In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 258

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IDWWNS, Chapter 258: The end of the War

The end of the War

Giant Susanoo slowly raised its right hand’s Futsu no Mitama Sword glimmering with lightning sparks which could made people feel fear. These lightning sparks slowly fluttered around the huge sword blade of Futsu no Mitama, condensing into a dazzling purple lightning ball. After that the lightning ball flew straight towards the sky, then exploded, scattering in all direction.

Along with the dissipation of lightning light, the airflow in the sky slowly changed, and the weather also slowly become gloomy. Large amount of dark clouds which made people feel stifling quickly condensed in the sky, and dazzling lightning flashed in between these dark clouds. The energy within these dark clouds were quickly gathering towards the center, and in the center of these dark clouds, dark clouds began to spin, as if something terrifying want to break out.

“Prepare to listen the last roar of thunder. When this thunderclap stops, your Dragon clan is officially extinct from this continent.” Looking at those large amount of black clouds, Ren Tianyou looked at Dragon Emperor whose expression had greatly changed, and slowly said.

This Fustu no Mitama Sword was originally the sword of Thunder God, and in itself possessed the ability to control lightning and thunder. Moreover Ren Tianyou was using this sword to use lightning style, so the consumption of his power was also low, furthermore he could cooperate with this sword to use special lightning style, for instance this move.

“How can there be such powerful lightning power?” At this moment, Dragon Emperor finally sensed life threatening pressure, so he also went all out. He used all of his power within his body as well as remaining Power of Law, “Holy Law—-Brilliant Defend!” Large amount of holy light beam came down from the sky surrounding Dragon Emperor.

“Futsu no Takemikazuchi—-Thunderous Earth!” With the thought of Ren Tianyou, Susanoo slowly pointed towards those dark clouds in the sky with Futsu no Mitama. After that the thunder and lightning within those black clouds quickly gathered to that center location, then from the centermost location’s spinning dark cloud, a purple colored dazzling lightning ball came out. This dazzling purple lightning ball looked gorgeous, but behind this gorgeousness, a destroying sky and exterminating earth might was hidden.

“Under this thunderous roar, disappear!” This lightning ball slowly fell down. And just when this lightning ball reached parallel to Dragon Emperor, Ren Tianyou who was in other side slowly opened his mouth.

Just after his voice, along with ear piercing sound which could make people feel like vomiting, this lightning ball suddenly burst forth a stream of dazzling purple lightning lights, seemingly the entire world change into purple lightning world all at once. There was neither ear-deafening explosion nor destroying sky and exterminating earth storm. The entire world seemed to suddenly quiet down, so quiet that it would make people feel nervous and scared.

Don’t know after how long, suddenly a loud explosion sound came into this world, accompanied by terrifying storm spreading in all direction. Everything in this place become insignificant and helpless under this extreme power. Inside this explosion range, everything vanish like smoke in thin air, changing into nothing.

When the explosion stopped and the radiances slowly dissipated, the entire world slowly revert back to normal, and everything appeared before the eyes.

With the center of explosion, everything in the surrounding within the radius of three kilometers had already disappeared without a trace, including islands as well as seawaters. Yes, in the underneath sea, there actually appeared an open space with the radius of three thousands meters. The surrounding waters of this open space were blocked by purple colored lightning, so the waters wouldn’t be flowing into this open space anytime soon.

And in the sky above, along with the sudden appearance of spiral shaped space ripple, Ren Tianyou appeared in midair. And looking at the open space in the middle of sea, even he himself felt fear towards the attack he had used just a moment ago.

“Is this the true power of my Full Body Susanoo? This is even stronger than bijudama of Tailed beasts ah.” Looking at the scene underneath, Ren Tianyou slowly sighed. Now he had already exchanged four tailed beasts, and in Dragon Island, Shukaku, Matatabi, and Son Goku, these three had joined force to use bijudama, he had seen that. But the explosive power that bijudama had created however was still not stronger than his this move.

Looking at the result of his move, one might well say it was truly capable of reversing the mountain and rivers. From the information he had gotten from Futsu no Mitama Sword, this Thunderous Earth move was the move of Thunder God which he used to bring about first sound of thunder in this world, and at that time, it had reverberated through the entire earth. But this was also merely a legend nothing more. No one know whether this was true or false.

“In any case, I am completely satisfied with the power of this move.” Thinking about the power of just a moment ago, Ren Tianyou was happy inside his heart. After he had used this move, even with Full Body Susanoo’s defense, Ren Tianyou didn’t dare to try to take it head-on. So he was forced to remove Susanoo, then hide himself in kamui space.

At this moment, Ren Tianyou suddenly notice a black speck on the ground of that open space in the middle of sea. Carefully looking, he however discover this was Dragon Emperor’s dragon corpse burnt black by lightning. But at this moment, the corpse however seemed incomplete, it seems only the half the corpse was left behind.

Ren Tianyou’s eyes lit up, and he descended to the underneath ground. After that walking over, and looking at that burnt black half corpse of dragon, he said, “Big lizard, did you ever thought, you as a Mid God King realm expert, as well as dignified Emperor of Dragon Clan who commanded the entire Dragon clan, would die like this without leaving behind even a complete corpse.”

“But even after you die, as far as I’m concerned, your this incomplete corpse is also very useful to me, so I will be taking it for the time being. Perhaps one day you might be able to let out your dragon roar in this continent again.” Finished speaking, suddenly a spiral shaped space ripple fly out from his right eye, absorbing this incomplete corpse of Dragon Emperor.

After that Ren Tianyou directly flew up and flew towards Sanbi who was waiting for him, “Little You, just like your request, I left behind the corpse of this big lizard.”

“Good work, Isobu.” Ren Tianyou stepped forward, use cloth to seal up the two half corpse of Camilla, then absorb him to his kamui space. “What do you think Isobu, do you want to return to continent or stay here in this ocean.”

“I will stay here in ocean, after all my life is accustomed to live in a place with water.”

Ren Tianyou had already guessed it would answer like this, “Okay, then you have fun here, but be a bit more careful, this endless ocean is not that simple.”

“You can rest assured, I am going first.”Sanbi causally said then directly dived towards the bottom of the sea.

Ren Tianyou helplessly shook his head, then looking at the aftermath of battle, a spiral shaped space ripple appeared. “The matter of this side is done. Also with several round ups of White Tiger and others, the movement over there also shouldn’t be too small.” Leaving behind this words, Ren Tianyou disappeared from this sea which had experienced a big battle.

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  1. Hahaha this would be awesome he’s planning to learn edo tensei but wondering if when he used edo tensei in this dragons is that would they apear in a big a** coffin or a moseleum or maybe he makes them apear in a humanoid form lol haha

    Still thanks for the chap~

  2. thx for the chapter
    now about that mission on destroying dragon island was it?
    how many points is he gonna get cause he need to learn to start saving up and only using it
    when completing other mission that gives a higher yield or when he is in trouble

  3. When you’re preparing for a mass edotensei, you just gotta catch em all corpses…

    Thanks 4 d Chapter ^^

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