In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 264

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IDWWNS, Chapter 264: Accidentally meeting Bu Feng

Accidentally meeting Bu Feng

Three days had already passed since the storm at Tianlong city, but everything that had occurred within the Tianlong city was still the subject of heated debate across the entire continent. And the most popular was Ximen clan insanely using Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation to drag down everyone within entire Tianlong city to be buried with them. One might well say that was lunatic to the extreme. But fortunately the leader of Akatsuki organization used a space magic to warp Blood Moon to the mountain range outside the city, avoiding the tragedy in Tianlong city.

And as for those final clan members of Ximen clan who were transfer out in advance, currently they were dumbfounded. This was basically too different from their plan. Originally they wanted to make Akatsuki organization to at an all-time low, but now by happy coincidence, they Ximen clan become real target of scorn. Now they basically didn’t dare to brazenly show their face and they had to conceal their identity to survive.


At imperial capital Radiance City of Light Empire, Ren Tianyou garbed in clothing of Sasuke was sitting on the second floor of Sky Fragrant Restaurant. There he was leaning against window while quietly drinking alcohol. After ending the matter of Ximen clan, there was no other plan for the time being, so Ren Tianyou let others to temporarily separate to deal with their own matters. Vermillion Bird invited Jade Maiden, Little Yu and elder sister Yue’er to go to Flame Phoenix Villa to play. As for White Tiger and others, they had their respective cultivation plan, as they clearly understood the danger of Demon clan’s impending invasion, so they strive for cultivation. Once the Demon clan began their invasion, the chaotic era would begin. And with their current, there was no basically no chance of survival. Moreover Ren Tianyou was very generous, he gave all high level divinity crystal he possessed to them, letting them absorb to quickly improve their strength.

Honestly speaking, White Tiger and others’ strength was able to increase so rapidly, because in addition to their talent, Ren Tianyou had provided them divinity crystals. Frankly, even those real apex forces couldn’t provide divinity crystals like Ren Tianyou for cultivation. Ren Tianyou had taken out many Low God, Mid God and High God realm divinity crystals. And as for True God realm divinity crystal, Ren Tianyou had only four of them which was also given to them, leaving behind only Dragon Emperor’s God King realm divinity crystal, which he let System to absorb, in return getting 500,000 system points.

And as for the reason why Ren Tianyou had come to Light city, that was naturally because he was bored, so he had come here to play. But to his surprise, he suddenly encountered old acquaintance here. That acquaintance was handsome man with long pitch-black hair wearing white clothing——Lightning Speed Bu Feng.

Honestly speaking, Ren Tianyou admired Bu Feng this fellow’s guts. In this entire Divine Wind Continent, who didn’t know the enmity between him and Light Temple, but this fellow, unexpectedly dared to brazenly walk inside their stronghold. Even Ren Tianyou had to admire his this big guts.

This fellow was casually walking down the streets as if he didn’t recognize this place as the stronghold of his enemy. And seeing his graceful aura, many young girls in the street were having the awakening of first love.

Moreover Ren Tianyou discovered that his route unexpectedly lead towards the center of Light city. And in the most center location of Light city, other than imperial palace, there was only Light Temple’s supreme headquarter Holy Light Hall.

And no matter which place, both of these places were full of experts, basically no ordinary people could go in. And with regarding to the strength of Light Temple, Ximen clan or basically this type of clan could never match them.

According to the information he had gotten from Vermillion Bird, Light Church and Dark Dynasty, although both of them were one of the mankind’s six great forces, but their actual strength already exceeds the strength of other four great powers. Because their cultivation method was different from others, they were scattered all around the entire continent. And the entire continent was filled with their believers, and under the faith power of these countless believers, their cultivation speed was basically very fast compared to others.

Furthermore these two forces were in control of Empires, from where they could gather many times more resources, as a result the strength of these two forces was absolutely strong.

And the unexpected thing for Ren Tianyou was, now Bu Feng had already reached Mid God realm in strength, but even so his strength was still inadequate against Light Temple, so him coming here without fear means his speed had become even faster.

“Interesting, I’d like to see what you’re going to do.” Looking at Bu Feng walking down the streets, Ren Tianyou muttered to himself with smile on his face while deciding not to make a move for now. With the character of Bu Feng, him coming here definitely means he was going to create some drama within Light Temple. In these past several days, he (Ren Tianyou) was only running around for a long time, so watching such rare drama was not bad.

Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou placed a pouch full of gold coins on the table, then left the building and began to follow Bu Feng from far away.

Bu Feng stepped forward continuously, directly heading towards the center of Light city. From this, one could easily see that he had already made a plan in advance. After getting closer and closer to the center of city, the number of people become fewer and fewer. And after turning around one street, a huge imperial palace appeared in his perceptive. Inside imperial palace, there were towering gorgeous buildings everywhere like a forest, and in front of the imperial palace, fifty strong guards were guarding, while another two team of guards were patrolling the street in front of the gate of palace. One might well say, this place was guarded air-tight.

And from the roof of one building far away, Ren Tianyou was indifferently looking everything. Seeing the target of Bu Feng was imperial palace of Light Empire, Ren Tianyou thought inwardly, “Let me see your skill, hope you don’t disappoint me.”

Bu Feng stood at the side of one corner looking at that air-tight defense before his eyes, then the corner of his mouth slightly curved upward. After that slightly bending, he released a light cyan colored radiances, then firmly stared at those guards. And at the moment those two teams of patrolling guards passed each other, seizing this chance, Bu Feng instantly changed into cyan light, then disappeared from this place in that instant.

And under the powerful dynamic vision of Ren Tianyou’s Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, he clearly saw the move of Bu Feng. Bu Feng had seized that gap when those two teams of patrolling guards had just passed each other, in that instant, relying on his that matchless speed, he had pass through them. And because his speed was too fast, these powerful Saint ranked guards only felt a slight breeze blowing, without noticing anything.

“His speed is many times faster than before.” Seeing the figure of Bu Feng had disappeared, Ren Tianyou muttered to himself. Afterwards, along with the spiral shaped ripple from his right eye, he disappeared from there. This time he had finally encountered with Bu Feng again, so how could he let this chance slip by.

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