In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 268

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IDWWNS, Chapter 268: The past of Bu Feng

The past of Bu Feng

The target of Bu Feng was unexpectedly still the center of the Light city, but the goal of this time was no longer imperial palace, rather Light Holy Church next to imperial palace.

This moment Bu Feng was standing at one corner of a street, and secretly watching the church in front of him which was glimmering with pale holy light. Within this church, holy light was constantly circulating, making it full of a kind of incomparably holy and pure aura.

“Right now Qian Longguang and other three are already drawn out by me, and it’s impossible for them to return here within next half an hour. Although there are still unknown experts inside here, but as long as I am a bit more careful, it is very unlikely for me to encounter any mishap.” Looking at that huge church, Bu Feng slowly thought, then along with a dim starlight surrounding his body, he disappeared from there.

And just after Bu Feng disappeared from that place, suddenly a spiral shaped space ripple appeared on the place where he was standing, then Ren Tianyou walked out from inside that space ripple. Then seeing Bu Feng had disappeared, Ren Tianyou frowned, “The aura inside that place is making me feel stifling, and the strength of person inside there is at least not any weaker than the strength of Dragon Emperor. So isn’t this Bu Feng being excessively reckless entering there?”

“Forget it, no matter how, Bu Feng this fellow must have some kind of insurance, if the worst comes to the worst then I will also cause havoc inside, who can stop me in doing so.” After thinking this, Ren Tianyou used kamui without slightest hesitation sneaking into Holy Light Church.

Bu Feng seemed to be very familiar with the interior of Holy Light Church. He passed by one team of Holy Knights after another throughout the way, quickly going towards the west side of Holy Light Temple without being noticed by anyone.

Nearly after ten minutes, Bu Feng arrived at the side of a beautiful pavilion. This pavilion was covered with fine decorative patterns, and emitted a pure and fresh aura, clearly a place for female to reside. Furthermore from those entire team of Golden knights guarding out this pavilion as well as the level of this pavilion’s elegance, the identity of the person residing inside this pavilion was definitely not low. But for what purpose did Bu Feng come here?

Looking at this pavilion, the eyes of Bu Feng who was hidden in the dark showed a trace of warmth, then without hesitating, his body changed into starlight and quietly go straight to the top floor of this pavilion.

On the top floor of this pavilion, a woman garbed in princess clothing with veil covering her face was quietly sitting there. Although her facial features couldn’t be seen clearly because of veil, but from her that curvy figure, she was definitely an extremely beautiful woman.

At this time, this quietly sitting cross-legged woman slowly opened her those beautiful eyes, looking towards outside the window. At that moment, afterimage which couldn’t be seen with naked eyes flashed from outside the window and appeared in front of her.

When this figure same to stop, looking carefully, if not Bu Feng then who else could it be. As it turned out he however had come here for this woman.

“Qian’er, I came, this time I’ll definitely take you away from here.” After standing firmly, Bu Feng quickly walked over to the front of this woman and impatiently said.

“Little Feng, you should know about that restriction within my body. It is impossible for me to leave this Holy Light Temple. I can only be part of this place as long as I live, and stay here throughout my life. I am unable to go anywhere.” Seeing Bu Feng in front of her, the eyes of this woman called Qing’er flashed with a trace complex emotion which couldn’t be perceived by other people, and slowly said.

“Ha ha, you don’t need to worry about that restriction anymore, look, what is this?” Hearing this woman and seeing her grieved and heartbroken expression, Bu Feng laughed, then took out that exquisite box which he had obtained after untold hardships from within Holy Hall Pavilion. And after opening it, a pearl emitting pure white colored soft holy light appeared before their eyes.

“Heavenly Holy Law Pearl!” Seeing this pearl, this woman immediately cried out in alarm.

“Yes, this is Heavenly Holy Law Pearl, with it we can undo the restriction within your body, and you will no longer be subjected to the restriction of those damned wretches.” Bu Feng smiled gently, and said to that women in a gently and soft voice.

The name of this woman was Fang Qian, was this generation’s Holy Maiden of Light Temple. And this pavilion where she was living was Holy Maiden Pavilion, was the place where successive generation of Holy Maiden resides.

And when it comes to why Fang Qian and Bu Feng knew each other, that was because they were grown up together from childhood. During the time of their childhood, the parents of both of them died due to war, leaving behind them two to depend on each other for survival from childhood.

After Bu Feng and Fang Qian lost their parents in their childhood, both of them depend on each other for survival. While leading a vagrant life in the continent, both of them already had feeling for each other and had vowed to be together in this life.

But fate played a joke with them, when they were thirteen years old, while they were roaming about imperial capital Radiance city of Light Empire, a passing by Red Robbed Cardinal accidently saw her and this Red Robbed Cardinal immediately became incomparably excited.

As it turned out, the blood lineage of Fang Qian was unexpectedly High-Saint rank blood lineage ‘Heavenly Saint blood lineage’ which was extremely rare, so much that not even one among ten thousands possessed it. And this blood lineage was not one of but the most supreme blood lineage of Light system. It was so because once one was able to bring out to play the highest power of this blood lineage, as well as entered the realm of High-True God in strength, at that time, cooperating with Light Temple’s special secret magic, there would be a great possibility to enhance this blood lineage to God ranked blood lineage.

In Divine Wind Continent, one might well say the power of blood lineage was extremely important, but throughout the entire history of Divine Wind Continent, as well as among the ancient hundred clan of continent, the people possessing Saint ranked blood lineage were not small number, but there was not a single person who possessed God-ranked blood lineage.

There was only one rank gap between Saint ranked blood lineage and God ranked blood lineage, but this single gap however was just like a single bound to reach the heaven, such big gap, one might well say this gap was as far apart as heaven and earth.

Within a same rank, a person possessing God ranked blood lineage would be equal to thousand, which means even when he/she had to battle against thousand same raked people with Peak Saint ranked blood lineage, he/she would not be in any disadvantage. This shows the frightening aspect of God ranked blood lineage.

It was said that thousands upon thousands years ago, seven people of Ancient 100 clan possessed God ranked blood lineage. But this only a legend, no one know whether this was true or false. As a result after seeing Fang Qian, this Red Robbed Cardinal as if big bad wolf saw Little Red Riding Hood, immediately forcibly took Fang Qing away, and made her Holy Maiden of Light Temple.

But because Fang Qian was bent on escaping and was unwilling to be Holy Maiden, the people of Light Temple planted a restriction within her body, which was once Fang Qian left the premises of Holy Light Church, the restriction within her body would flare up, causing her whole body to be surrounded with intense holy light, making her feel unbearable pain.

And from that moment, Bu Feng secretly hated Light Temple. And by a lucky coincidence, he also activated his blood lineage. And since the time he start his career, with regarding to assassinating mission of Light Temple, as long as it was within his limits, he would accept all of them without any hesitation. He wanted to retaliate, retaliate against Light Temple. This was also the reason why Bu Feng and Light Temple had bad relation.

And even after his speed reached great success, he didn’t sneak into here, because he knew about that restriction within the body of Fang Qian. This restriction was placed by current generation Holy Emperor—-Qian Longguang by using a secret magic. So he was basically powerless and also didn’t have any means to undo it.

But not long before, he unexpectedly heard that a Heavenly Holy Law Pearl was kept within the imperial palace of Radiance city. This Heavenly Holy Law Pearl was a treasure successfully condensed after successive generation Holy Emperor of Light Temple integrate the Power of Faith they had absorbed and holy element within their body. And it could remove any restriction of light system. This was also the reason why Bu Feng had risked his life without any hesitation to steal this Heavenly Holy Law Pearl. But the sudden appearance of Ren Tianyu was outside his expectation, but fortunately Ren Tianyou failed to stop him.

As a matter of fact, he was also already aware of the mechanism inside the groove, but he had deliberately activated them to attract the experts of Light Temple.

And after confronting with those four experts, Bu Feng again deliberately lowered his speed, so that they could keep up with him. And after flying like that for one hour, he had already led all of them far away from Radiance city, so he use Chasing Star Skill to throw them off, then return back within only 15 minutes. This shows how fast the speed of Bu Feng was.

And after four experts had already drawn away from here, Bu Feng returned back hurriedly, and immediately came to rescue his beloved.

“Okay, Little Feng, first wait a bit, I will pour you a glass of tea. And while you rest, I will use Heavenly Holy Law Pearl to get rid of the restriction within my body.” Seeing this law pearl, the eyes of Fang Qian flashed with indescribable expression, then she stood up and said to Bu Feng. But Bu Feng didn’t notice this expression change of Fang Qian.

“That’s good, Qian’er, you should hurry, I fear those old fellows will come back very soon. I ran so long, so I truly am a bit thirsty.” Bu Feng nodded his head, and said to Fang Qian.

“En, okay.” Fang Qian nodded her head, turn around and go to make a tea for Bu Feng.

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