In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 255

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IDWWNS, Chapter 255: Arrival of Final Battle

Arrival of Final Battle

Under the sudden and unexpected shockwave, Full Body Susanoo of Ren Tianyou was unexpectedly sent flying, and fell on the outside sea.

“Eh, didn’t expect this move of this big lizard actually possess similar effect of Pein’s Rinnegan’s Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push). The power of this world really is mystical ah.” After standing on the surface of far-off sea, huge susanoo stepped on the midair’s space cross-section, while Ren Tianyou on its forehead thought this, recalling the attack of just a moment ago.

That attack was very similar to Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push). That attack would push everything around it in all direction with a point as a center, but Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push) drawing the help from Rinnegan would arose a repulsive force. However both of these attacks similarly brew a huge power from one point and spreading in all direction.

“But that is not bad, hope you as a first opponent of my Full Body Susanoo won’t make me disappointed.” Thinking this, huge Futsu no Mitama Sword in the right hand of Susanoo glimmered with dazzling lightning, as if purple lightning was unceasingly wandering about above this sword blade. After that looking towards far-off Dragon Island, he thought, “You don’t want our fight to spread to Dragon Island? Then how can I let you have your way, I will see how you will stop my this move!”

After he finished thinking, over 100 meter giant Susanoo began to make its move. Susanoo just swung its right hand, and Futsu no Mitama Sword slashed out towards Dragon Island’s direction. An over 20 meters giant purple lightning sword slash flew out from Futsu no Mitama sword. And a long gully was cut open in the sea surface underneath along with the flying path of this sword slash. Above this sword slash, purple colored lightning was unceasingly circulating while rapidly flying towards the direction of Dragon Island. And the airs in the space around this sword slash were being completely evaporated, as if the space itself was being cut open.

The power of this sword slash attack had already reached the power of bijudama. And the aim of Ren Tianyou’s this sword slash was to cut this over 200 kilometers Dragon Island into half. You want to protect Dragon Island, that’s good. Merely I will cut Dragon Island first, and I’d like to see whether you have the ability to protect it or not?

When this sword slash was about to befall on Dragon Island, a huge dragon roar resounded from inside the Dragon island. After that a large amount of golden colored energy spread all over in front of Dragon Island, then these large amount of golden colored energy quickly condensed in the centermost location. The energy become denser and denser, then formed a huge lifelike golden energy gate in front of Dragon Island.

Huge golden colored dragon was carved on this golden colored gate. The head of this golden dragon was looking towards the sky as if roaring, and looked just like it was about to spread its wings and soar. Moreover this gate was glimmering with golden colored energy incantations, and golden light was circulating above it. Altogether it looked very mystical.

“Dragon God’s Heavenly Incantation—-Golden Dragon Gate!”

Just after Dragon Emperor yelled, that huge sword slash send out by Ren Tianyou directly collided above this huge Golden Dragon Gate. “Hong!” As if loud two metal colliding sound resounded, which made everyone felt as if their eardrum was shattered. But under the surprised look of Ren Tianyou, that huge sword blade was actually bounced back to another direction in even faster speed, causing this huge sword slash to land on another small island not far away.

Along with a “hong” loud explosion sound, that small island not far away was actually disintegrated into half, then it slowly sank down the sea.

“Hey, very capable, but don’t know whether you can withstand another few sword slashes.” After his sword slash was rebound back, that huge Golden Dragon Gate’s golden light also become dim rapidly and changing into holy element, it dissipated in the air. This showed that this move could block at most only one of his attack.

Thinking this, under the command of Ren Tianyou, his Susanoo again raised its right hand’s Futsu no Mitama Sword intending to make the move again, but just at that time, the sea surface in front of Ren Tianyou suddenly roll over and over violently. Then the sea water began to unceasingly gather at the centermost location, suddenly changing into huge waterspout which circled around Susanoo.

“Humph, boring trick!” Looking at this rotating huge waterspout, the eyes of Ren Tianyou flashed with disdain, then swinging his right hand, huge Futsu no Mitama Sword easily cut apart this water spout. And just when this waterspout had changed into water drops and raining down to the sea, a golden light suddenly split open this water screen, and attacked the huge body of Susanoo.

“Hong!” The huge body of Susanoo couldn’t help but retreat one step. And after looking towards the chest where Susanoo was attacked, Ren Tianyou saw gold colored huge halberd which was weapon of Dragon Emperor.

At that time a loud dragon roar sound resounded, and Ren Tianyou saw Dragon Emperor had already flew over in the sea in front of him. And along with the call of Dragon Emperor, this gold colored huge halberd immediately flew back to Dragon Emperor.

“Is this the extent of your attack? This kind of attack is powerless to break my Susanoo.” Ren Tianyou didn’t obstruct that gold colored huge halberd from returning back, because this level of attacks were basically unable to harm him even a bit.

“Humph, the person who will have the last laugh is the real winner.” Looking at that huge body of Susanoo in front of him, Dragon Emperor snorted coldly. But he was very clear inwardly, if this Susanoo bring out to play its full strength, then he was basically powerless to stop it with his strength. Just now, he had spent a large amount of dragon power to use Dragon God’s Heavenly Incantation—-Golden Dragon Gate, but merely after blocking a casual sword slash of this giant, it actually disappeared. So when it bring out to play its complete strength, that time would be the real arrival of Dragon clan’s doomsday. As a result, he intended to conclude this showdown with his next move, if he succeed, then his Dragon clan would win, but if he failed, then his Dragon clan would really become extinct from this Divine Wind continent starting today just like Ren Tianyou had stated.

But the only good point was, now they were in waters. This environment was very advantageous for him. Dragon clan lived deep in the endless ocean, and they had innate ability to control water, so in this endless sea, all these endless seawaters were their means. Moreover his next move must also be carried out in the sea waters first.

After finished thinking, Dragon Emperor spread open its huge dragon wings, then roared loudly looking towards the sky. After that before the plain gaze of Ren Tianyou, he directly plunged inside the underneath seawaters.

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