In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 291

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IDWWNS, Chapter 291: The inheritance of Seven Great Saints

The inheritance of Seven Great Saints

“Seven Great Saints? What are those?” Looking at the sheepskin map floating towards him, he caught it and take a look. He only saw thickly dotted routes in the map, but didn’t understand a thing for a time being, so putting it away, Ren Tianyou confusedly asked while looking at the spirit of Tower of Babel in front of him.

“Cough cough……” Before this Tower of Babel could speak, several coughing sound from beside him interrupted Ren Tianyou. Right now other than Muyue who had already lost her memory, all others were looking at him as if they were seeing a space alien.

“What’s going on with you all? Why on earth are you looking at me like that?” Seeing he was being stared at like that, Ren Tianyou felt uncomfortable, so looking at White Tiger, he asked in a weak voice. He didn’t understand what wrong thing he had spoken for them to stare him like this.

“Ai, Zero, sometime I really doubt whether you are really a person of Divine Wind Continent or not? You are saying you don’t know 100 clans’ Seven Great Saint of 30,000 years ago, and to go on to say what they are. Now I really admire you.” A helpless expression appeared on the beautiful face of Jade Maiden, and with her beautiful eyes filled with strange look, she looked at Ren Tianyou and said.

“Hey, Zero, are you really a local born and bred person of the continent? Now I am seriously suspecting this point.” Southern Dipper stepped forward, and with his handsome face filled with strange smile, he said to Ren Tianyou.

“Scram.” Looking at these group of bad teammate, Ren Tianyou cursed, then said, “You all should know my past, at that time, even eating a full meal was a kind of extravagant hope for me, so do you think I had time to go and understand these things.”

Hearing Ren Tianyou, everyone in the scene became silent, as they all knew that what Ren Tianyou had just spoken was truth.

Next, Ren Tianyou learnt about the matter of Seven Great Saints from the mouth of everyone.

As it turned out these Seven Great Saints were the strongest seven people among all the mankind and 100 clans. All of them had awakened their blood lineage to God ranked blood lineage, which was far beyond the Saint ranked blood lineage which was usually supreme blood lineage.

All of these seven had already reached Peak God Lord realm in strength. In those years when Demon clan had invaded, precisely these seven had combined their strength, and led 100 clans’ experts to fight desperately to defend Divine Wind Continent.

But the Demon clan was really too strong. Each one of the three Great Demon God of Demon clan were not inferior to Seven Great Saints in strength, and coupled with that Demon Emperor with monstrous magical power, one might well say, 100 clans retreated one after another in defeat in the end.

So as a last resort, these Seven Great Saints used up their life essence to use destroying heaven exterminating earth attack. That move directly exterminated millions of demon soldiers, and the land of Divine Wind Continent was also destroyed to one-tenth instantly. Furthermore one of the three Great Demon God was also killed by this attack, and with a severe injury, Demon Emperor fled to his Demon World.

As a result, these Seven Great Saints became the hero of Divine Wind Continent. If it was not for them, then the people of Demon World would have already captured Divine Wind Continent.

“If this is the last legacy of those Seven Great Saints, then perhaps we might be able to find a way to advance our blood lineage to God rank blood lineage.” Looking at that map in the hand of Ren Tianyou, the eyes of White Tiger flashed with a glimmer of longing.

In Divine Wind Continent, blood lineage was supreme, so everyone knew that advancing blood lineage to God rank was same as reaching the sky in single bound.

So with regarding to the possibility of having their blood lineage advance to God rank blood lineage in front of them, how could everyone not be excited.

“Don’t get impatient.” Looking at the excited expression in the eyes of everyone, Ren Tianyou understood that this thing was very important for them. And he himself also greatly hoped for maximum improvement in the strength of everyone, and become a real peak expert.

“Such an important thing, I think there ought to be many genius among the people of 100 clans, but why did you specifically give it to me? If you can’t make it clear, then I will not agree with your request.” Looking at the sheepskin map in his hand, Ren Tianyou asked. This thing was great treasure for all the cultivators of Divine Wind Continent, and he had also seen experts of Supreme Light Academy and 100 clans in here just now in the mirror created by this spirit of Tower of Babel, so why didn’t it give it (map) to them instead gave it to him.

“It is not convenient to speak the reason now, when the time comes, you will know yourself. Knowing it too early is not good for you, instead can affect your growth. All the things I said is truth, whether to believe or not is your choice.” The spirit of Tower of Babel indifferently said while looking at Ren Tianyou. “Furthermore remember what I have said just a moment ago, when you are really strong enough to directly confront God Emperor realm expert, come here, and at that time, I will give you a very an important thing. But this Seven Great Saints’ inheritance is not suitable for you.”

Hearing the words of Tower of Babel, Ren Tianyou fell into silence, and was considering whether he should believe this spirit of Tower of Babel or not.

Three years ago within Tower of Babel, if it was not for Tower of Babel stopping Amike, he would have basically no time to use Kamui and escape the scene. At that time, if it was not the case for the obstruction of Tower of Babel, then at that time he might have to use a secret art to run away.

So from this point of view, he really wanted to believe in the spirit of Tower of Babel. Thinking about it again, it really don’t have to plot to kill them all if it really want to kill them.

“Fine, I will believe in you for the time being.” Ren Tianyou said while looking at Tower of Babel.

“Okay, you can’t stay here for a long time, so now I will send you all away.” The spirit of Tower of Babel nodded its head, and waved its hand. After that a golden light surrounded everyone. When this radiances disappeared, Ren Tianyou and others had already disappeared from ninth floor.

“Merely last two years of time is left, I hope you can catch up.” Seeing Ren Tianyou and others had already disappeared, the spirit of Tower of Babel sighed, then this silhouette slowly dissipated in the middle of ninth floor.

On the nameless mountain outside Tianlong city, along with the golden light, Ren Tianyou and others instantly appeared here.

“Didn’t expect the power of Tower of Babel’s spirit is actually able to effect outside too.” Looking at the surrounding around him, Ren Tianyou thought in surprise.

Afterwards, he took out that map and handed it over to White Tiger, “You all guard this map properly, and also go for a search according to the route of this map.”

“Then what about you? Aren’t you coming with us?” White Tiger took the map, and seeing Ren Tianyou had no intention to go with them, he confusedly asked.

“Do you want me to go in this appearance ah?” Looking at his injured condition all over, Ren Tianyou made a wry smile, then said, “I’m going to heal myself, so you all can go first, and remember you all must succeed.”

“Rest assured.” White Tiger nodded his head, the firmly said. Shortly afterwards, everyone immediately set out to find the inheritance of Seven Great Saints.

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  1. Ah the old “You’ll know when the time comes” bullshit. I fucking hate that reasoning in these novels.

    Dumb as fuck.

  2. Well it’s true, if you’re training and some wise mysterious man, instead of saying “you’ll find out later” said you’d become the strongest human, than I, your father( lol), would start slacking off somewhat, thinking my future strong self is set in stone whether I train more or not, and i might even get arrogant

  3. Aww he didn’t collect the arm. Well didn’t they hear the guy saying the the inheritance was not meant for him so why woild he go with them

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