In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 273

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IDWWNS, Chapter 273: Returning to Tower of Babel

Returning to Tower of Babel

After Ren Tianyou separated with Bu Feng and Fang Qian, he directly went to Supreme Feilu Empire. Now he didn’t have any matter to attend, so Ren Tianyou intend to return back to Supreme Light Academy and take a look at his those friends.

After returning back to Supreme Light Academy, Ren Tianyou continuously remained undercover in the dark. After all his current identity was different, so if he appeared directly, then it might very probably bring disaster to Luo Tianxing and others close friends.

Currently he had only few friends, but there were many enemies in this continent. No need to talk about others, although he had already exterminated Ximen clan, but Ren Tianyou didn’t believe that he had completely annihilate everyone with Ximen bloodline leaving none behind.

Right now Luo Tianxing and others had already advanced to high grade of the academy. And Long Luoluo this small beauty of those years had also already grown up and had a curvy figure.

Seeing them, Ren Tianyou who was concealed in the dark slightly relaxed. As long as they were happy, it’s good for him.

After that Ren Tianyou immediately left, and came to the secret chamber of the headmaster’s office, intending to enter Tower of Babel again.

Ren Tianyou still remembered his circumstance of last time inside Tower of Babel of how he was poked flying with a single finger of that mysterious Demon clan. So with regarding to that mysterious Demon clan, Ren Tianyou was quite curious.

Before his strength was insufficient, but now he could use Wood style, and his Sharingan had already advanced to Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, so this time he wanted to investigate again.

Along with the spiral shaped space ripple, Ren Tianyou appeared inside the secret chamber, where Magic Transfer Formation was located.

Last time when Ren Tianyou entered here, he had stealthily used his Sharingan to record the hand gesture required to activate this formation.

Ren Tianyou immediately threw out few magic core which directly entered inside the grooves by the side of this formation. After that he immediately activate this magic formation.

As the radiance disappeared, that towering Tower of Babel appeared in front of his eyes. Even though he had already seen it once, but after facing this Tower of Babel once again, Ren Tianyou felt deep shock as before.

Ren Tianyou took a deep breathe, the directly entered the Tower of Babel. Along with the dissipation of radiance, a barren desert appeared in front of Ren Tianyou.

“There is no time to waste here, I should go straight to the second floor.” Looking at environment all around him, Ren Tianyou directly used kamui and entered into the second floor. He appeared at the place where he had killed Demon clan at that time.

The mountain that originally used to there had already changed into huge crater by his Rasenshuriken of at that time. And he could sense that the seals all around had already become extremely weak.

“It seems the matter Vermilion Bird’s Mother said regarding the Demon clan invasion after two years was not wrong. The power of seals inside this Tower of Babel is clearly weakened. And it seems the seals sealing Demon clan within this tower is also on the verge of breaking. If it goes on like this, then Divine Wind Continent is going to suffer a huge calamity very soon.” Ren Tianyou carefully looked all around, and discovering the seals all around were already very weak, he thought inside his heart.


And in the ninth floor of this this Tower of Babel, from inside the incomparably dark cave, suddenly a muffled sound resounded, “The aura of that human of three years ago, didn’t expect you would dare to step foot here after three years. This time I will thoroughly bury you here.”

After this voice resounded, suddenly a huge space fissure appeared in the middle of that cave. After that terrifying aura spread out from inside this cave.


And when Ren Tianyou was carefully scanning all around, he suddenly sensed huge energy fluctuation from above his head, which instantly attracted the eyes of Ren Tianyou.

In the sky above his head, the space suddenly scattered, and a huge black hole appeared. From inside this black hole, a huge finger quickly poked towards Ren Tianyou.

“Humph, do you really think I am still the same person of three years ago whom you can wilfully bully and humiliate?” Seeing very quickly approaching finger which was covered with powerful aura, Ren Tianyou coldly snorted, then with his Sharingan spinning rapidly and large amount of eye power gushing out, suddenly a huge purple ash colored skeleton appeared around him, which formed into a giant Demon God, and completely surrounded the body of Ren Tianyou.

“Come, let me see how strong your power is.” Looking at that incoming finger, Ren Tianyou thought, then the huge hands of Susanoo directly caught that finger.

When both side came into contact, a loud thundering sound resounded, and the space around as if about to break violently shook, and huge energy fluctuation spread in all direction, completely destroying the mountains around him.

As for Ren Tianyou, he only felt the instant depletion of huge amount of eye power, and the ground beneath him also broke, causing the ground beneath him to sink three meters down.

“Humph, is your strength only at this level?” Stopping the sudden attack, Ren Tianyou inside the Susanoo coldly snorted. Shortly afterwards in the sky above, suddenly a shadow of a person appeared. This was the shadow clone of Ren Tianyou. This shadow clone began to jump high in the air towards the finger with giant Rasengan in his right hand.

“Go to hell, Odama Rasengan!” The shadow clone of Ren Tianyou shouted loudly, as the huge rasengan on his right hand directly hit this finger. But what made Ren Tianyou surprised was, his odama rasengan was not able to injure this finger in the slightest.

“This truly is sturdy enough.” The shadow clone of Ren Tianyou was dumbfounded, but in the place where he had hit just a moment ago, a black colored mysterious rune appeared which immediately hid itself.

At this time, from inside this black hole, suddenly a coldly snorting sound resounded. After that this finger suddenly glimmered with large amount of black colored magic mist, giving rise to a powerful energy fluctuation, which caused this finger to shook free from the grip of Ren Tianyou’s Susanoo, furthermore his shadow clone directly changed into white colored smoke and disappeared.

And just when this finger wanted to continue to make yet another move, the golden energy runes which had appeared last time to save him suddenly appeared again, and advanced towards that black hole.

“Roar, damn it, this broken tower, wait until I break out from this seal, then I will definitely crush you to pieces.” Suddenly a loud painful roar come out from this black hole, then that finger disappeared with that black hole. And that golden runes also concealed itself in the midair.

“Hu….., you damned fellow, I will show you that I, Ren Tianyou also isn’t a person whom you could bully as you wish.” While floating in the air, the Susanoo around him slowly disappeared. After that he extend his right hand and quickly circulated the chakra within his body. Then along with a sharp ear-piercing sound, a huge wind shuriken appeared in his hand.

“Be ready to accept my big gift.” The eyes of Ren Tianyou flashed with stern countenance, and his body instantly disappeared from that location.

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