In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 283

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IDWWNS, Chapter 283: Final Collision

Final Collision

Suddenly the huge body of Nibi and Yonbi were hit by their own reflected back attack. And along with a huge explosion, their body were immediately sent flying.

And on the other side, Amike jumped down from the top of Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven Beast’s head, then rushed towards Ichibi and Sanbi

And the Baleful Heaven Demon Blade in the right hand of Amike glimmered with a demonic light which would make the heart of people palpitate.

“God Killing Six Secrets—Fourth Form—-Breaking Down the Heaven!” Along with the voice of Amike, Baleful Heaven Demon Blade suddenly flew out from his hand, then slashed out towards Ichibi and Sanbi.

The falling speed of this huge sword slash was not fast, but strength however was incomparably powerful, as even the space underneath this falling blade was cracking. It seems the space itself was being cut into pieces by this blade slash.

One might well say this move was one of the strongest attack of Amike.

And seeing this huge blade slash falling down, Sukaku immediately gathered chakra, then manipulating the sands, he created a huge shield in front. This precisely was Saiko Zettai Bogyo—-Shukaku no Tate! (Ultimate Defense—-Shukaku’s Shield!)”

“Break for me!” Seeing that huge sand shield, Amike roared loudly. And that huge blade slash landed on the Shukaku’s shield, but it was immediately cut through. After cutting through the Shukaku’s shield, that slash continued to advance towards Ichibi and Sanbi.

As a matter of fact, there was no such thing as absolute defense in this world. Even Full Body Susanoo of Uchiha Madara was broken through by Senju Hasirama, let alone this Shukaku’s Shield. In case the attack power was sufficiently strong enough, there was no defense in the world that couldn’t be broken through.

This blade slash landed on Sanbi first. The Susanoo armor which was surrounding the entire body of Sanbi immediately give rise to purple ash colored lightning light. And this flickering lightning sparks firmly stopped this blade slash.

But although the attack was blocked, the Susanoo armor surrounding the body of Sanbi become dim as if it would disappear at any time.

When all is said and done, Ren Tianyou on the top of Sanbi’s head was merely a clone, so its strength was merely one-tenth of real body.

And at this time, the wood clone on the head of Shukaku immediately manipulated the Susanoo to brandish Futsu no Mitama Sword to send out a huge sword slash towards Amike.

“Dang!” A metal colliding sound resounded. Amike had used Baleful Heaven Demon Blade to block sword slash of Ren Tianyou, but the impact force still sent him flying.

And on the other side, Matatabi and Son landed on the ground. Even after receiving their own reflected attack, they didn’t suffer any big wounds, but other than Son, the Susanoo armor around the body of Matatabi had become somewhat dim.

“Although my clones can also obtain chakra from tailed-beasts, but there is no way to replenish my eye power!” Looking at other three tailed-beasts, Ren Tianyou who was standing on the head of Son thought inwardly, “Furthermore although these four tailed beasts have large chakra reserve, but when all is said and done, they don’t possess endless amount of chakra like kyuubi. As a result after continuously supporting my four Full Body Susanoo to fight, their chakra might be consumed a lot faster than usual.”

Thinking this, Ren Tianyou made a plan, then made three cones to lead three tailed-beasts beside Son.

“We cannot go on like this, although the fighting capacity of four is stronger, but this won’t last long, as my eye power and your chakra is also consuming very rapidly.” Ren Tianyou looked towards the four tailed-beasts and said, then looking towards Amike standing on the head of Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven Beast, he added, “So we might as well combine our power and use one strongest attack to directly finish off our opponent.”

“You four concentrate together and use strongest bijudama, and at that time I will also add my Susanoo’s power in that bijudama.”

“And after we finish attacking, all of you immediately leave this place. Although your attack power is very powerful, but your defense however is a bit insufficient, so it’s better for you all to return back, and let me wind up this battle.”

“But little You, this fellow is very strong, so won’ t there be a problem with only you?” Hearing the plan of Ren Tianyou, Son a little bit worriedly asked.

“You all can rest assured, it is not certain that they might survive our strongest combined attack. Even if they did survive, under our all-out attack, I don’t think they can escape unscathed even with their very strong strength.” Looking at Amike and Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven Beast, Ren Tianyou sneered and slowly said.

“Since you have already decided, then we will move according to your plan.” Nibi glanced at Ren Tianyou, then said.

After that four tailed-beasts simultaneously half-squatted, faced upward, and opened their mouth. After that huge amount of chakra gathered above their mouth, forming a huge chakra energy ball.

“Here I go too.” Seeing tailed-beasts were in the process of gathering the energy, the eyes of Ren Tianyou shone. After that the huge amount of eye power poured out from the Sahringan of Ren Tianyou and his three clones simultaneously, and the energy of Susanoo was poured into the bijudama from Futsu no Mitama Sword. This moment in the middle of this bijudama formed by the gathering of four tailed-beasts’ huge amount of chakra, a huge lightning sword blade formed.

“Devouring Heaven, it seems this time it will be difficult for us to resist.” Seeing that huge bijudama as well as sensing that powerful energy as if it contains might to even destroy space itself, Amike made a wry smile and said to Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven Beast.

“I will try my best.” Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven Beast solemnly said. After that taking a deep breathe, it slowly gathered all of his energy in its wide open mouth, then a huge space black hole came out from its mouth.

“I’ll also help you.” Amike retracted Baleful Heaven Demon Blade, then poured all the energy within his body into the body of Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven Beast. After Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven Beast received the energy of Amike, the area of that space black hole become even larger.

Amike was betting everything on Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven Beast, because although his attack power was very strong, but in terms of defense, he was lacking. As a result with regarding to the combined attack of Ren Tianyou and four tailed-beasts, he didn’t have any confidence to block on his own. Furthermore he was sealed within the ninth floor of Tower of Babel, and this ninth floor was not that big place, so he didn’t have any choice to run away too.

And on the other side, bijudama was slowly forming under the energy of four tailed-beasts and Ren Tianyou. This bijudama was oval–shaped, and there was huge energy sword blade stuck into it in the middle. And right now the Susanoo armor and the clones of Ren Tianyou had already disappeared.

This was because all the energy of his clones were used up.

“Bijudama!” All four tailed-beasts simultaneously roared, then this huge bijudama suddenly shot towards Amike and Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven beast as if the arrow that had left the bowstring.

“Devouring Heaven’s Domain!”

The preparation of Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven beast’s space magic was also already complete. Right now very large black hole had appeared in front of them.

Final collision was about to begin!

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    1. That Demon that he fought 3 Years ago when first entering Tower of Babel was on 2nd Floor.
      The current demon was the one who poked him with a finger 3 Years Ago.

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