In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 265

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IDWWNS, Chapter 265: Great Holy Light Stars Formation

Great Holy Light Stars Formation

Bu Feng took advantage of his that extreme speed to directly stride across this 200 meters of distance bypassing those guards in front of door, and entered the palace.

And all of this was seen only by Ren Tianyou. After Bu Feng entered into imperial palace, Ren Tianyou also followed closely behind him using kamui to enter inside. He wanted to understand, in the end why was Bu Feng taking such a great risks to come to Light Empire.

After Bu Feng entered into the palace, he saw a luxurious buildings in front of him. The magnificent palace, clear pond, pavilion located above this pond, everything brought about a kind of rich, noble and beautiful feeling. And therein a number of guards in patrol, as well as personnel dressed in palace dress were walking.

As for Bu Feng, he completely ignored everything before his eyes. After entering the imperial palace, first he found a safe place to hide himself, then after observing for a little while, he directly dashed quickly towards the south.

All along the way, Bu Feng took the advantage of his extremely fast speed, and avoided teams after teams of guards. This didn’t mean that the defense of the palace was too weak, rather the speed of Bu Feng was too fast.

If Bu Feng displayed his full speed, then the naked eyes of ordinary people was basically unable to catch his figure. Even if he passed right before their eyes, they would very probably not have any reaction.

One might well say that the speed of Bu Feng was unrivalled under the heaven. Even Ren Tianyou himself who took pride in his speed had no choice but to feel ashamed of his inferiority. So how could these people notice Bu Feng?

Bu Feng hurriedly ran all the way to a building which looked like a tower.

After that hiding on the roof of a building, Bu Feng quietly looked at underneath courtyard’s that heavily guarded tower shape building.

This building was nearly 15 meters tall, and was separated into 9 floors. Each floor had a fan shaped window. Outside of these fan shaped windows had eaves made up of tiles. And above the eaves of every floor, there was seven or eight guards with spear in their hand.

And at the bottom of this building, there was one tall and big entrance door, and this door was firmly locked with huge magic padlock. Moreover this building was guarded by innumerable guards.

So in order to enter this building, first no need to mention about that magic padlock of this door, merely wishing to open that fan shaped huge iron gate unnoticed under the gaze of those nearly 1000 guards and enter inside was basically impossible.

The only way to enter inside without being discovered was to enter from the fan shaped window of the ninth floor. But that was also a very difficult thing. Ordinary person were basically powerless to accomplish that.

But how could Bu Feng be an ordinary person, he had also already discovered that only way to enter. He stood on the roof while looking at this huge building with a smile on his face. After that with a cyan colored radiance rising from his body, he instantly disappeared from that location.

And on the building not too far away from this location, Ren Tianyou stood there indifferently looking at the movement of Bu Feng. And when Bu Feng changed into cyan light and disappeared, he instantly raised his head and looked towards the sky.

And in the line of sight of Ren Tianyou, Bu Feng’s figure was rapidly rising high up in the sky. After flying higher than the building in front of him, he instantly flew ahead, then landed on the highest location of this building without being noticed by anyone.

After stabilizing his body, Bu Feng quickly crouched, then taking cover, he looked around. He saw those six guards were standing separately in each corner while guarding. Moreover every one of them were 2 meters away from window.

And after seeing all these guards were looking outside, Bu Feng didn’t hesitate, he immediately stood up and quietly descended to the roof beam underneath, then pushing open the window, he directly entered inside.

And seeing Bu Feng had entered inside, Ren Tianyou slightly frowned, “This fellow took a lot of trouble, and faced such great danger to come here, so it is very unlikely for his goal to be just stealing things inside.”

This place was obvious in a first look. With large number of troops guarding, furthermore with this building style, it was unsuitable for people to reside, so this place should be the concealed treasure-house or such thing of imperial clan.

“No matter what, it will be clear after going in and taking a look.” Ren Tianyou shook his head, and no longer guessed randomly. After that along with the spiral shaped space ripple from his right eye, he disappeared from that location.

And this moment Bu Feng who was inside the building had bitter complexion. Currently he was standing at roof beam while looking melancholy, and he faintly heaved a sigh, “Those damned wretches of Light Temple really thought very meticulously, actually setting up Great Holy Light Stars Formation, if it was not for the case of me being very careful, I would have actually fallen in this trap.

This moment in the attic underneath, other than empty space as well as wall portraying those mysterious runes, there was nothing. But right below this attic, there was a high platform with a groove. And inside this groove, there was one exquisite small wooden box.

But although right now this attic was empty as well as naked eyes basically couldn’t see any problem, but it however conceal deadly danger.

This moment, the eyes of Bu Feng was shining with misty starlight, and in his vision, in the originally empty attic, suddenly countless transparent rays appeared, covering the entire buildings without any pattern as if spider webs.

“These really are extinction rays send out by Great Holy Light Stars Formation. Those damned wretches of Light Temple really are sinister, one can say this move is really a clever move. It seems afterwards when I fight with you, I really need to be more careful. Perhaps at that time you might do something sinister too.” Seeing those thickly dotted rays which couldn’t be seen with naked eyes, cold sweat appeared on the forehead of Bu Feng as he mumbled.

Just as Bu Feng had done, if someone dares to have any idea to enter this building, then after discovering it won’t work from below, all of them would choose to enter from window, entering inside this attic.

Furthermore when they entered this attic after great effort and untold hardships, they would absolutely relax a bit. And coupled with the extinction rays released by this Great Holy Light Stars Formation being completely transparent which couldn’t be see with the naked eyes, absolute majority of them would directly jump down, and die without a place for burial because of these extinction rays.

When it comes to this extinction rays, all living things that possessed life must not touch it. This extinction rays contains exterminating power which extinguish all life. Once a person touch this extinction ray, then the exterminating power contained within extinction ray would instantly destroy that person’s life, instantly killing that person, even God King realm experts were no exception to this.

Although this extinction ray was powerful, but setting up the Great Holy Light Stars Formation containing extinction rays however was also not easy. This Great Holy Light Stars Formation required three Peak-God King realm Light system cultivator’s divinity crystal as energy core, then nine Peak-True God realm Light system cultivator’s divinity crystal as supplementary, only then this Great Holy Light Stars Formation could be set up.

And for Light Temple to pay such heavy price to set up this Great Holy Light Stars Formation in this place shows that the thing contained inside that wooden box which was located underneath the attic was not simple.

“Heihei, although the means of you Light Temple is sufficiently strong, but I, Bu Feng is also not weak. Although this Great Holy Light Stars Formation is powerful, but it is still not enough to stop I, Lightning Speed Bu Feng.” After observing the extinction rays underneath by the means of his Stars blood lineage, Bu Feng smiled with disdain while standing up on that roof beam.

After that he waved his right hand, causing countless pure white feathers which was identical in color with the clothing he was wearing to float in the air. After that these feathers slowly floated downwards.

While these pure white feathers were falling down, some seemed to have encounter something and these light feathers immediately got deposited above it. And when all the feathers stopped in the sky, silk threads made up of countless feathers became visible within the attic.

Although this extinction ray was powerful, it nevertheless also had a weak point, which was it was only effective to living bodies, and it basically didn’t have any effect on non-living things. So Bu Feng directly used these feathers to make these originally transparent extinction rays visible.

“Now this extinction rays is completely visible in my eyes, next is the time for me, Bu Feng to fully display my capabilities.” Seeing Great Holy Light Stars Formation was already visible, Bu Feng clenched his hands, then directly jumped down vertically.

After Bu Feng passed first extinction rays, less than 30 centimeter below his head, currently an extinction ray was moving up and down. Seeing this, Bu Feng slightly smiled, then suddenly a feather appeared under his leg. After that lightly stepping with his right leg’s tiptoe, he jumped while holding his legs with his hands, letting this extinction ray to pass by him. After that he stepped on the wooden pillar at the side of the wall with his right leg, and immediately continuing to move downwards.

The extinction rays were more concentrated closer to the ground floor of the building. But these extinction rays dispersed in this place were already visible due to those feathers. And since they were already visible to him, he had already drawn a perfect route for bypassing all these rays.

For an assassin, not only their speed need to be very fast, but they also need to possess calmly analyzing mind in any situation. And Bu Feng being King of these Assassin, how could this be only an undeserved reputation?

After dividing the route, that matchless speed of Bu Feng obviously displayed its might. Although these extinction rays were very concentrated, even if ordinary experts know extinction rays’ distribution, they would still be powerless to pass through, but Bu Feng was different.

Bu Feng streak across the air making a gorgeous arc while continuously moving downward.

Nearly after three minutes, Bu Feng had already passed through all these extinction rays feared by everyone. Right now he was already standing at that high platform.

After that looking at those densely covered extinction rays above him, Bu Feng smiled in disdain, “Do you think you can stop me, Bu Feng relying only on Great Holy Light Stars Formation, too naïve, today Holy Law Pearl will belong to me, Bu Feng.”

Finished speaking, he bent down intending to take that exquisite wooden box inside the groove.

But just then, the voice which Bu Feng had never expected suddenly resound in his ear, “Didn’t expect to meet you here, Lightning Speed Bu Feng, Long time no see!”

“Who?” Hearing the sudden voice, all the fine hairs on the body of Bu Feng suddenly stood up, then he immediately pulled out that strange dagger from his waist and nervously raised his head.

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  1. Gotta be the Light system crystal or something, also Bu Feng and the MC are too alike, guess the author wanted to lower the personality load
    Thanks for the chapter!

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