In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 256

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IDWWNS, Chapter 256: Sealed off

Sealed off

Dragon Emperor looked up to the sky and roared loudly, then directly dived into the underneath seawaters, creating a huge splash on the surface of the sea.

Seeing the move of Dragon Emperor, Ren Tianyou clearly recalled the specific character of Dragon clan, then frowning lightly, he thought, “Want to get help from this boundless seawaters to deal with me? Clever, very clever, but too naïve.”

Then under the control of Ren Tianyou, Susanoo brandish Futsu no Mitama Sword. After that glimmering huge lightning light immediately divide into four huge sword blades, which advanced towards the sea surface underneath.

After these four huge sword blade made contact with sea surface, they rapidly divide and disperse the sea surface, and sunk towards the bottom of the sea, leaving behind a huge cross shaped gully on its way, which didn’t close up for a long time as the seawaters around were blocked by its powerful strength.

But, although the sea was directly split open, and Ren Tianyou could clearly see the circumstance at the bottom of the sea, nevertheless he didn’t discover even a trace of Dragon Emperor.

“Humph, hiding really deep in the water means I can’t find you for the time being, but this Dragon Island will suffer the disaster. Without you, I want to see who will be able to block my attack.” Although Ren Tianyou was not able to find him, but he had a way to force him out. If he changed his target to Dragon Island, then Dragon Emperor would not be able to remain hiding.

Sure enough, after Ren Tianyou had just spoken, more than ten huge waterspout suddenly appeared in the sea surface all around which advanced towards Susanoo.

“Humph.” Seeing these waterspouts, Ren Tianyou snorted, then Susanoo brandish huge Futsu no Mitama Sword, sending out a huge circular sword slash, which completely destroyed huge waterspouts around him.

And just at this time, suddenly Dragon Emperor’s muffled voice came from the bottom of the sea, but Ren Tianyou was unable to understand this incantation. And along with this incantation, that falling seawater suddenly stopped in midair, then slowly separate and dispersed, changing into four huge water screen in midair. And just at this time, from the sea underneath, suddenly four huge azure colored energy wave fly out and entered into this water screen. After this energy entered into water screen, suddenly a gleaming light circulated above these water screen, creating an indistinctly visible azure colored runes.

“Hundred sea domain。 Azure circulate。Gleaming light domain change。 Heavenly Ocean Current Seal!”

Along with the voice of Dragon Emperor, the water screen around suddenly condensed into huge barrier, trapping Ren Tianyou’s huge Susanoo inside it. And above each of the water screen, a single huge word ‘seal’ appeared.

And after the barrier was successfully erected, suddenly huge ripple appeared in the far-off sea surface. Then along with ‘peng’ sound, Dragon Emperor’s that huge dragon body flew out from inside seawater.

“Finally willing come out? Did you spent mental and physical effort only to create this thing? It seems to be something, but……….” Saying this, with his thought, Susanoo brandished huge Futsu no Mitama Sword directly towards the barrier in front of him, “Don’t know whether this barrier can withstand my Futsu no Mitama or not?”

But Dragon Emperor merely sneered looking at Ren Tianyou’s movement without trying to stop. After Futsu no Mitama Sword directly hit the barrier in front, the matter that surprised Ren Tianyou occurred.

Ren Tianyou merely felt as if his Futsu no Mitama Sword was cutting a piece of soft thing. Just like sponge, when Futsu no Mitama cut it, that huge water screen immediately deformed rapidly. And the softness of water screen nevertheless withstood Futsu no Mitama’s hard cutting edge.

“This is……..?” Seeing this scene, Ren Tianyou was surprised as he thought, “This big lizard is quite intelligent. Actually thinking of using softness to conquer strength and stopping the cutting edge of my Futsu no Mitama.”

After Futsu no Mitama was withdrawn, this water screen rapidly revert back with dim radiance. After that sizing up this barrier with his Sharingan, he thought, “So that’s how it is, all the energy of this barrier is shared all around. If attacked one side, then other three side’s strength will assemble together to withstand. Moreover those four azure energy wave from underneath ought to be this barrier’s energy source.”

And when Ren Tianyou was carefully observing this barrier’s structure, Dragon Emperor was also making his move. This moment, Dragon Emperor was using his those hard-earned valuable Power of Law. He spent entire 10 drops of Power of Law at once. After going through this battle, now Dragon Emperor only had twenty or so drops left, this already made him very distressed endlessly, but he still use 10 of them, this shows his deep hatred towards Ren Tianyou.

“Holy Law—-Holy Solidity!”

Along with the yell of Dragon Emperor, suddenly countless thick and strong golden colored light beam appeared all around the sky. All of these golden light stuck into this water screen horizontally and vertically, forming a huge prison with Ren Tianyou trapped inside it.

“Boy, although this move of yours is very powerful, and I also admit that if you went all out, then I am powerless to stop you, but this sea give me a chance, chance to trap you.” Looking at trapped Ren Tianyou, Dragon Emperor relaxed, and slowly spoke, “I believe the consumption of this move of yours is definitely very large. So after your energy is completely exhausted, what means will you use to contend against me? With the water of four seas as the energy source, this Heavenly Ocean Current Seal of mine is basically unlikely to dry up any time soon. And as for this holy prison, I sacrificed a total of ten drops of Power of Law to create it. So if you want to persist in, then my holy prison can persist for three days and two nights without any problem, but can you persist that long?”

“Moreover the most important point is that you also can’t use that strange space magic to escape from there. Because inside this prison created with Holy Solidity, all the elements except holy element are eliminated, your space magic will lose efficacy inside there, as a result you can just wait to die.” After saying this much, Dragon Emperor as if victory was already within his grasp, had a complacent expression on his face.

“Does that mean you are definitely going to win?” When Dragon Emperor finished speaking, Ren Tianyou’s that indifferent voice resounded. Then indifferently looking at Dragon Emperor, as if he didn’t sense a slightest bit of plight, he continued, “I can only say you have spoken incorrectly just now. First: I never intend to use space magic to escape. Second: Do you really think you can stop me with this kind of means?”

“Today I will let you know the real strength of Full Body Susanoo.” Finished speaking, under the command of Ren Tianyou, Susanoo raised Futsu no Mitama in his right hand which was covered with purple ash colored lightning, and rays of lights began to gradually appear in its left hand too.

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  1. Would Amaterasu not be able to break out of there? So far it has been shown (both in Naruto and in this series) that it can only be dealt with by Avoidance, Anti-Fire Seals and Space techniques. If Amaterasu doesn’t work on that cage it would be the first thing to ever truly stop it “by force” alone! I want to know!!

    1. Reanimated pain was able to dispel amaterasu effortlessly that even Jiraya’s mountain toad trap wasn’t capable of stopping it… it was stated that amaterasu is invincible or more like it by jiraya (I forgot about it already)

  2. I wish he simply bomb it already with 4 bijudama… and see how they struggle to stop it… he is already strong… so why fight a longer battle… if everyone will witness the power of his summons, i bet the world will kneel before him… (I bet there’s another level of strength, stronger than the emperor, that will make his (emperor) accomplishment like it was nothing)

  3. This is just like using EVERY toy he has to make the jealous with no hint of defeating him as the top priority….thid guy ….is a disgrace to this naruto system.

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