In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 254

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IDWWNS, Chapter 254: Full Body Susanoo

Full Body Susanoo

Looking at this extraordinarily large explosion which had engulfed the surroundings of three kilometers in radius, Dragon Emperor excitedly roared, “Ha ha, damned bastard, let’s see how you will not die this time.”

In order to deal with Ren Tianyou, Dragon Emperor had not speared any effort from his side. After seeing over hundred dragons being burned alive to death before his own eyes, his hatred towards Ren Tianyou had already reached maximum, so he just wanted to kill Ren Tianyou by hook or by crook.

As a result, in that golden dragon of just a moment ago, he had injected 5 drop of Power of Law, which he had condensed with painstakingly effort of 5000 years. And the might of this golden dragon didn’t disappoint Dragon Emperor. It instantly changed everything within the radius of 3 kilometers into nothing, and all the constructions and rare herbs of dragon clan in that location were also lost irrevocably.

But fortunately this explosion didn’t engulfed the center of Dragon Island, merely everything of periphery were gone due to blast, however this was also great loss. From this Dragon Emperor’s determination to kill Ren Tianyou could be seen.

After the explosion stopped, the large cloud of dusts also began to slowly dissipate. After the dusts of periphery dissipated, everyone saw that the land around that place had already disappeared, instead replaced by clear sea water. No one had thought that the might of this explosion would be so powerful that it would cause the land where it had exploded to disappear without a trace. If this explosion had engulfed the entire Dragon Island, then the entire Dragon Island would have sunk.

Along with the dissipation of clouds of dusts, in the most centermost location of explosion, everyone suddenly noticed an indistinct huge figure. And this figure in the midst of this explosion, other than Ren Tianyou who else could it be.

“Impossible, impossible. How can that bastard possibly survive under such an attack, how is this possible?” Seeing that indistinct huge figure, Dragon Emperor hysterically roared. Although he was speaking like this, but his heart however understood, in the midst of this explosion, other than Ren Tianyou, who else was there, still he was saying these words only to comfort himself.

“Since you this big lizard already bring out your true strength, I also got slightly serious. Starting today, you Dragon clan shall officially become extinct from Divine Wind continent.” At that time, an indifferent voice came from the midst of that dusts. Shortly afterwards, a powerful shockwave suddenly burst out from inside, immediately blowing away smoke and dusts which was all over the place, revealing the inside circumstance.

“This…..this is?” Seeing the circumstance inside, Dragon Emperor’s those huge dragon eyes widen, as if he had seen something unimaginable, while stutteringly speaking.

“Is this the ultimate power of Uchiha clan? Truly terrifying ah.” Seeing that huge figure far away, tailed beasts who were in the process of fighting exclaimed in shock in their heart.

In the midair of the explosion place, a giant of 100 meter in height was standing as if mountain. This giant wore a huge old-fashioned armor, its body glimmering with a purple-grey colored flame, and wore a huge helmet on its huge head. Its two eyes were emitting purple-grey colored radiance, and finally there was a huge crystal located in its forehead. And inside this energy crystal, there was Ren Tianyou. This as if mountain huge giant was Ren Tianyou’s Full Body Susanoo which he could use after he had awakened Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

This Full Body Susanoo had no weakness at all. For instance when in half-body Susanoo, Garra could use sand to attack from underground, but when in this Full Body Susanoo, other than directly splitting open with force just like Senju Hasirama, there is no other way.

“I will make you Dragon clan disappear with my Full Body Susanoo.” Standing inside the forehead of Susanoo, Ren Tianyou looked towards Dragon Emperor underneath, and said indifferently. Shortly afterwards his Mangekyo Sharingan spun rapidly, and huge amount of eye power continuously gushed out. After that clenching the right hand, he spat out a word, “Congeal!”

Along with his voice, gradually a huge purple-ash colored sword light congeal in the hand of Full Body Susanoo. This sword light gradually condensed into essence, finally becoming an ultra-long thin sword.

“Roar, wicked human, don’t be complacent, do you really believe you will definitely win? Don’t underestimate me Emperor of Dragon clan’s………” Hearing Ren Tianyou’s those indifferent words filled with killing intent, Dragon Emperor loudly roared. But before he could finish speaking, he suddenly heard a sound of sharp sword unsheathing. Shortly afterwards, a purple lightning light suddenly flashed before his eyes, and a huge lightning sword slash directly cut open the ground of this island, directly flying towards the centermost location of Dragon Island and finally stopped there. After that faint screaming sound could be heard within Dragon Island.

And from the place where this huge lighting sword slash had cut open, the island’s ground directly split open, creating a huge gully, and sea water began to seep into this gully from inside. From far away, one could see this huge Susanoo had already pulled out that Futsu no Mitama Sword with its right hand, and this sword slash which had almost cut this entire island into two was send out from this Futsu no Mitama Sword.

“Isn’t this the might of that time? But the power of this Susanoo should not be limited to this.” Feeling the power of that sword slash he had just send out, Ren Tianyou who was standing on the forehead slowly thought.

“So… powerful.” Sensing the power of sword slash of just a moment ago, the forehead of Dragon Emperor was covered with bean sized sweats. “I shouldn’t continue to fight within Dragon Island, I must force this guy outside the Dragon Island, otherwise Dragon Island will definitely get destroyed under the aftermath of our battle.” Although this Dragon Island was extend as long as 200 or so kilometers, nevertheless with their level, if they wanted then they could destroy the entire island within several minutes, so Dragon Emperor had thought like this.

“Holy Law—-Holy Quake!” Wanting to force this over 100 meter giant to retreat was basically not an easy matter. And ordinary moves were also useless, so he directly spent three drop of Power of Law again directly using Holy law.

Along with the voice of Dragon Emperor, suddenly a soft golden colored radiance appeared in front of Susanoo. This was law’s advantage, namely, unlike a number of large-scale magic, it didn’t required chanting of tedious incantation.

After the appearance of this soft golden radiance, suddenly a powerful anti-seismic force spread all around. The surrounding space seemed to want to break into pieces, and the sea underneath of Susanoo was also directly blown off directly creating a concave depression.

And under this powerful anti-seismic force, Ren Tianyou accompanied by that huge Susanoo was also unexpectedly blown off towards the distant sea.

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  1. Why did he not use substitution jutsu to replace himself with one of his sons??? A true ninja relies on deception more than fancy moves- kakashi sensei

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