In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 277

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IDWWNS, Chapter 277: Intense Battle

Intense Battle

A dark blade appeared in the hand of Amike. This blade was glimmering with chilly radiance that would make people unconsciously feel fear.

And what made Ren Tianyou extremely surprised was those eight pair of blood colored wings that had appeared on the back of Amike. Those wings slowly flapping behind him gave people a kind of unusually evil feeling.

The state of Amike at this moment was called Demonic Wing State in Demon clan. This was the state where Demon clan could display their strongest strength.

The Demon clan and the people of Divine Wind Continent were different. In Divine Wind Continent, everyone rely on their power of blood lineage. Stronger the strength of their blood lineage, that stronger their own strength, and that faster their cultivation speed. Moreover the people of Divine Wind Continent had created unique blood lineage secret skill according to their own blood lineage.

But Demon clan was different. They didn’t have those strange blood lineage as the people of Divine Wind Continent, and their strength and talent rely on their magic wings, for instance Amike’s eight pair of blood colored wings.

The physique of the people of Demon clan and the people of Divine Wind Continent was also different. In their body they possessed a blood colored crystal, which was called Blood Core by the people of Demon clan.

When they cultivates, they absorbs the element power from the atmosphere. And one-third of this absorbed element power would be automatically absorbed by this Blood Core within their body.

This Blood Core could be activated by the people of Demon clan when contending against other people. After people of Demon clan activates this Blood Core within their body, their strength would be instantly increase by additional one-third, simultaneously their Demon wings would appear which shows their strength level.

Low God had three pairs of wings, Mid God had four pairs and so on, and finally God Lord had eight pairs. But after they reach God Emperor, qualitative change would occur, so in place of nine pairs, they would have twelve pairs i.e. twenty-four wings.

This Demonic Wing State of Demon clan was not a secret skill to increase their strength temporarily, rather was their true strongest state, and there was no side effects.

No, there was one shortcoming, which was their overall strength would suddenly increase by one-third, so if their physical body was too weak, then they would not be able to withstand and die by having their body explode.

As a result, Demon clan would unceasingly polish their physical strength when they raise their strength level. This was also why the people of Demon clan had a lot more powerful physical body compared to the people of Divine Wind Continent.

Just like Amike in front of Ren Tianyou, even after directly taking Ren Tianyou’s rasenshuriken head on with only his physical body, let alone die, he didn’t even had any serious injury. This shows the strength of the physical body of Demon clan.


Gently caressing the Demon blade with his left hand, Amike thought aloud, “Baleful Heaven ah Baleful Heaven, you have also not tasted the taste of human blood for a long time, and were lonely for 30,000 years, but today lets us have a good battle.”

Finished speaking, he looked towards far away Ren Tianyou with slight evil smile on his face, and said, “Take a look at God Killing Six Secrets which I, Heaven Sealing Demon God have created.”

Finished speaking, Amike lift up his right hand’s Baleful Haven Demon Blade, then the energy within his body gradually gathered in this blade.

After the gathering of energy in this blade was completed, Amike swung his right hand, and the Baleful Heaven Demon Blade chopped downward, sending out a huge slash which seemed to cut open the sky. And the ground underneath was also split open by this huge slash, creating a huge gully whose bottom couldn’t be seen.

“God Killing Six Secrets, First Form—-Open Heaven!”

This move was merely an extremely simple vertical chop, but after this blade slash appeared, the complexion of Ren Tianyou instantly changed, because he felt as if his own body was firmly locked on by this blade slash, so even if flee to the ends of the earth, he wouldn’t be able to escape from this blade slash attack. As a result other than resisting this move, he was basically powerless to flee.

Ren Tianyou gradually become solemn, then quickly made a series of hand seals, “Mokuton—-Hobi no Jutsu! (Wood Style—-Wood Expulsion Jutsu!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, that wooden shield depicting a devil face underneath Ren Tianyou instantly closed up again, with Ren Tianyou inside its groove.

And just after Ren Tianyou had finished everything, that huge blade slash arrived at Hobi (Wood Expulsion) created by Ren Tianyou. After that this blade slash instantly landed on it, as if it wanted to cut apart this wooden shield.

But Ren Tianyou inside this Hobi no Jutsu (Wood Expulsion Jutsu) was very confidence on this move. One should know that this move once withstood the destructive force of bijudama.

After this blade slash landed above the shield, the huge wooden shield instantly began to shake violently. This blade slash emitted a chilly aura which seemed to want to cut off the wooden shield in front of it.

But this shield however firmly withstood this blade slash attack. And just then, powerful repulsion force appeared from this shield, which directly sent this huge blade slash flying in another direction. After that this blade slash landed on the mountain which was more than ten li away, and this more than 200 meters tall mountain was cut off by this slash.

“Eh? Didn’t expect your this tortoise shell is so hard, since it is like this, let’s give another attack a try.” Seeing his attack was unexpectedly withstood, Amike praised a little.

And inside Hobi no Jutsu (Wood Expulsion Jutsu), a wood clone stood beside Ren Tianyou, and this wood clone had huge wind shuriken in his hand, which was Wind Style—-Rasenshuriken.

“Humph, I, Ren Tianyou don’t have a character of taking a beating without striking back.” The eyes of Ren Tianyou flashed, then his wooden clone instantly disappeared.

And outside, when Amike was just about to attack once again, he suddenly ear piercing sound.

Amike instantly turned around, and saw Ren Tianyou with Rasenshuriken in his hand was attacking towards him.

And before Amike could guard, he was hit, and was directly send flying.

Along with a ‘hong’ loud explosion sound, suddenly a huge crater appeared on the ground with energy storm. After this energy storm dissipated, the figure of Amike could be seen in the middle of this crater.

This moment, Amike was kneeling on the ground on one knee with right hand holding his Baleful Heaven Demon Sword. And red blood was flowing down from the corner of his mouth with cuts all over his body.

Even if their physical body was extremely powerful, if two Rasenshuriken of Ren Tianyou couldn’t cause them any serious injury, then how could it be justifiable? But this move was impossible to use again, as after receiving two Rasenshuriken, Amike would definitely be alert against Ren Tianyou’s Hiraishin no Jutsu.

As the proverb says, give a good thrashing to a dog in water, taking advantage of this time, Ren Tianyou instantly opened Hobi no Jutsu (Wood Expulsion Jutsu), and quickly made a series of hand seals, “Mokuton—-Jukai Kotan! (Wood Style—-Deep Forest Emergence!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, suddenly cracks appeared on the ground around Amike. Shortly afterwards fresh green trees which were full of vitality broke out from the ground, instantly changing the surrounding terrain into the forest. And the Amike was completely surrounded by this trees domain.

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  1. Why the hell did the MC went over there again? This story has no plot. Dumb MC. The translator is great tho

    1. Well you are right about the novels part but i still thought it was too much…But when i saw you complimenting the TN, I thought….”well said!”

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