In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 271

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IDWWNS, Chapter 271: Heart of the Strong

Ren Tianyou naturally knew that if he want to take away Bu Feng then it would be okay, but if he want to take away Fang Qian too, then this Ji Ruyue would definitely bar his way, so Ren Tianyou had immediately used  Hiraishin no Jutsu to take away both of them without giving her any time to react.

Although doing this might thoroughly offend Light Temple, but would Ren Tianyou care about that? Perhaps what our forefathers had spoken was correct, gathering one more friend is better compared to one more enemy, but Ren Tianyou would always do things only by the virtue of his own heart. If you hesitate in doing anything you want, as well as consider whether you will offend someone or not while doing so, then you will lose the Heart of the Strong forever.

The strong should march forward courageously, no matter what obstructs his path forward, as long as it was obstructing the path forward, he must sweep clean everything completely. Although in the process, he might encounter the resentment of many people as well as he might also offend many people, but with his current strength, why would he fear those things.

Just like Uchiha Madara, for the sake of his Mugen Tsukuyomi (Infinite Tsukuyomi) plan, he alone faced entire ninja world, and showed disdain for entire ninja allied forces. This was the momentum of the strong. No matter whether the matter you were doing was right or wrong, and afterwards whether you become Buddha or Devil, you must not abandon the Heart of the Strong, because this was the most important thing of the strong.

And now in Divine Wind Continent, other than his very few friends, Ren Tianyou feared remaining all others weren’t fond of him, but he didn’t care about those things. He only needs to persist in his own true intention throughout the journey. Even if the entire continent become his enemy one day, he will never hesitate to do what he wanted.

Ren Tianyou had studied this strength in his body, and also didn’t waste this good karma bestowed by heaven. But if he cower and become scared in everything he do, then how could he be worthy of this power within his body.

First no need to talk about the characters of Naruto, in ancient Chinese Martial Arts mythology, who didn’t persist on their Heart of the Strong to become strong heroic figure?

[T.L: **Two paragraph below might be spoiler of ‘Demigods and Semi-Devils’ and ‘Fanyun Fuyu’ novels, so read it on your own discretion.]

Qiao Feng of Demigods and Semi-Devils, for the sake of his loved person A’Zhu, he alone proceed to JuXian Villa which could be called dragon’s pool and a tiger’s den. Then alone with his heroic spirit and powerful strength, he confronted all the martial arts experts there. Here did he became timid and shrunk back? [T.L: I haven’t read this ‘Demigods and Semi-Devils’ novel, so I don’t know whether this is correct or not.]

Xieling (Evil Spirits) Li Rouhai of ‘Fanyun Fuyu’, for the sake of his disciple Feng Xinglie, in front of Yingfeng Gorge, by himself confronted at that time’s foremost expert Pang Ban. At that time he used his remaining life force to fully use his strongest unique skill LiaoYuanBai attack to inflict serious damage on Pang Ban. Although he died and had his soul dissipated in the end, but at that time Li Rouhai was fully aware of him surely dying, but did he shrunk back? [T.L: I haven’t read this ‘Fanyun Fuyu’ novel too, so I don’t know whether this is correct or not.]

The most important thing for the strong was not powerful strength, rather their Heart of the Strong. No matter how much difficulty lied ahead, one shouldn’t lose Heart of the Strong, they must persist in their true intention and meet difficulty face to face without hesitation even if one had to die ten thousands death.


Ren Tianyou took Bu Feng and Fang Qian and used Hiraishin to fly to far away mountain top which was several kilometers away from the city. After stabilizing their body, Ren Tianyou tossed antidote towards Bu Feng and said, “First neutralize the poison within your body.”

“Thanks a lot!” Bu Feng took the antidote, and thanked him. But just at this moment, suddenly a strong holy light flashed from the body of Fang Qian, and along with a large amount of beads of sweats on her face, she gave out a groan of anguish.

“What’s going on?” Seeing the sudden change of Fang Qian, Ren Tianyou curiously asked.

“Not good, the restriction within Qian’er’s body is flaring up!” Seeing the reaction of Fang Qian, Bu Feng immediately said anxiously, then immediately took out that pearl emitting soft holy light and handed over to Fang Qian. “Qian’er, this is Heavenly Holy Law Pearl, quickly use it to remove that restriction within your body.”

“Okay, Little Feng.” Fang Qian resisted the severe pain she was feeling within her body with great difficulty, and took Heavenly Holy Law Pearl Bu Feng was giving, then immediately poured her magical power within her body to this Heavenly Holy Law Pearl. Suddenly this Pearl slowly rise up in the air and finally floated above the head of Fang Qian. And a pure white holy light emitted by this Law Pearl poured onto her, immediately after that her painful expression slowly reduced, finally reverting back to tranquil.

Seeing Fang Qian was already becoming fine slowly, Bu Feng was slightly relieved, then taking in the antidote of God Shackling Water, he sat cross-legged, starting his breathing technique.

And as for Ren Tianyou, he sat on a rock faraway, placed Uchiha Round Fan beside him, then took out a bottle of Sky Fragrant Alcohol from his space ring, and began to drink while waiting for the recovery of Bu Feng and Fang Qian.

After nearly half an hour, Bu Feng slowly opened his eyes, and as for Fang Qian, right now she had already entered the final juncture to thoroughly suppress the restriction within her body with the help of Heavenly Holy Law Pearl’s power.

Bu Feng stood up and glanced at Fang Qian. After discovering there wasn’t any problem with her, he walked over to Ren Tianyou, then said, “Many thanks for your help of this time, if it was not for your help, I would have really died in regret.”

“No need to thank me, you are also a member of my Akatsuki, so how can I watch you getting bullied?” After drinking a mouthful of wine, Ren Tianyou slowly said to Bu Feng.

“When did I become the member of your organization?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, the complexion of Bu Feng stagnated, and asked confusedly.

“Before in Light Temple, you personally admitted you were member of my organization, why, do you want to go back on your word and say you hadn’t admitted in less than half hour?” The corner of the mouth of Ren Tianyou slightly bend upward, flashing a smile of having his scheme succeed.

“But that was an expedient measure. I didn’t agree to join your organization.” Bu Feng roared towards Ren Tianyou with his face filled with black lines. “I, Bu Feng yearn to be truly unrestraint. In this life of mine, I only want to pass a free life together with Fang Qian, as for everything else, I don’t care. So I cannot join your organization.”

“This is not up to you to decide.” Ren Tianyou ignored Bu Feng, merely drank alcohol minding his own business.

At this time, Fang Qian already got rid of that restriction within her body. Henceforth her freedom was completely restored, no longer under the control of Light Temple. Furthermore to the surprise of Ren Tianyou, the strength of Fang Qian was unexpectedly Peak-Mid God realm, and soon she would be advancing to High-God realm. No wonder Light Temple was bent on controlling her, the power of her blood lineage was terrifyingly powerful.

“Little Wind, what are you talking about?” Fang Qian stood up and walked over to Bu Feng and asked with a smile.

“Nothing, Qian’er. This time we were able to come off unscathed because of his selfless aid, so we must properly thank him.” Bu Feng held Fang Qian, then pointing at Ren Tianyou sitting on the rock, he said, and especially placed particular weight on the word ‘selfless’.

“This time thanks to the help of this noble son, I and Little Feng come off unscathed, and I was also able to get back my freedom.”  Fang Qian slight bowed to Ren Tianyou, and sincerely thanked him.

He he, no need to thank me, I also didn’t help you for free, so I want to receive a remuneration.” Ren Tianyou looked at Bu Feng, as his eyes were flashing with smile.

“Remuneration? What remuneration?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Fang Qian confusedly asked.

But at that time, before Ren Tianyou could answer Fang Qian, Bu Feng said, “We already thanked you, if you have any difficulties in the future, then I will definitely not look on with folded arm, but wanting me to join your organization is impossible. Now our talk is finished, Qing’er hold onto me tightly, we are leaving.”

Finished speaking, Bu Feng grabbed Fang Qian’s right hand, and after saying her to hold him tightly, under the surprise gaze of hers, his body directly glimmered with dim starlight, which surrounded both of them, then they instantly disappeared.

But Ren Tianyou still continued to sit on the rock while slowly drinking alcohol, as if he didn’t care about Bu Feng leaving. After that with his Sharingan slowly spinning, he muttered, “In this world there is no free lunch, you Bu Feng is someone I kept thinking about for three years, and I had already given you a position in Akatsuki three years ago, so do you think I will let you go easily like this?”

“Don’t want to join my organization? Then I will beat you until you join my organization. Let’s see whether you can run away from me or not?” Ren Tianyou slowly muttered, while quietly drinking alcohol. After nearly 10 minutes, he completely drank a bottle of alcohol, then he said, “Now it’s time to take action.”

Finished speaking, he immediately disappeared from that location, leaving behind empty bottle of alcohol.

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  1. Beat down both, he only ever beat up Vermillion Bird, Jade maiden, his sister when killing her and the Dark domain girl when it came to females, can’t even remember him killing any females, maybe among the mobs

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