In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 261

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IDWWNS, Chapter 261: Insane Ximen clan

Insane Ximen clan

After stepping inside the gates of Ximen clan, what appeared in front of Ren Tianyou was, a vast uninhabited slab stones path. There was not even a single person on this path, appeared particularly quiet.

“I want to see what dirty trick you are scheming.” Seeing this empty courtyard, Ren Tianyou frowned again, then move forward according to his indistinct memory towards that inner hall.

All the way, Ren Tianyou didn’t met with any obstruction. This made him even more confused. Only after he entered main hall, he saw Ximen Batian and other old God domain’s experts were comfortably sitting inside this hall, and remaining groups of people were firmly standing behind them.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, everyone within the hall looked towards the origin of this sound. And even after seeing Ren Tianyou garbed in black robe with red clouds imprinted on it and wearing a bamboo-hat, Ximen Batian merely looked at Ren Tianyou calmly, then slowly said, “You finally came.”

“Yes, I came!” Entering into the threshold of main hall, Ren Tianyou raised his right hand and slowly take off the bamboo-hat from his head revealing a young face. “Looking at your appearance, it seems you all are ready to meet death.”

“Didn’t expect this day would come so fast. And I have also never thought that my originally that most incompetent, and most cowardly son would unexpectedly be the person that would bring disaster to Ximen clan.” Looking at that familiar face of Ren Tianyou, Ximen Batain said with complex emotion.

“Oh, then is our clan master of Ximen clan regretting now?” Hearing the words of Ximen Batian, Ren Tianyou sneered.

“Yes, I am regretting, I regret that I didn’t personally kill you this beast earlier. If I had killed you at that time, we Ximen clan would not have faced this disaster of today.” Ximen Batian looked at Ren Tianyou with gaze full of hatred and killing intent.

“I instead am very confused, you say, I as your son, although at that time was not up by much in cultivation, but after all was your own flesh and blood. But why were you so itching to kill me at that time?” Ren Tianyou crooked his head a little, then asked curiously. Ren Tianyou always wanted to ask this question for a long time. Now after Ren Tianyou’s soul had assimilated with the soul of Ximen Tianlong, he also had emotions of Ximen Tianlong, so he had asked this question.

“Humph, by virtue, you are basically not worthy of our surname Ximen, not us Ximen clan with proud Holy Dragon blood lineage. You are just a garbage, and garbage are meant to die. And as the one who gave you your life, I wanted your death because you must die, but didn’t expect you would actually turn a hand over to deal with us Ximen clan, you beast.” Ximen Batian coldly answered.

“Indeed those who commit a sin cannot live. Since it’s like that, then I will use my this blood lineage power which belongs to only me to make a perfect full stop on the history of you proud people of Ximen clan from the history of Divine Wind continent.” Ren Tianyou shook his head, and said a little bit disappointedly. Then looking at everyone in the crowds with his scarlet Mangekyo Sharingan, huge amount of eye power gushed out from both eyes, and purple ash colored lightning appeared around his body.

“Wait a minute.” Just then, Ximen Wuwang walked in front and said.

“Why, old man, do you have any last word to tell.” Ren Tianyou looked at Ximen Wuwang in front of him, and taunted.

“Why do you think we were so confidently sitting here waiting for your arrival, do you think we Ximen clan would allow ourselves to be seize without putting up a fight?” Hearing the words of Ren Tianyou, Ximen clan showed a mysterious smile, then said.

“Regardless of any scheme of yours, before absolute strength, all is futile effort. Scheme is only for weak, strong would only use strength to make enemy surrender, and would not go to brush those crafty plots and machinations.” Ren Tianyou laughed in disdain, then pointing towards everyone of Ximen clan on the scene, he said, “You all belong to the weak, so before me, do you think your scheme will be useful?”

“We will know whether it will work or not after seeing.” Finished speaking, Ximen Wuwang released his golden colored Golden Holy Dragon battle qi, then swung his hand and sent out huge golden colored energy dragons towards the wall all around. Along with “hong”, “hong”…………unceasing explosion sound, this glorious and beautiful hall collapsed under the attack of Ximen Wuhen. Everyone on the scene were buried under this piles of debris.

At that moment, a purple ash colored radiance break out from the midst of ruins, and stood in midair. This was Ren Tianyou. “Is this your……? Eh, this is?”

Just when Ren Tianyou was ready to open his mouth to mock, suddenly he saw the circumstance behind the ruins, which caused him to stop his mocking words. Then he confusedly look at that circumstance before his eyes.

On the wide open space behind, many slaves with both of their hands tied behind were kneeling. All of them had lifeless eyes, and had made a three concentric circle kneeling on the ground. There were men, women, and few of them were old among those slaves. And guards holding a weapon were standing by the side of those slaves.

And what made Ren Tianyou most surprise was, beside the leg of these kneeling slaves, there was very small water passage like groove, and in the center location of these circles, there was a platform. And above this platform, a scarlet colored magic formation was carved, depicting a mysterious runes in this platform. And above this platform many stone pillars with mysterious runes carved on it were standing. And those water passage like grooves were continuously flowing towards these stone pillars.

“What is this, why am I having ominous foreboding like this?” Looking at this circumstance, Ren Tianyou firmly frowned as he had very bad premonition in his heart.

At this time, several tens of golden colored radiances shot out from this ruins. Then standing beside these guards and slaves, Ximen Wuwang said towards Ren Tianyou with a smile, “Look, these are the big gift I prepared for you Akatsuki organization, did you like it?”

“What cheap tricks are you carrying out?” Seeing the current circumstance, Ren Tianyou solemnly asked, “Why on earth did you buy so many slaves?”

“Ha ha, I will tell you, you unfilial son. Here, no, ought to be this entire Tianlong city, under the nose of all those ignorant to circumstance people, we Ximen clan quietly set up a great formation, a destruction great magic formation—-Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation!” Ximen Batian walked forward and said to Ren Tianyou with frenzied face. “We Ximen clan already know that we will definitely die today. But you all will also not have an easy time. The moment you all stepped into Tianlong city, you all have already confirm your death.”

“This Blood Wheel Illusion Formation is a pure destruction great formation. And the range of this formation is this entire Tianlong city, with the formation origin of this formation being here.”

“This magic formation is different from other magic formation, because to start this magic formation, it requires bloods of three thousand people as a sacrifice. And once this magic formation starts, the entire Tianlong city with be sealed within a huge blood colored barrier. And this barrier could not be broken. Only after the magic formation ends, it would automatically disappear.”

“After the magic formation starts, barrier will rise instantly, and in the sky above Ximen clan i.e. the sky above formation origin, a kind of blood colored full moon will appear. This blood colored full moon will gather the resentments and blood energy of these three thousand people. And when it falls, it would thoroughly explodes.”

“When the moment comes, everyone in the Tianlong city, including you all, 50 million city people within the city, those seeking nothing but profit clans, furthermore imperial clan’s people, today all life of Tianlong city will change into nothing at that instant, and will go to see Death God with us Ximen clan.”

“Furthermore we also know that you can use space magic, but even if you run away, will you be safe and sound? Now the power of entire continent know you Akatsuki organization have come here in Tianlong city, and when the moment comes, even if you escape this time, after Tianlong city change into ruins and 50 million lives instantly disappear, what do you think those people would think?”

“They will definitely think everything is your Akatsuki organization’s doing. And at that time, you will definitely face joint hunt of entire continent’s powers, Ha ha. What’s it like, this is the gift I have prepared for you, how is it, are you happy? Are you satisfied with this gift? Haha……!” Saying this, Ximen Batian looked up to the heaven and madly laughed. And while laughing his face was filled with frenzied expression.

“You lunatics, actually wanting to take so many lives to be buried with you.” Now Ren Tianyou had a completely ugly expression. He had never expected that the people of Ximen clan would actually become insane to this degree, unexpectedly wanted to take all lives of this city to be buried with them.

“Ha ha, we are lunatics so what. In normal times, those other powers within the city would seek us Ximen clan just like our lackeys, but now, when we Ximen clan met with misfortune, they however got distant from us as if they never know us. Since it is like that, then carry it through whatever the consequence, I want them to get buried together with us.” Finished speaking, Ximen Batian released a powerful killing intent, as if he wanted to tear anyone to thousands of pieces.

“Then what about those innocent people? They don’t seem to ever offend you.” At this moment, Ren Tianyou was unceasingly thinking the countermeasures, so he can now only try to stall them as long as possible. Ren Tianyou don’t have confidence to rescue all these 3000 slaves in an instant to stop the break out of this great formation.

“Ha ha, if those plebeians dies then dies, what’s the big deal.” Ximen Batian coldly snorted in disdain, then looking at Ren Tianyou who had ugly expression, he said, “What’s up? Are you scared? Ha ha, you are frightened, scared, then tremble under the foot of us Ximen clan.”

“You……” Hearing Ximen Batian’s those mocking words, Ren Tianyou complexion suddenly blackened as if pot bottom.

“Don’t speak anymore, all of you start the work for me, kill all of these slaves, use their blood to start this Blood Wheel Illusion Cloud Formation.” Ximen Wuwang walked over and interrupted Ximen Batian, then commanded those death soldiers standing by the side of those slaves to begin.

After hearing Ximen Wuwang, these death soldiers suddenly brandished the weapon in their hand, chopping towards the neck of these slaves. As for Ren Tianyou, seeing this, he anxiously roared, “Don’t!”

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  1. thanks, still the story is stupid, he only need to use kamui on a single slave or on the platform to destroy the formation

  2. Couldn’t he literally have just dragged a few of the slaves into his kamui, causing them to be short a few sacrifices? sheesh.

  3. kek how the fuck someone can build that shit inside the city soo easily, and manage to make all those people not a single one defect ximen clan is actually quite good omho they deserve praise here.

  4. He can just use mokuton to drag all those people away, idiot. Cant even think of simple solution. Think only strength can conquer enemy? What use of all those skill he got? If cant use kamui , Dont he got space skill? Only so much talking nonsense. Thats why enemy has a lot of chance to make comeback.

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