In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 257

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IDWWNS, Chapter 257: Destruction of Dragon Island

Destruction of Dragon Island

Along with the gathering of purple lightning in the huge left hand of Susanoo, large amount of lightning energy unceasingly condensed into another Futsu no Mitama Sword in the left hand too.

After that Ren Tianyou who was standing on the forehead of Susanoo put his palms together, then poured large amount of the chakra inside his body into these two Futsu no Mitama Sword in the hands of Susanoo.

Simultaneously, Ren Tianyou send out the action directive to three tailed beasts with the help of contract between them, “Sukaku, Matatabi, Son Goku, you three quickly finish off those three lizards, then fire bijudama sparing no effort. After using bijudama, don’t waste your time, directly rescind Summoning Jutsu, and return to the continent.”

“Okay, no problem.”

“Okay, got it.”

“Little You, you can be at ease.”

Three tailed beasts simultaneously answered back, then they began to act quickly. Shukaku quickly manipulated endless sands to surround bitterly bracing second prince Brenda, “Sabaku Sotaiso Fuin! (Grand Sand Mausoleum Seal!)”

Along with the voice of Shukaku, the boundless sands directly dragged Brenda into it, then sands began to gather at that location and quickly condensed, forming a dazzling giant desert pyramid, sealing Brenda inside it.

“I am also not playing with you any longer, Hinezumi! (Fire Rat!)” Looking at third prince Brook in front of her, Nibi Matatabi shook her huge body, causing countless blue fire to fly out from its body, which change into tiny rats form, then flew towards Brook changing into boundless blue flame tide.

These endless rats tide was sensitive to Brook’s dragon aura. So they directly flew to its body. And that pain it felt from its innermost soul due to being burned by this flame, caused Brook to wail mournfully as he was unable to bear that pain.

And Son Goku was even more direct, he directly changed into scorching hot magma, then directly collided against fourth prince Cloy, causing him to fall to the ground, creating a magma in the middle of the earth.

After finishing off their opponent, Shukaku, Matatabi, and Son Goku quickly assembled, then look over towards the depth of Dragon Island.

After that all three of them half squatted down, and open up their huge mouth. Countless heavy chakra flew out from their mouth, then slowly gathered at one place, changing into a huge black colored high density chakra energy ball. This chakra energy ball was rapidly growing bigger, and its diameter had already exceed ten meters.

Under the cooperation of these three tailed beasts, they quickly finished the preparation of super huge bijudama, then under the joint control of these three tailed beasts, this bijudama flew towards the depth of Dragon Island where Dragon Valley was located.

Instantly after firing bijudama, these three tailed beasts didn’t stay behind to look at the destruction this bijudama which was created by their combined effort would cause. Along with with ‘peng’, ‘peng’, ‘peng’ sound, they directly change into three white smoke and disappeared from that location.

This huge bijudama rammed and crushed all the obstruction in its way. And all along the way it was flying, its heavy chakra had made long deep gully all along the ground. And when it reached above the estimated Dragon valley, this huge bijudama suddenly shrunk, then huge amount of high density chakra inside it exploded with a loud bang.

“Hong!” After this bijudama exploded, it quickly bring about a great storm which engulfed the entire Dragon Island, which attracted the gaze of Dragon Emperor in the sea.

“This is……….? Bastard! You actually dare to put your hand on my Dragon Island.” Seeing that towering explosion, even he himself felt apprehensive sensing the energy contained in that explosion. So how could those dragons of Dragon clan who were currently in the midst of that explosion have chance to survive. His three sons, and his people, all of them had changed into nothing in this midst of that explosion.

Dragon Emperor stared at trapped Ren Tianyou with madness, and his huge dragon body emitted very brutal aura. Everything that had happened before his own eyes had already made Dragon Emperor to become thoroughly insane. Once a person lose everything, either they would sink into vice or thoroughly go insane to get revenge regardless of everything. And Dragon Emperor had clearly chosen the latter.

“Old man, what’s it like? Now you are really a general without an army, a person who is utterly isolated. Everything you possessed have already disappeared. I had stated that today your Dragon clan will be extinct from this Divine Wind continent, and I do what I say.” Inside the barrier of Heavenly Ocean Current Seal, Ren Tianyou looked at Dragon Emperor who had already become insane, then coldly said laughing, unceasingly provoking him.

Although what he was doing was rather despicable, and he had actually become vicious criminal for those young dragons, but at the time of life and death war, one would naturally use any means available, despicable or not, as long as one can win.  In this word with the principle of ‘strength above all else’, human life was very cheap just like dogs life. Even If he needs to fight against the whole world one day, he would not hesitate. This was the ninja way he was continuously persisting on.

“Now in your dragon clan, other than you there is only one of your son left. Don’t know what would happen to you if he also dies?” Ren Tianyou said while looking at Camilla who was currently tangled up with Sanbi with the gaze holding wicked intention. In this sea area, with the help from endless seawaters, Camilla held terrain advantage, and was actually able to equally match Sanbi’s water style.

“Wait until you get out of this cage, but you have no chance.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Dragon Emperor coldly said. He was planning to use all of the remaining Power of Law to finish off Ren Tianyou, but he quickly calmed down, as he understood that Ren Tianyou would never simply provoke him (Dragon Emperor) into attacking him (Ren Tianyou) without any plan, and he also understood that Ren Tianyou was also storing up power, so that he could break this barrier in one fell swoop.

“I have no chance?” Ren Tianyou who was in the forehead of Susanoo slowly separated his hand, then with his thought, Susanoo immediately swung both Futsu no Mitama Swords, slashing out in left and right both sides simultaneously. Two as if heaven splitting lightning sword slashes flew out towards the huge water screen of Heavenly Ocean Current Seal. The water screens’ blue radiances quickly dimmed, and the barrier unceasingly deformed wanting to stop these two sword slashes. But these two sword slashes were something Ren Tianyou had send out after he had store up power for a long time, then drawing the support of Full Body Susanoo, so how could these slashes be so easy to stop.

Dragon Emperor already had an ominous foreboding at the time he saw Ren Tianyou sending out these sword slashes, but because the speed was too fast, even he was unable to react in time, and now when he was ready to react, those two sword blades had already cut through the barrier of Heavenly Ocean Current Seal as if hot knife cutting through butter including the prison he had created using Holy Law. After cutting through, these two sword blade continued to fly in two direction without reducing its might.

And the direction where these two sword blades were flying nevertheless was not too good for Dragon Emperor. One sword blade was flying directly towards Camilla who was currently fighting with Sanbi, and other sword blade was unexpectedly flying towards already broken-down by bijudama Dragon Island which seemed it would sink down at any moment.

Camilla was not aware of the danger that was about to befall upon him. When he had just blocked the water dragon attack of Sanbi drawing the help from underneath seawaters, he suddenly heard a wind breaking sound from his right side. He turned around to see, but only felt purple light flash before his eyes, and felt as if his body was cut open, when he lost consciousness.

The body of Camilla suddenly stiffened in the midair, shortly afterwards, a blood mark split open from his forehead, and with golden colored dragon blood raining down from the sky, he fell down to underneath sea.

As for another sword blade, it directly landed on the Dragon Island. Then along with the loud explosion sound, the already broken-down Dragon Island was directly disintegrated by this sword blade, causing it to sink down to the bottom of the sea. Henceforth, Dragon Island no longer exist.

And as for Ren Tianyou, he slowly walked out from trapped barrier, then looking at that tyrannical Dragon Emperor in front of him, he said, “Finally you are truly a person who is utterly isolated.”

“But you don’t need to feel lonely, I will immediately send you to see your those pitiful Dragon clan’s people.” The Futsu no Mitama Sword in the hand of Susanoo flashed with dazzling lightning, then slowly aimed towards Dragon Emperor.

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  1. He will escape and I will drop this since he will loose his eyes when a war is about to happen with the demons and if I’m wrong then I can still love this novel and continue reading

  2. Truly an idiot, talking so much nonsense. Cant just end ? Need to provoke? Wasting so much time. Did he want dragon emperor to sacrifice his blood to achieve peak god king? Want to die?

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