In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 275

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IDWWNS, Chapter 275: Mokuton—-Hobi no Jutsu (Wood Style—-Wood Expulsion Jutsu)

Mokuton—-Hobi no Jutsu (Wood Style—-Wood Expulsion Jutsu)

“Take this, Dark Light Dragon Roar!” Large amount of black colored magic mist gathered around the body of Amike, then along with the sound of dragon roar, those dark magic mist rapidly changed into five six-headed huge black dragon that rushed towards Ren Tianyou.

“Humph!” Seeing dark magic dragons flying towards him, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly, then began to make a series of hand seals while rapidly circulating chakra inside his body, “Katon—-Goka Mekkyaku! (Fire Style—-Majestic Destroyer Flame!)”

Ren Tianyou lightly bend forward, and took a deep breathe, then spat out a wide range blazing flame from his mouth, which quickly swallowed the incoming dark magic dragons and still continued towards Amike.

And seeing this flame coming towards him, Amike immediately jumped and fly towards the sky, dodging the flame attack. But at that moment, Amike suddenly noticed a shadow above him. So looking above, he saw Ren Tianyou with huge rasengan on his right hand was attacking him from above him.

“What…..!” Seeing the sudden appearance of Ren Tianyou right above him, Amike was started in his heart. And before he could finish speaking, along with the loud roar of Ren Tianyou, that huge rasengan landed on his body.

“Go to hell, Odama Rasengan!”

Along with a ‘hong’ sound, the body of Amike was directly sent flying rapidly downward to the ground by the power of the odama rasengan.

And after attacking Amike with odama rasengan, Ren Tianyou again disappeared, instantly appearing behind the falling Amike, then his right elbow covered in lightning directly landed on the back of Amike.

“Erubo! (Elbow Bolt!)”

Along with a ‘hong’ sound, the body of Amike was again sent flying again. Ren Tianyou used the mark of Hiraishin on the body of Amike to appear beside Amike, and attack him in the midair where he didn’t have any resistance power.

Because of the mysteriousness as well as sudden nature of Hiraishin, Amike was directly hit. But after few times, Amike was gradually reacting. But feeling the pain coming through his body, Amike instantly burst out.

“Roar!” A large amount of magic mist suddenly reappeared around the body of Amike, which changed into energy wave and engulfed the surroundings of all around.

And as Ren Tianyou was caught off the guard, he was also engulfed inside. After that his face become red and spat out a mouthful of blood, then instantly used Hiraishin and disappeared from that place.

Now standing on the ground underneath, Ren Tianyou wiped his blood from the corner of his mouth, and calmed down his unceasingly rolling over and over blood and qi, while solemnly staring at Amike.

After the magic mist gradually dissipated, Amike became visible. Now his figure seems to have grown taller, and his body was emitting a violent aura. Furthermore currently his eyes which were glimmering with red light were firmly staring at Ren Tianyou.

At this moment, Amike extend his arms, and the energy in the atmosphere around rapidly gathered towards his fists. Now his fists were glimmering with dark magic light.

“Wicked human, thoroughly scatter and disappear in this space, Heavenly Domain Demonic Wind Dance!” After Amike finished speaking, he rapidly swung his fists. Then countless black energy balls shot out from his fists, which spread all over the sky, quickly raining down towards Ren Tianyou.

“Not Good!” Seeing this indiscriminately type attack, the pupils of Ren Tianyou firmly shrunk, then he began to rapidly make a series of hand seals while circulating the chakra inside his body.

“Disappear for me!” Amike madly roared. Those countless black colored energy balls which he had shot out from his fists landed on the underneath ground before his eyes, giving rise to the series of loud explosion sound. And Ren Tianyou was thoroughly engulfed within this explosion.

Even so Amike however didn’t stop his movements, he continuously swung his fists for one minutes. The ground around the explosion was already torn to pieces, and due to the large amount of dusts and smoke rising from the ground, the circumstance of the ground underneath was not clearly visible.

“Hu, did that finish him?” Looking at the continuous explosion underneath, Amike stopped his movement. After that breathing out, he firmly stared at the ground underneath for any movement.

After about three minutes, the smoke and dust underneath gradually dissipated, revealing the circumstance inside. But seeing the circumstance underneath, the pupils of Amike firmly shrunk, as he exclaimed in surprise, “This is……?”

Underneath on the ground there was a shield like huge wooden structure. And a huge devil face was carved above this wooden structure.  And this shield was emitting a fresh aura of life.

“What is this?” Seeing this huge wooden shield, Amike was confused. And at that time, ‘ka ka’ sound came from underneath shield and this devil face came apart from the middle, revealing a huge groove inside. And a figure of a person was standing inside it, and that person was naturally Ren Tianyou.

This moment Ren Tianyou was standing there without any injury, and his Sharingan were firmly staring at Amike. And just at this moment, his right eye suddenly got bloodshot.


Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, suddenly a pitch-black colored flame appeared on the shoulder of Amike, and began to burn rapidly.

“Bastard!” Amike felt pain in his shoulder, and what made him frightened the most was, when he used his magical power to extinguish this flame, as if his magical power had become a fuel, this strange black flame burned even more violently.

“Humph!” Amike snorted coldly, then the divinity crystal within his body flashed with black light, releasing a terrifying repulsive force from within his body, which directly shook off Amaterasu from his body.

“Do you think it’s that easy, Enton—-Kagutsuchi! (Inferno Style—-Flame Control!)” Ren Tianyou coldly shouted, directly using Kagutsuchi. After that the flame of Ametarasu which were shaken off from the body of Amike suddenly gathered rapidly, then changing into pitch-black colored fire dragon, it advanced towards Amike.

After experiencing the power of Amaterasu, how could Amike let this flame attach to him again so easily? And without even looking at his already burnt black right arm, he already know that the degree of burn was so serious that right now his right arm was almost useless.

Looking at this black colored fire dragon, Amike directly punched in front with his left hand which contained huge power. Suddenly the space in front of him gave out a ‘ka ka’ cracking sound, and a huge black hole appeared there, which swallowed this fire dragon.

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    1. It’s probably another jutsu Ren Tianyou created. Sounds like an improved version of the Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall, with the face of the Rashomon.

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