In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 263

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IDWWNS, Chapter 263: Dorai (Space-Time Barrier)

Dorai (Space-Time Barrier)

After teleporting out from Tianlong city, Ren Tianyou quickly flew towards the mountain range outside the city. Now it was race against time, so he didn’t have luxury to waste any time. After flying to this continuous mountain range, Ren Tianyou saw a huge crater created by the bijudama of Matatabi on the location of that mountain where Soaring Dragon Mountain Villa was previously located. And because of the effect created by the bijudama of that time, now there was no living life around here.

“Yes, this place is just right for the explosion point, no trace of human presence, furthermore this place is a little far away from Tianlong city.” Looking at the terrain below, Ren Tianyou estimated that if the explosion occurred here, then the effect wouldn’t reach Tianlong city. Moreover in this mountain range, although there used to be some clan’s villas, but after Ren Tianyou had flattened a big mountain here, those villas were moved far away from this Soaring Dragon Mountain Villa’s site one after another.

Finished thinking, Ren Tianyou no longer wasted the time, he directly landed on the ground, then stuck three marked special kunai on that place. After that looking at the time, he estimated the time was nearly up, so he instantly used Hiraishin no Jutsu to return back.

In the backyard of Ximen clan in Tianlong city, White Tiger and others were firmly staring at the people of Ximen clan. But along with the passage of time, that Blood Moon was already on the verge of completion and was ready to fall. At this moment, all the people on the scene were very nervous in their heart. And looking at White Tiger and others, Ximen Batian taunted, “Do you really think that beast has a way to solve Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation? Now he had already ran away using his space magic.”

“Who said I ran away.” At that time, everyone suddenly heard a cold voice, and saw Ren Tianyou had appeared at the side of White Tiger all of a sudden.

“Zero, you are back. What do you think?” Seeing the sudden appearance of Zero, White Tiger nervously asked.

“Rest assured, as long as your information is not wrong, there will be no problem. This time I will let you see what is really called space magic.” Ren Tianyou nodded his head, then said with certainty.

And just at that time, huge energy fluctuation suddenly appeared in the sky. This moment Blood Moon had already stopped absorbing energy, and currently was emitting unusually evil energy while slowly falling downwards.

“Well, there is no time, I will first resolve this troublesome thing.” Ren Tianyou consoled everyone, then directly flew in the sky, and stood in front of Blood Moon, while spinning special kunai with his right hand’s finger.

Then placing this special kunai on the palm of both hand, he pointed towards this falling Blood Moon, “Hiraishin—-Dorai (Teleportation Barrier!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, this slowly falling Blood Moon as if slammed into something, an invisible concave depression appeared on the space below it. After that this Blood Moon slowly sunk inside that concave depression in the space. And everyone below were trembling with fear while staring at the move of Ren Tianyou without blinking their eyes.

With Ren Tianyou’s hands joined together, huge amount of chakra instantly flowed out. After that that Blood Moon which was threatening all the lives of underneath Tianlong city instantly disappeared.

Simultaneously, in the mountain ranges which was in the west of Tianlong city, suddenly a loud sound of explosion resounded, and countless scarlet blood colored energies spread all around, while all the people inside the city felt terrifying fluctuation.

“Hu……..” After completing the task, Ren Tianyou released a long breathe of relief while wiping the cold sweat from his forehead. Although before he had spoken with certainty, but he basically didn’t have any confidence at that time, but good thing was it actually succeed.

“How could this be, how could this be, this isn’t true, this isn’t true.” Seeing the disappearance of Blood Moon without a trace, Ximen Batian became daze, as if he couldn’t believe what he had seen with his own eyes.

“Kill them.” While still standing in the midair, Ren Tianyou indifferently looked at Ximen Batian and others of Ximen clan, then ordered everyone of Akatsuki organization. As the matters stands, Ren Tianyou no longer wanted to raise his hands, as killing these insane people who wanted to take everyone within the city to get buried with them would only dirty his hands.

After hearing Ren Tianyou, Great Bear, White Tiger and Void, these three people slowly advanced towards remaining people of Ximen clan holding their weapons. After these three entered inside the formation, with the glint and flash of daggers and swords, blood-curdling screams unceasingly resounded. Currently the strongest person of Ximen clan was Ximen Kuang who was merely Low God realm expert, so how could they resist the combined attack of three Mid God realm experts.

When the blood-curdling screams stopped, blood continuously flowed and all things had vanished like smoke and disperse like clouds, leaving behind only corpses. After that Ren Tianyou stepped forward, and took the corpse of Ximen Wuwang, then said to everyone of Akatsuki organization, “Let’s go.”

And in the mind of Ren Tianyou, System’s prompt about the completion of mission slowly rang, then he instantly got one million system points. Now he have more than 9 million system points, nearly reaching 10 million.

Hearing Ren Tianyou, everyone put away their weapons and together with Ren Tianyou walked towards the door. But when he had halfway there, Ren Tianyou seemed to recall something, so he stopped his steps, then said towards the experts of various clan, “Don’t forget what you have said just now, you all owe me a favor.”

“He he, you can rest assured, we are not some small man who would go back on one’s word.” That white beard old man said with a smile while stroking his bread. And the others beside him also nodded their head in affirmation.

After hearing their words, Ren Tianyou neither opposed nor confirmed them, merely continued to step forward, leaving Tianlong city. After the explosion of that Blood Moon, this Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation’s barrier surrounding the entire Tianlong city had already disappeared. And the remaining mess was not related to them, since someone will help them deal with these things.

Seeing Ren Tianyou and other had already left, those experts of big forces immediately returned to their own clan, then simultaneously instructed their subordinates to thoroughly clean up Ximen clan, after all leaving such blood-bathed courtyard within imperial capital would be bad for their image. And at the same time, the information of this battle as well as Ximen clan using Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation as if hurricane swept across the entire Divine Wind Continent.

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  1. It feels empty around here. I still like how beard is written as bread makes me imagine that it is indeed someone rubbing a slice of bread “That white beard old man said with a smile while stroking his bread.”, who knows maybe it has always been a custom in the novel for people to stroke breads or put them on their face

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