In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 280

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IDWWNS, Chapter 280: Gale Thunderstorm (2)

Gale Thunderstorm (2)

“Ninja Art—-Gale Thunderstorm!”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the dark clouds of the sky suddenly dropped rapidly, and lightning snake containing terrifying amount of chakra energy suddenly extended and entered inside the tornados. After that lightning sparks flickered around these terrifying tornados.

“Wreak havoc, Gale Thunderstorm!” Ren Tianyou and his shadow clone simultaneously made a hand seal. After that those stationary tornados suddenly began to move.

Along with the movement of these thunder and lightning tornados, the earth began to shatter. A huge crater and gully also appeared on the ground. Pieces of huge rocks were also swept up in the sky, and no matter what was blocking in front, everything were completely pulverized. The mountain peak began to burst, mountains and rivers began to reverse their direction, as if the end of the world.

And that was just the beginning, as in the midst of this thunder and lightning tornado, lightning nature chakra and wind nature chakra were in the process of unceasingly clashing and colliding. Like this a terrifying element storm was in the process of brewing. When this storm thoroughly explodes, that would be called real disaster, which was also the second attack of this Gale Thunderstorm.

And after using this ninjutsu, the shadow clone of Ren Tianyou directly disappeared as all the chakra within himself were exhausted. And as for Ren Tianyou, cold sweat was flowing out from his forehead, and the chakra within his body was also almost completely exhausted.

Seeing the second attack of the Gale Thunderstorm which was the most terrifying attack aspect of this ninjutsu was about to begin, a spiral shaped space ripple appeared from his eye, then Ren Tianyou disappeared from that location along with that space ripple.

And on the outside, those terrifying tornados emitted a powerful cyan purple colored light, while terrifying energy storm was in the process of unceasingly brewing. After that along with a flash of light in the horizon, an ear deafening explosion sound suddenly resounded, as those terrifying tornados had exploded from inside. And together with these mighty explosion, the wind and waves spread toward all direction.

The outside world was already engulfed by the explosion storm. And only after exploding continuously for three minutes, the explosion stopped, the storms dissipated and the vision restored. Now there was hardly an intact piece of ground within the radius of more than 2000 meters.

The mountains had disintegrated into pieces of rocks, and a huge fissure was cracked open on the ground, as if this place had gone through a terrifying catastrophe.

And at this moment, suddenly a sound of movement came from inside a pile of rocks. With a ‘peng’ sound, this pile of debris suddenly scattered in all direction, and a shadow of human figure jumped out from inside. Looking carefully, if not Amike, who else it could be.

This moment, Amike didn’t have the grand appearance of beginning. The clothing on his body were tattered, his body was covered with wounded everywhere, and especially in his left shoulder, there was a huge wound, from where one could clearly see his bone.

Amike looked at the desolate scenery of all around. This moment as the result of the battle between Amike and Ren Tianyou, the terrain feature of all around had already changed thoroughly, and the earth was almost shattered.

Although the appearance of Amike looked extremely miserable right now, but the current wounds on his body were still not enough to take his life. The main reason for his current state was his negligence. Because he had look down upon Ren Tianyou, he fell and end up to this fate.

Still because he had used up a drop of refine blood just now, he had greatly damaged his vitality, which caused his combat strength to fall to some extent.

“This move was truly terrifying ah, my Demon God’s Guard was unexpectedly broken at the final moment. If this was not the case for my quick response, this time I might have really fallen in the hand of this human.” Thinking about everything he had experienced within this short three minutes, Amike said with lingering fear in his heart, “On the basis of this fellow’s strength, he is already comparable to those Seven Great Saint of Divine Wind Continent of 30,000 years ago. Because of the power of those Seven Great Saint coupled with 100 clan, we Demon clan suffered defeat at that time, Roaring Heaven Demon God was also killed, and I too was sealed.”

“But all of those Seven Great Saint died 30,000 years ago in the hand of us Demon clan. Don’t tell me that 30,000 years later, again people similar to Seven Great Saint will appear and stop us Demon clan?”

The figure of seven men and women appeared in the mind of Amike. And again thinking of Ren Tianyou’s combat strength, he thought in aghast inside his heart.

“Three years ago, due to my carelessness and the obstruction of Tower of Babel, you were able to flee. But this moment this tower is already unable to even fend itself under the attack of our Demon clan’s Universe Domain divine artifact from the other side of the passage. Although your Tower of Babel is also Universe Domain divine artifact, but now it is after all in ownerless state, so how could it resist my Emperor’s attack using our Universe Domain divine artifact?”

“This time I will use this opportunity to keep this human here forever, but where did this human go?” Amike thought this, then lifting his head, he looked all around, but he however didn’t find any trace of Ren Tianyou.

At this moment, the space far away suddenly distort, and along with a huge spiral shaped space ripple, Ren Tianyou appeared in that place, while indifferently looking at distant Amike.

“Didn’t expect even Gale Thunderstorm was unable to kill this guy. It seems I can only think of another method. Also can I summon them here?” Looking at distant Amike, the expression of Ren Tianyou become a little bit solemn as he thought. And this moment he restored his chakra using shadow clone.

“This fellow can actually use space magic.” Seeing the appearing method of Ren Tianyou, Amike couldn’t help but immediately thought inwardly. Because Ren Tianyou had constantly appeared instantly beside him in the beginning, he had already suspected this in his heart. “Since this is the case, it’s time to summon it, and deal a fatal blow to this fellow.”

Thinking this, Amike wiped his body’s blood, then noiselessly chant an incantation. Along with the voice of Amike, a huge space black hole appeared in the sky beside him.

“Come out, my battle partner—-Bathing Flame Devouring Heaven Beast!”

After the voice of Amike, a huge shadow jumped out from inside that black hole, and landed on the ground, suddenly causing the ground to tremble.

What appeared on that place was, a dog like magical beast, but its body however was alarmingly huge, which reach up to over 20 meters. And the body of this magical beast was covered with black colored fire, furthermore the mouth of this magical beast was also very large, occupying one-third of its head.

“A peak God King realm magical beast? Truly troublesome ah.” Seeing the appearance of this magical beast, Ren Tianyou frowned while thinking.

“Devouring Heaven, this fellow can use space magic, so use your ability to guard against him.” Standing on the head of this magical beast, Amike said.

“Go it, Amike.” Gloomy and cold voice came out from the mouth of Bathing Flame Devouring Sky Beast, then Bathing Flame Devouring Sky Beast ran towards the direction of Ren Tianyou. While running, it opened its mouth, spatting out a huge flame towards Ren Tianyou.

Ren Tianyou directly dodged and landed on the ground far away. After that looking at that huge build of Bathing Flame Devouring Sky Beast, Ren Tianyou bit the thumb of both hands. After that rapidly made a series of hand seals, then both hands heavily slammed down on the ground.

“Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (Summoning Jutsu!)”

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  1. Poor tower at least it’s in another dimension so hopefully no one knows about rhis battle and I hope he wins and collects the corpse for his collection looks like he will need it

  2. If the nation knew he could beat a God lord they’d be sucking up to him even harder
    Thanks for the chapter!

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