In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 262

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IDWWNS, Chapter 262: Pressing Time

Pressing Time

But the shouting voice of Ren Tianyou was of no use. All of those death soldiers immediately raised their sword and chopped towards the neck of those slaves who didn’t have any resisting power without slightest hesitation.

Facing this situation, Ren Tianyou however didn’t have any means. If he did raise his hands, then that would only help the people of Ximen clan to speed up the speed of killing people, so he basically was powerless to obstruct.

One bloody head after another rolled down on the ground, and scarlet blood from their headless corpse’s neck flowed into underneath water groove, slowly flowing towards those stones pillars. And the surrounding ground was instantly dyed red.

And along with these bloods permeating, those six stone pillars around the magic formation slowly gave rise to bewitching red colored radiance. And along with the absorption of bloods, the magic formation on the platform instantly gave rise to scarlet colored light beam which shot directly into the sky.

And the split-second that light beam rose, above the city wall of Tianlong city, a mysterious scarlet runes slowly floated, and aura which would make people sick and feel like vomiting also rose from the city wall, rapidly forming a huge scarlet colored energy barrier surrounding the entire Tianlong city.

The instant this barrier rose, Tianlong city instantly changed into red colored world, and a scarlet halo shone throughout the entire city. Countless people stopped what they were doing. Seeing that barrier with unusual evil aura, everyone had ominous foreboding. And especially at those scarlet light beam shooting into the sky, everyone seems to feel as if invisible resentment soul were in the process of advancing towards them to attack.

“What is going on here? Why did such powerful barrier suddenly appeared in imperial capital?” Everyone had similar question on their mind, but some knowledgeable people however recognized this notorious magic formation, and the complexion of those person instantly changed, becoming deathly pale without a tinge of blood.

And at the city gate, some people who were in the process of entering the city were caught off guard, and bumped into this scarlet colored barrier, then they were instantly surrounded by dense blood-red colored radiances. After that they only had time to give out a blood-curdling scream, before instantly melting down into a pool of blood. This made those people who saw this circumstance to instantly move back, distancing themselves from this barrier, fearing they would also have same fate.

And in the imperial palace, seeing the unusual change outside, White Tiger came out to look. When he saw that scarlet colored light beam and barrier, his complexion instantly become ugly, “Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation!? How could someone use this great formation?”

Thinking this, he no longer had time to look after Chen Wenxian, he instantly changed into a sword light and disappeared from that place, so that he could notify other members to hurry over to Ximen clan.

And after White Tiger left, those hidden experts of imperial clan also came out to look outside. And seeing the huge changes in the sky outside, their expression also become ugly and rushed towards the site of incident.


“Ha ha, now this great formation is already activated thoroughly. Now you can just wait to perish together with us.” Ximen Batian with insane expression on his face looked towards Ren Tianyou in the front, but his heart however was secretly feeling complacent, “A number of clan’s younger generation who were evacuated in advance ought to have already reached safe location by the time this great formation starts here. After everything here is change into nothing, even if this unfilial son rely on his space magic to escape this disaster, those clan’s younger generations will also use clan’s final hidden powers according to original plan to incite all the forces of the continent to jointly hunt the people of Akatsuki organization. At that time, there will be neither road to sky, nor door into the earth for them, becoming a real scurrying mouse.”

“You damned beasts.” Looking at those headless corpses lying down on the ground, Ren Tianyou stared at these insane people of Ximen clan with ugly complexion. And even he felt deep fear towards the scarlet colored energy on that scarlet colored light beam, because Ren Tianyou was convinced that if this energy explode, then entire Tianlong city would instantly change into nothing without doubt.

Just at that time, several wind breaking sound came from behind Ren Tianyou, then White Tiger and others appeared at the side of Ren Tianyou. Immediately after that White Tiger anxiously roared, “Zero, how did this happened? How did Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud formation emerged here?”

“Zero, we should leave this place without wasting any time. This Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation is not something that could be resist by human power. If it explodes, then everything within the formation will instantly change into nothing.” Great Bear also anxiously said, because they were basically powerless to withstand the explosion of this Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation.

“Don’t panic, even if this matter is critical, we must not panic. First we must calmly think the possible countermeasures.” Ren Tianyou coldly shouted looking at panicked everyone, calming down Great Bear and other who were panicked. “Now we can’t quit, if this magic formation explode, then our Akatsuki’s good days will be over. So first we must think of a way to stop the explosion of this magic formation.”

“Ha ha, you really want to prevent this magic formation from exploding with only you, don’t crack a joke.” Ximen Wuwang sneered, then said to Ren Tianyou and others, “Now that Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation is already activated thoroughly, even if you destroy this magic formation’s key position behind me, that would also be completely useless.”

“Now you have only two path to go, first is to accompany us and all the people of this city to see Death God together. Second is relay on this evil creature’s space magic to leave this place, then face the joint hunt of every power of the continent.” Saying his, Ximen Wuwang’s face revealed pleased with oneself smile.

“What’s it like, isn’t this choice very difficult, ha ha…” At the time Ximen Wuwang was happily laughing, he suddenly saw a blur in front of his eyes, and pain was transmitted to his brain through his stomach. Looking down, he saw long sword blade had already cut open his stomach and blood was flowing out from this wound. And in front of him, don’t know when Ren Tianyou was staring at him with those scarlet eyes which didn’t have any trace of emotion.

“You……whe…….when………” Feeling he was rapidly losing his life-force, Ximen Wuwang stutteringly tried to asked, but at that time Ren Tianyou had already pulled out his Kusanagi Sword, then Ximen Wuwang immediately fell down without strength. After that looking at Ximen Wuwang corpse, Ren Tianyou said, “Last time in Magic Domain I had already marked you with death curse mark, now it’s time to harvest your life.”

And just at that time, System’s prompt was directly transmitted to his brain, “Host triggered a main line mission, regardless of any method, ensure the safety of Tianlong city. Mission reward: 1 million system points. Mission Failed Penalty: Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan will be deteriorate to ordinary three tomoe Sharingan.”

“Ai, this System really is giving me a tough problem ah. Now I have to settle the trouble before my eyes ah.” Ren Tianyou shook his head, while silently thinking. And at that moment, the wind breaking sound again resounded, as all the experts of Tianlong city had arrived at Ximen clan.

“What’s going on here? Why did Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation appear in Tianlong city, and which bastard did this deed.” A white breaded old man landed on the ground, then hurriedly roared.

“Don’t ask me, ask them.” Ren Tianyou just shrugged his shoulder, then pointing towards people of Ximen clan, he answered.

“Ximen Kuang, don’t tell me this terrible deed is your Ximen clan’s doing.” A middle-aged man who was a Mid-God realm expert coldly said while looking at Ximen Kuang.

“Yes, all of this is our Ximen clan’s arrangement!” There was nothing to hide now, so looking at these experts with ugly complexion, Ximen Kuang said, “You damned bastards, usually each and every one of you would wag the tail ingratiatingly before us Ximen clan. But now when we met with misfortune, each and every one of you unexpectedly ignore us. So since we master are going to die, you all should also go down and get buried with us. I want all the people within this entire Tianlong city to be buried with us.”




Hearing Ximen Kuang’s those frenzied words, everyone on the scene looked at the people of XImen clan with ugly complexion. But just at that time, the barrier around had a great change, and that huge scarlet blood colored light pillar slowly disappeared, then slowly a huge blood colored energy ball which looked just like blood colored full moon appeared in the sky, illuminating the entire Tianlong city.

“Ha ha, Blood Moon is out. Now when the Blood Moon falls, every one of you will die at that moment.” Seeing this huge ball just like huge Blood Moon, Ximen Kuang crazily laughed heartily, but the complexion of all other people on the scene become miserable.

“Blood Moon. Don’t tell me…………?” Hearing what Ximen Kuang had said, Ren Tianyou instantly recalled something. Then he impatiently asked White Tiger by his side, “White Tiger, tell me, is all the energy possessed by this Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation within this blood colored moon?”

“Yes, this Blood Moon is the cluster of power of all the sacrificed people in Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation. And once this Blood Moon falls, everything within Tianlong city will change into nothing. Moreover afterward this place will become dead land, which means no living things can live here. It is so because this place will be contaminated by the power of resentment.” White Tiger nodded his head, and explained everything he knew. “And in my guess, at most in five minutes, Blood Moon will fall.”

“Haha, if that is the case, then I have the method to stop this magic formation.” After hearing White Tiger, Ren Tianyou happily said.

“Is that for real Zero?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Great Bear and others immediately got excited, and looked at Ren Tianyou in disbelief. And those people of big clan also became excited looking at Ren Tianyou, and that previously spoken white beard old man stepped forward and said, “If you Akatsuki can solve this predicament, then we imperial clan will owe you Akatsuki a favor. And if you have any instruction to us, then we will absolutely do all we can to accomplish it.”

“Yes, we Li clan is also same.”

“We Bai clan is also same.”


The rest of the big clans also hurriedly came over to Ren Tianyou and said. And hearing Ren Tianyou, Ximen Kuang roared with almost inconceivable expression on his face, “Impossible, there is no way to block Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation, you are definitely lying, definitely.”

“Whether I am lying or not, you will know it very soon.” Ren Tianyou snorted coldly, then he said to White Tiger and all the other experts present there, “I will leave first to arrange a thing, will come back immediately, you all help me keep eye on the people of Ximen clan, so that they would not put out another troublesome thing.”

“Rest assured Zero, with me here…” White Tiger answered, then tightly holding his huge sword, and looking at the people of Ximen clan, he continued, “If they dare to move randomly, I will definitely not show any mercy.”

Great Bear and other also nodded their head expressing they didn’t have problem. After seeing this, Ren Tianyou also nodded his head, took out a special kunai and gave it to White Tiger, and said, “White Tiger, you hold onto this. I will use this coordinate to return here.”

“Okay.” White Tiger took this kunai and place it in his bosom. After that using kamui of right eye, Ren Tianyou disappeared from that location.

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  1. Fucking really? Powerless to do anything? What about just fucking attack in the beginning and don’t let them keep talking. Why were you just fucking standing there literally doing not one fucking thing. Goddamn this was a dumb chapter.

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    2. indeed he only needed to use kamui on some slaves and the formation would be broken, still, the dao of the invisible dragon is strong in this one…….
      can it be that he want to look awesome flying to stop the moon like the third tsuchikage with the meteors?

  2. Obviously using the Hirai shin jutsu and transport the whole moon, like how the 4th Hokage teleported the nine tails’ bijudama away from the Hidden Leaf Village

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