppressive strange evil aura had also become more and more heavy. And under the attraction of this aura, Ren Tianyou felt that the evil qi within his heart was circulating even faster as if it would break out from his body at any time.

“It seems up head is the source of this blood colored river. Now I can explore what thing is there. But the evil qi within my body seemed to break out at any time, and very soon I will not be able to withstand, so what should I do?” Stopping in the midair, Ren Tianyou unceasingly thought the countermeasures. Although he really wanted to take a look at the thing up ahead, but he however was gradually unable to withstand the corrosion of this evil energy.

But just at that time, suddenly green colored six edged star pattern appeared on his forehead, and with a cyan colored life-force circulating within his body, a green colored chakra appeared around his body. After that the evil qi within his body instantly disappeared, and that unusual evil aura of outside was also unable to move the evil qi within his body.

“This is……the power of Forever Green?” Feeling that chakra brimming with powerful life-force, Ren Tianyou exclaimed in surprise inwardly. “No, now it shouldn’t be called Forever Green, rather a part of my sage chakra.”

“Now that there is no worries, let’s have a look at the secrets inside this place.” Sensing the evil qi within his body were already suppressed thoroughly by sage chakra, and his mind was also completely immune to the effect of this unusual evil aura of outside, Ren Tainyou immediately speed up and quickly fly towards the front.

The more he flew deeper, the stronger that unusual evil aura became. Ren Tianyou dared to confirm that, if it was not for sage chakra suppressing the evil qi within his body, then he would have gone mad in the first moment he had arrived here.

After flying for about roughly 20 minutes, a valley appeared before his eyes. And the scene in the middle of this valley was reflected in the eyes of Ren Tianyou.

“This is……?” Seeing the scene before his eyes which could be said as the scene of the hell, Ren Tianyou stopped flying in the midair, and his eyes showed a shocked look. Shortly afterwards boundless anger rose in his heart, and he tightly clenched his hand, while emitting dense killing intent.

There was a forest in this valley, but this forest didn’t have any wooden trees, rather was full of iron trees. And this iron trees didn’t have any branches and leaves, rather had human bodies.

Yes, it was precisely human bodies!!!

Each and every one of these people were cut open and hanged on these iron trees. The dripping of their blood slowly flowed down from the branch of these iron trees to the beneath flowing together blood colored river. And the blood colored small brook Ren Tianyou had seen before was the blood flowing down of these people’s corpse.

And among the people hanging down from these iron trees, some had already died long ago. The blood within their body had already drained long ago, and the skin on their bodies had withered and fallen off, after that their flesh fell down into the underneath blood colored river.

And some of these people were still not dead, were still alive while being hanging down on these iron trees. With their tongue already sliced off, even if they wanted to cry in pain, they couldn’t make any sound. And all four of their limbs were also already broken off, so now while handing on the iron tree, other than issuing ‘wuwu’ sound, they could only endure this boundlessly cruel torture, and feel their blood slowly dry, then welcome the arrival of death.

These iron trees practically spread all over the entire valley, each iron tree had a human body hanged on it. And not limited to human, the people of 100 clans were also there, such as Elf clan, beast-men clan, bird-men clan, dark spirit clan…….and so on. This extremely tragic scene as if the scene of a boundless hell reflected on the Sharingan of Ren Tainyou who was not far away.

Seeing the death circumstance, as well as some not dead but death was better than life circumstance of these people, boundless flame of fury instantly shrouded the heart of Ren Tianyou.

From the time he had appeared in this world, Ren Tianyou had done all the matter by the virtue of his heart. As long as his own heart wants it, regardless of who the enemy before his eyes was, he wouldn’t care.

Until now, Ren Tianyou had never associated with any force of the continent, and will not easily involve with any of them in the future too. Even in the upcoming war when Demon clan invades, if it wasn’t for the people of his organization, even if Demon clan attacks, or Divine Wind Continent is exterminated, as long as he was not implicated by that, he would not have raised his hand.

But when he saw this extremely tragic scene, the heart of Ren Tianyou was shrouded in boundless flames of fury, and he asked to himself after seeing this scene, would he really only look on with folded arms.

“Good! Good! Good! I want to see which bastard created this scene. When I find you, if I don’t properly put you through concocting medicine process, then how could it be fair to the death of these innocent people?” Ren Tianyou tightly clenched his hands, then said these words which were filled with cold killing intent. [T.L: concocting medicine process = parching, roasting, baking, steaming, soaking, simmering, etc. In single word torture]

But just when he was about to act, suddenly several figures suddenly came out from this iron forest. When Ren Tianyou clearly saw the face of these people, the eyes of Ren Tianyou instantly filled with disbelief, “They are……?”

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    1. Kill one man and you’re a murderer, kill a thousand and you’re hero, humans are a contradiction themselves, so just ignore the cliche “justice” and enjoy the chap, that’s what i do,).
      Thanks for the chap

      1. Theres 2 types of society in xianxia world, innocent people(normal ppl) and cultivators (superhuman or magic martial art partitioner) that didnt follow normal etiquette.

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