In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 292

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IDWWNS, Chapter 292: Profit from a disaster

Profit from a disaster

Inside an unknown cave, Ren Tianyou was sitting cross-legged. Right now his body was glimmering with green radiance, and one could sense particularly fresh aura and strong life-force in this green radiance. And on his forehead, a green colored six edged star mark had appeared indistinctly. Furthermore in the originally barren cave, unexpectedly several small saplings slowly broke out from the ground, which added a life aura inside this barren cave,

At that time, as if whale swallowing water, this green colored powerful life-force instantly enter inside the body of Ren Tianyou and disappeared. And after that, Ren Tianyou snapped open his eyes. And this moment, that mysterious pattern in his eyes were unceasingly spinning, giving people a kind of mysterious feeling.

“Didn’t expect this time I unexpectedly gained profit from a disaster. Now I have actually already refined roughly half of the life-force of Forever Green. Finally my wood style can also be counted as real Secret Wood Style, and can gradually show the might of First Hokage Senju Hasirama’s Wood Style.” Feeling the changed within his body, Ren Tianyou excitedly though inwardly. Previously, the wood style used by Ren Tianyou could be counted as merely pseudo wood style, otherwise how could this wood style which Senju Hasirama relied to suppress that time’s chaotic times of ninja world, and got respectfully addressed as God of Ninja by people of ninja world be that weak. Moreover relying on this wood style when he fought against Madara and Kyuubi in Iso–Susanoo (Majestic Attire—Susanoo), he sealed kyuubi, and defeated Uchiha Madara. This clearly shows the true might of wood style.

But previously when Ren Tianyou used wood style, even Mid-God King realm Dragon Emperor was able to break it open, this was not because the power of wood style was weak in this world, rather the strength of Ren Tainyou was too weak. Previously the strength of wood style used by Ren Tianyou was not even one-quarter of the strength of wood style used by Senju Hasirama.

But now, because he was up against life and death imperil, he was able to squeeze out his potential in that life and death situation, and was able to refine roughly half of the power of Forever Green, so now he could display nearly two-third of Senju Hasirama’s strength at his most flourishing time.

“On the basis of this evaluation, after I completely refine this Forever Green, the strength of my wood style will basically exceed Senju Hasirama’s.” Ren Tianyou inwardly estimated, “And this is not the end, after Forever Green is completely refined, I can still exchange the life-force of Senju Hasirama, at that time adding both of them together, to what extent the strength of my wood style will reach, I am really looking forward to see it ah.”

“But, the most unexpected thing was, the eye power of my Sharingan was unexpectedly enhanced a step further. Now the power of my doujutsus are increased by more than one-tenth compared to before.” Thinking this, Ren Tianyou placed his hand on his eyes, and feeling the power of his eyes, he sighed inwardly, “No wonder in the Naruto manga and anime series of previous world, Tobi had once stated, this Sharingan is eye for real combat. Only after undergoing the real battle, the eye power of Sharingan will be slowly squeeze out, gradually strengthening them.”

“It seems I was really guarding a treasure mountain without knowing the truth. This Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan however possessed the power to tame kyuubi and have enough power to rival wood style of Senju Hasirama which was able to suppress chaotic times, but currently I could only display a little bit of its might.”

“No wonder at the time when I was at Mangekyo level, system said to polish my eye power, and only after really mastering my Mangekyo Sharingan, I should exchange another pair of Mangekyo Sharingan.”

“At that time, I didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. It seems that the System was already aware of the secrets of Sharingan, and he had also told me, merely at that time I didn’t understand that’s all.”

“But……” Thinking this, Ren Tianyou slowly stood up, and the pattern inside his Sharingan also spun rapidly, “Now that I already know this, hereafter I will intensify my daily cultivation to polish my Eternal Mangekyo, awakening those hidden powerful eye power of my eyes.”

“Now that three years had already passed, there is only less than two years of time left for the invasion of Demon clan. Although I don’t have any responsibility with regarding to invasion of Demon clan, but White Tiger, Jade Maiden, Void………their families are here, so in the big war against Demon clan of that time, they will definitely not stand by with folded arm.” Thinking about the invasion of Demon clan, Ren Tianyou became worried inwardly, especially towards that mysterious Demon Emperor of Demon clan. 30,000 years ago, one might well say, it was 100 clans’ flourishing age. There were many True God realm expert, and even God King realm experts were many in numbers, but even with that kind of lineup, when they resisted the Demon clan, even with the combined power of the entire continent, they were not able to kill Demon Emperor, merely injured him severely.

And after undergoing that great war, the strength of both 100 clans and humanity reduced greatly. And with their vitality greatly damaged, they were no longer able to restore themselves to their previous flourishing age, so they could only go and live in seclusion to rest and build up the strength.

And now, seeing the situation inside Tower of Babel, 30 or so peak experts of Divine Wind Continent couple with that unknown power of Tower of Babel, all of those people acted together unexpectedly could only withstand the bombardment of Demon Emperor on the seal from the other side, moreover they could only delay the breaking of seal for next two years or so.

So with regarding to the strength of this Demon Emperor, Ren Tianyou was also not very clear, and could only make a guess. According to the words of Tower of Babel, All Seven Great Saints had already advanced their blood lineage to God rank, moreover they themselves were also Peak God Lord realm in strength, but even like that, the attack unleashed by all of those people burning their life was only able to injure Demon Emperor, and was powerless to kill him. This meant the strength of Demon Emperor must be God Emperor realm, what rank of God Emperor realm, he didn’t know.

“So that’s why at that time, Tower of Babel had said to come back there and look for him after I have sufficient strength to confront God Emperor realm expert.” Ren Tianyou thought about the words of Tower of Babel, and became clear in his heart. “But since it is like this, I need to advance me eyes to Rinnegan as quickly as possible before the start of this war. Even if I am not able to advance my eyes to Rinnegan, I should at attain the strength of Senju Hasirama’s Wood style at his most flourishing time, or even beyond.”

“And before that, I must complete that jutsu as soon as possible.” After thinking about the upcoming war, he instantly recalled that ninjutsu. He must complete the preparation of this ninjutsu before the war.

“It seems there is a lot of task to do ah, but after a week of self-cultivation, all of my injuries are already healed thoroughly. Now it’s also time to go and explore that mysterious place of before.” Ren Tianyou thought of that mysterious cliff in the place he had fallen into when he was severely injured, as well as that long mysterious blood colored river, then instantly disappeared from that place targeting the Hiraishin mark he had left behind at that time.

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