In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 286

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IDWWNS, Chapter 286: Search


In Flame Phoenix Villa within the border of Light Empire, Vermilion Bird, Jade Maiden, Black Tortoise and Little Yu, these four were in the process of comfortably bathing within the hot spring behind the villa.

At this time, the complexion of Little Yu suddenly changed. Then she covered her chest and gave out a suffering groan, with cold sweats flowing down her face.

“Little Yu, what happened?” Seeing the unusual condition of Little Yu, Black Tortoise immediately got up, revealing her matchlessly beautiful body, then came over to the side of Little Yu and asked in concern.

Jade Maiden and Vermilion Bird also hastily came over, and looked at Little Yu with concern across their face. One might well say that this Little Yu was Ren Tianyou’s heart treasure, so if something happened to her, then only God will know what terrifying thing Ren Tianyou might end up doing.

“I…I am suddenly feeling a great pain in my chest, this feeling of heartache, as if I am about to lose something very precious.” Little Yu said with suffering expression. Just now she suddenly felt unprecedented emptiness inside her heart, as if she lost something very precious to her. This feeling made her feel very frightened.

“What precious thing? Little Yu, aren’t you getting physically uncomfortable with some illusion ah?” Hearing Little Yu, Vermilion Bird confusedly asked.

“No, it can’t be……I’m sure my feeling is not wrong, this feeling came from deep inside my heart.” Little Yu shook her head and said with certainty. “But my most precious thing is……”

Thinking this, the complexion of Little Yu suddenly changed, then she anxiously said to Vermilion Bird, “Definitely is Idiot, Idiot must have met with an accident, absolutely him, elder sister Vermilion Bird, quickly take out our Fire of Life, and take a look at Idiot, his Fire of Life.”

“Little Yu, aren’t you thinking too much? You should know that with Zero’s strength, there are only very few experts who are able to injure him.” Seeing the anxiousness of Little Yu, Jade Maiden doubtfully said.

And Vermilion Bird also want to speak, but seeing that anxious expression of Little Yu, she had no choice but to do what she had said. Golden phoenix flame appeared on her right hand, then along with the flashing of her Vermilion Bird ring, suddenly ten huge fire ball flew out and floated in front of everyone.

These ten fire balls were currently glimmering with huge flame. Each fire ball had a single word, Vermilion, Jade, Black, White…..individually representing the member of Akatsuki organization. But right now the fire ball with the word ‘Zero’ however was a lot dimmer compared to other nine fire balls, and it seemed it would go out at any time.

These ten fireballs were Fire of Life created by Vermilion Bird using the secret magic of Flame Phoenix Villa to integrate everybody’s aura. By looking at this Fire of Life, one could easily know the state of said person.

For instance, the fireballs of Vermilion Bird and others were glimmering with huge flame, which represent their life-force was vigorous. But the fireball of Ren Tianyou which looked as if it would go out any second represents right now he was already injured severely, and was in the state of his life hanging in the balance. And the extinguishing of these Fire of Life represent, that person is already dead.

“This…how can this be?” Seeing the unusual condition of Ren Tianyou’s Fire of Life, Jade Maiden muttered in disbelief.

“Don’t stare blankly, immediately issue urgent call-up order, and immediately go to the mountain where Ren Tianyou was last seen.” Vermilion Bird immediately reacted, then waving her right hand, she pulled her clothing and jumped out of hot spring while wearing her clothing in midair.

And Little Yu and others also immediately reacted. They also jumped out of hot spring and quickly wore their clothing. After that without bidding farewell to the people of Villa, Vermillion Bird summoned her Golden Winged Phoenix, and after Jade Maiden and others also jumped on the back of the Phoenix, they changed into flame and flew towards the distant horizon in a high speed.

And seeing the hastily leaving figures of Jade Maiden and others, the Villa Mistress of Flame Phoenix Villa Feng Yunmeng only sighed, then return to the room.


On a mountain at the border of Ailer Empire, this moment eight people wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it could be seen. And they seemed to be searching something.

“Jade Maiden, how was it, did you find anything?” Seeing Jade maiden had finished using her magic, White Tiger asked.

“No, I look back upon the time of this mountain, but didn’t find any trace of Zero. I only saw Zero using space magic to leave this place after he separated from them.” Jade Maiden shook her head and said anxiously.

“There is no trace of fighting nearby. With the strength of Zero we know, coupled with his space magic, there are very few people in this entire continent that could stop Ren Tianyou from using space magic to leave.” After looking around, Great Bear slowly said.

“But that increase the difficulty of searching. With Zero’s space magic, his whereabouts is erratic, so it is very difficult to find him.” Black Tortoise said with grim complexion.

“No matter how difficult, even if we had to turn the entire continent upside down, we must find him. Don’t forget he is our leader.” Jade Maiden walked over and firmly said.

At this time, wind breaking sound came from behind them. And without turning back, White Tiger said, “You are late.”

Southern Dipper Bu Feng noiselessly landed on the ground, and said, “Sorry, I search the surrounding of 100 li around here, and finally find a trace.” Finished speaking, Bu Feng took out special kunai with Hiraishin mark.

“This is Little You’s Hiraishin kunai.” Seeing this familiar kunai, Black Tortoise immediately said happily. Then looking towards Bu Feng she asked, “Where did you find it?”

“This kunai was hung up on one tree of the small forest outside Tianlong City,” Southern Dipper tossed this kunai towards Azure Dragon i.e. his sweetheart Fang Qian.

“Zero ought to have met with mishap in Tianlong city. But Ximen clan of the city is already razed to the ground, and other force within Tianlong city are not capable enough to injure Zero.” White Tiger confusedly said.

“Yes, I specially looked all over Tianlong city, but I didn’t find any trace of Zero there. Furthermore there was no trace of any battle there.” Southern Dipper said while nodding his head. “Moreover I don’t think there is anyone in this world that is capable enough to directly deal mortal injury without giving Zero any chance to resist.”

“Then what should we do? Is this clue useless?” Little Yu anxiously said.

“No, this kunai is more than enough.” Southern Dipper shook his head, “If my guess is not wrong, then this kunai ought to be latest item of Ren Tianyou in our hand, so it might still have the aura of Zero.”

“So I just brought it back to let Little Qian find the final place Zero had left for.”

“Azure Dragon……?” Everyone confusedly looked towards Azure Dragon.

“Yes! Little Qian, before she had stayed at Light Temple for few years as Holy Maiden, and as a Holy Maiden of Light Temple, she could study many secret magic of Light Temple. Among them, there was Great Holy Light Heavenly Search Technique.”

“This Great Holy Light Heavenly Search Technique can find the trace of the said person relying on the aura of said person left behind in his/her items. But the success rate of this technique however depends upon the aura of said person left behind in the item left behind. So I brought back this kunai.”

“Is that for real Azure Dragon?” Little Yu asked while looking at Azure Dragon with expectation.

“I will try my best.” Azure Dragon said with uncertainty, as she herself was not confident. After that holding the kunai with her right hand, she sat cross-legged, and began to chant incantation. Along with her incantation, suddenly holy light pillar suddenly descended from the sky and surrounded her body.

After this holy light pillar descended, suddenly an aura which couldn’t be seen with naked eyes emerged from this kunai. And nearly after five minutes, Azure Dragon suddenly opened her eyes, and the holy light pillar also disappeared.

“At Kalisi city, Supreme Light Academy!”

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  1. Please correct the grammer mistakes. I just cant but help point out that its really difficult to read this translation due to several typos and grammer mistakes

    1. likewise i can only agree to his statement – think at the beginning of the translation the grammar compared to now was a lot better, which is why im still reading it.

      though still kudos to those who translate it

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