In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 269

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IDWWNS, Chapter 269: Poison


Bu Feng sat by the side of Fang Qian, lightly sighed in relief and began to slowly relax his tense body.

And Fang Qian got up from the bed, then walked into the room, took out a teapot and cups. After that pouring the tea into the cup, she gave it to Bu Feng.

“Hu, I’m really thirsty. Because those damned wretches kept on pestering me for so long, I am really going to die due to thirst.” Taking the tea cup given to him by Fang Qian, he directly drained the cup in one gulp. Then seeing Fang Qian was only staring at him blankly, Bu Feng asked in wonder, “Qian’er, how come you are not drinking?”

“I’m not drinking this tea.” Holding the teacup on her hand, and unceasingly rotating the teacup, the beautiful eyes of Fang Qian kept on staring Bu Feng with a slight smile on her sexy lips hidden under her veil. “This tea is poisoned, so how can I drink it?”

“Poisoned? Qing’er, why are you making such joke, we should quickly………..” Hearing Fang Qian, Bu Feng was slightly annoyed, and a little bit angrily spoke, then he planned to stand up and help Fang Qian remove the restriction within her body.

But just after he stood up, he suddenly had a powerless feeling within her body, and powerlessly fell down on the floor. Within the body of Bu Feng, a black colored mist was firmly latching on his that powerful Stars battle qi, making him unable to use even a bit of his strength.

“This……this tea was really…..really poisoned?” Powerlessly tumbling on the floor, he looked at that the teacup he had just drunk tea with eyes full of disbelief expression, then slowly raise his head to look towards Fang Qian sitting in front of him, and asked.

“Yes, it really is poisoned.” Fang Qian nodded her head. Then looking at Bu Feng’s that disbelief expression while still spinning the teacup in her hand, she slowly opened her mouth, “The poison inside this tea is called Shackling God Water. Even the power of God’s domain expert is firmly sealed once he/she took in this poison, unless you are God Lord realm expert.”

“You……why did you do this Qian’er?” Hearing the indifferent voice of Fang Qian, and seeing her narrating the matter of her poisoning him was just an ordinary matter, Bu Feng felt strange, strangely fearful and strangely heartache.

“It’s very simple. That is because I don’t want to leave Light Temple.” Fang Qian said without any hesitation. “In these past few years I thought something, what is not good here, as a Holy Maiden of Light Temple, I can say that I am under one person and above ten thousands, and now I possess wealth and rank which was basically impossible for me to achieve before.”

“But if I leave with you, all of these things will also leave me forever. I will never possess them again. Furthermore at that time, I will have to face the endless pursuit of Light Temple together with you. Perhaps at that time, I might even get killed. Since it is like that, why on earth do I want to leave with you, leaving behind all these things to only get hunted down with you?”

“So you poisoned the tea.” Hearing Fang Qian, Bu Feng pointed at his teacup and said with sarcasm.

“Yes, only after you die, my past will be thoroughly cut off. No one will remember my dark past and I will always have everything of now.” The words of Fang Qian just like sharp sword directly stabbed the heart of Bu Feng. After hearing the words of Fang Qian, the complexion of Bu Feng slowly become red, shortly afterwards he spat out a mouthful of blood on the floor.

“Ha ha, I truly am stupid, truly am a biggest stupid under the heaven. My lover found, our eight years of overcoming trials and tribulations together unexpectedly inferior to the few years living here, truly ironic ah, ironic as large as the heavens ah, ha ha……ha ha……….” Bu Feng sat on the floor paralyzed, and spitting mouthful of blood, he looked towards the heaven and laughed loudly, while speaking in grieved and desolate manner.

And seeing Bu Feng who was filled with despair, a struggling expression appeared in the eyes of Fang Qian, as if she wanted to stand up and walk over to Bu Feng, but at that moment, an obscure radiance flashed on her body, and the struggling expression within her eyes gradually disappeared which was replaced by cold and detached expression.

“You can go to Death God’s place to wail mournfully.” Fang Qian stood up and walked over to the front of Bu Feng, then took out a sharp dagger and pointed towards Bu Feng.

“Ha ha, kill me with your own hand.” Seeing that sharp dagger in the hand of Fang Qian as well as that indifferent expression on her face, Bu Feng shed two drops of tears, and slowly closing his eyes, he said.

“Then you can go to hell.” Hearing Bu Feng, Fang Qian indifferently said. Then she swung the dagger without the slightest hesitation stabbing towards the chest of Bu Feng.

But just then, a wind breaking sound suddenly resounded, then ‘dang’ the metal colliding sound rang out. The dagger of Fang Qian was suddenly hit by a concealed weapon and was sent flying. After that along with “peng”, “peng” two sounds, the dagger of Fang Qian stuck into the floor, and not too far away from it, a kunai with runes written on its handle stuck on the floor.

“Who?” Fang Qian felt numb in her right hand, then looking towards the origin of kunai, she coldly said. And hearing the movements, Bu Feng who was waiting for his death opened his eyes and also looked towards the origin of kunai.

“Before you want to kill this fellow, you should first ask me whether I agree with it or not.” On the side window of this pavilion, Ren Tianyou dressed in Akatsuki organization’s clothing sat there. And while boringly scraping his finger with kunai, he indifferently said.

“Who are you? This is the place of our Light Temple, did you come to wrong place, Sire? Furthermore if we Light Temple want to kill someone, it is not your stranger’s turn to intervene.” Seeing Ren Tianyou sitting on the window who had suddenly appeared, Fang Qian coldly said.

“Didn’t expect the person rescuing me this time is you.” Seeing the sudden appearance of Ren Tianyou, Bu Feng said ridiculing to himself.

“I say old man, aren’t you going to come out yet? How long are you planning to control this girl using illusion?” Ignoring both Bu Feng and Fang Qian, Ren Tianyou raised his head and firmly stared at the screen within the room while his Sharingan were slowly spinning.

“What?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Bu Feng was shocked all of a sudden. His eyes were filled with pleasantly surprise as well as unexpected expression looking towards Fang Qian.

“You…..what are you talking about? Come………” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Fang Qian suddenly panicked, and her body flashed with obscured white light.

“Humph!” Ren Tianyou coldly snorted, and waved his right hand. Then the kunai immediately shot towards that screen rapidly, but when that kunai was about to hit that screen, a white light suddenly burst out from inside the screen, hitting the kunai.

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  1. I knew it. She is drugging him! Or not,since she is under control of another. 😅

    Thank you for the chapters.

  2. *sigh* and when I thought we finally get to see a betrayal….the author just didn’t know what to do….

  3. Greatest tragedy in the story is still Ren killing himself by throwing tea since he didn’t get his naruto

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