In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 260

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IDWWNS, Chapter 260: Entering the city

Entering the city

Looking at that simple and unadorned city wall, Ren Tianyou stood under the wall and sighed with feelings. Shortly afterwards, continued to step forward inside the city.

“Halt, you are……..” Seeing the abnormal group of Ren Tianyou, the several guards in front of city gate couldn’t help but stepped forward and waved their had to signal them to stop, intending to inspect.

But before they could finish speaking, Ren Tianyou who was walking in the front raised his head, revealing his two scarlet colored Sharingan under the bamboo-hat. Then with the rapid rotation of his Sharingan, eye power gushed out from his eyes and entered their eyes, instantly making them stand blankly in the former place, trapped in the illusion of Sharingan.

Ignoring these guards, Ren Tianyou directly led everybody of Akatsuki organization into the city. But to his surprise, after entering the city, a group of more than ten people were already waiting from his group in the street in front.

“Are you people Akatsuki organization’s members?” The leader Deity ranked warrior standing at the front of this group blocking their way, asked. But although this was a question, but his manner of speaking was very sure, as the clothing they were wearing had already made their identity clear.

But the footsteps of Ren Tianyou and others merely paused for a bit, then directly continued to step forward, without answering the question of this warrior.

Seeing the arrogance of Akatsuki organization’s everyone, that leader warrior deeply frowned, and his eyes flashed with anger. But recalling the mission entrusted to them by His majesty the King as well as the rumors of the ways of Akatsuki organization, he simply refrained his angry within his heart, and continued to speak. “We are Protection Squadron of His Majesty the King, and we have come here and waited everybody under the direct command of His Majesty the King. His majesty the King hopes everybody will not continue to advance forward inside Tianlong city to raise hands.”

As a matter of fact, the King of Ailer basically didn’t want to take part in the matter between Akatsuki organization and Ximen clan, instead he even more hoped for the extermination of Ximen clan as early as possible, but he however had no choice but to stop the people of Akatsuki organization now.

Who let the stronghold of Ximen clan to be located in his imperial capital Tianlong city? So he as a master of this country, how could he let others people come to blows inside his city regardless of anything. And if he let them do so, then how would he get trust of the citizens of his nation.

But hearing these people, Ren Tianyou only smile under the bamboo-hat, then slowly raised his head, revealing his scarlet eyes. “Doujutsu—- Magen—-Kasegui no Jutsu! (Demonic Illusions—-Shackle Stakes!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, everyone felt their vision blurred for an instant, and when their vision was restored, everyone found countless spikes were driven through their body. All of their struggles were futile effort, basically were unable to free themselves.

“You all stay here and have a good rest. I don’t want to take your life.” Ren Tianyou and others slowly walked forward, leaving behind this sentence and those more than ten immobile people.

After that walking down the streets, they headed towards the center of this city.

And inside the imperial palace of Tianlong city, King of Ailer Empire was sitting on the throne, waiting for the news from his Protection Squadron, but at that moment, he suddenly heard a hint of sound from the door, so he instantly became alert, and yelled in stern voice, “Who goes there?”

“Your Majesty the King, don’t be nervous.” At that moment, a loud and clear voice suddenly resounded within the hall, and a man wearing black robe with red clouds on it with three huge swords on his back suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Are you Akatsuki?” Seeing this person’s attire, Chen Wenxian instantly became even more alert then asked.

“Yes, I am Akatsuki’s White Tiger.” White Tiger admitted and said, “I am here for one thing, which is, we hope Your Majesty the King will not obstruct our Akatsuki organization’s move of today.”

“Impossible.” Chen Wenxian directly refused without even considering, but just after he had spoken, his vision suddenly blurred, and he felt chill on his neck.

He saw White Tiger was already by his side and his thin sword was already placed in his neck. And seeing the cold edge of this sword, goosebumps couldn’t help but appear on his neck.

“Your Majesty the King, you must know one thing clearly, you don’t have room to choose in this matter. And I also believe there are definitely many experts in your imperial clan, and I might not be able to deal with all of them.” White Tiger calmly looked at Chen Wenxian, then indifferently said added, “But I however believe, before they can raise hands, I can kill you.”

“Furthermore I want to let you know a matter, even if the people of your imperial clan raise their hands, that would only be a futile effort, as they are basically powerless to stop us. And this time I have come here to tell you that we don’t want to kill innocent people, but if you insist on courting death, then that is yet another matter.”

“You……” Hearing White Tiger’s those unrestrained voice, Chen Wenxian angrily trembled, while glaring at White Tiger in rage.

At that time, the long sword of White Tiger pushed down on the shoulder of Chen Wenxian, making him constantly sit on his throne, then White Tiger directly sat down on the table in front with long sword firmly staying at his shoulder. “Your Majesty the King, obediently sit here and wait. I’ll also be here to accompany you until the end of the action. Afterwards I will release you. Also let me warn you, the people you have prearranged to take action ought to be already under our control, so don’t have those impractical daydream.”

“So ruthless.” Chen Wenxian powerlessly slumped on his throne, and said weakly.

Void and others were also already at respective place, and thoroughly control those people. And now the only remaining Ren Tianyou would calculate the overall accounts with Ximen clan.


After arriving at the gate of Ximen clan, familiar memories began to appear in his mind, “Nothing has change here, but, how come this gate is wide open, furthermore unguarded? What cheap tricks are this Ximen clan planning?”

Seeing that wide open gate without any guards, Ren Tianyou frowned, and confusedly thought.

“Doesn’t matter, as the matter stands today, who is capable of stopping my steps in Ximen clan.” Ren Tianyou shook his head, and no longer thought about this. As the saying, boldness of execution stems from superb skill, with his current strength, ordinary experts couldn’t threaten him. Finished thinking, Ren Tianyou raised his leg and stepped into Ximen clan.

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  1. He may as well have his eyes ripped out if he can’t see the formation the best revenge would be to slaughter them and make them despair that their final move didn’t activate

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