In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 253

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IDWWNS, Chapter 253: Holy Law

Holy Law

After getting tightly bound by this huge wooden dragon, Dragon Emperor tried his utmost to struggle free from the binding of this wooden dragon, but was unsuccessful. Moreover the energy within his body was being continuously absorbed by this wooden dragon which was also outside of his control. And after absorbing his energy, this wooden dragon was becoming even bigger, and the binding power was also getting stronger and stronger.

Feeling the rapid loss of his strength, although Dragon Emperor was getting anxious in his heart, but he was also clear that ordinary methods were powerless to break free from the binding of this wooden dragon. So he forcedly calmed down his state of mind, and began to slowly gather his spirit power. And after a short while, his that dragon scale at the top of his dragon head suddenly lit up with holy radiances.

“Holy Law—-Holy Assimilation!” Dragon Emperor roared loudly, and in the sky above his head, suddenly a huge dazzling golden light beam appeared, which descended from the heaven and directly surrounded the body of Dragon Emperor as well as wooden dragon who was binding his body.

“This is…?” Affected by sudden and unexpected golden light, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but slightly squinted his eyes, and used his right hand to cover his eyes, while being alert inwardly, so as to avoid any sudden attack.

At this moment, Ren Tianyou’s eyes suddenly flew open wide, as if something unimaginable matter had occurred in front of him, then muttered, “How is this possible?”

As a matter of fact, just now he suddenly felt his link with wooden dragon was severed as if something had cut it off. Now he had thoroughly lost his control over wooden dragon.

Ren Tianyou woke up with a start, then began to quickly make a series of hand seals, wanting to establish connection with wooden dragon again, however that became a futile effort. There was no effect at all, so while punching a stone pillar by his side, he cursed, “Bastard, I really underestimated this damned lizard. How can God King realm expert’s strength be simple like that.”

Only after continuing for nearly one minute, that sudden and unexpected dazzling light slowly weakened, and radiances were also no longer dazzling as before. After Ren Tianyou’s vision was restored, the scene he saw in the distant place in front of him directly stupefied him.

In the distant place, Dragon Emperor had already regained his freedom, and was currently floating in the midair while viciously glaring at him. That gaze was as if wanting to spout fire and wanted to swallow him whole. But neither this nor Dragon Emperor’s such big movement, in addition, the disappearance of his link with wooden dragon which meant Dragon Emperor had struggled free from his wooden dragon, was the matter that stunned Ren Tianyou.

But what truly stunned him was that long golden dragon fluttering by the side of Dragon Emperor. Looking at that dragon’s appearance, it was basically exactly the same as his wooden dragon, merely its body was no longer wooden body, but was completely form by dazzling golden holy elements.

“Never thought I would waste 5 drop of precious Power of Law because of this bastard, damn it.” Looking at Ren Tianyou standing on the ground at a distant place, Dragon Emperor regretfully thought inside his heart.

This Power of Law was something God King realm experts had comprehend and condensed. And relying on this Power of Law, God King realm experts could employ transcended element power, and directly use law’s strength.

But this Power of Law was also very precious. One Primary God King realm expert required at least 1000 years of time to be able to condense a single drop. This shows how valuable the Power of Law was.

And Holy Law—Holy Assimilate used by Dragon Emperor just a moment ago could remove all power inside the body and change his target (not include living animals). And under the premise of not changing the appearance of his target, all its power would change into holy element.

For instance Ren Tianyou’s wooden dragon. Now although its current appearance was still exactly the same as before, but all the power of wood style within its body was already removed and changed into holy element. Furthermore Ren Tianyou lost his control over it, and now it was already under the control of Dragon Emperor.

“Damned bastard, taste your own move.” Dragon Emperor loudly roared, and directly commanded that golden dragon by his side to attack Ren Tianyou, while he himself began to fly back.

“F**k, what a blunder.” Looking at the golden dragon flying towards him, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but cursed, but he didn’t retreat. And after this huge golden dragon arrived in front of him, it just flew around him.

“What the hell?” Seeing this golden dragon was simply wandering around but not attacking him, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but become confused. But just at that time, his Sharingan however suddenly saw the holy elements within the body of this huge golden dragon was in the process of unceasingly gathering at its centermost location. In this centermost location, the dazzling golden light was in the process of unceasingly thumping as if heart, and also was unceasingly expanding outside, as if at any time want……..want to explode.

“Explode? Don’t tell me………? Not good!” Thinking this, Ren Tianyou instantly knew this was bad. Immediately after that his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan spun rapidly, and huge amount of eye power gushed out from his both eyes.

“F**king bastard, change into powder and disappear in the void, now give me an explosion!” Flying far off in the sky, and after retreating to the safe distance, Dragon Emperor discarded his previous thought of avoiding the destruction of Dragon Island, and circulated his energy, giving order to that golden dragon far away in the sky.

Along with the voice of Dragon Emperor, the dazzling golden light around the body of golden dragon in itself suddenly become dim, as if these golden radiances were withdrawn within his body, then large amount of golden light suddenly flashed out from within its body. Dazzling radiances appeared along with extremely loud explosion sound. And with Ren Tianyou as a center, this explosion instantly engulfed the surroundings within a radius of three kilometers.

A powerful storm spread in all direction. Even the far away tailed beasts who were currently fighting with three princes were directly blown away by this storm, so with no other choice they had to suspend their battle and make great effort to stabilize their body.

“Damn it, this is coming from Little You’s battlefield, then Little You he……….” Looking at the distant point explosion, even these three tailed beasts couldn’t help but felt fear in their heart. In the midst of such tremendous explosion which engulfed everything within the radius of three kilometers, even these proud tailed beasts don’t have confidence to survive.

Even far away Dragon Emperor who was the user of this technique had never expected the explosion to be actually this powerful, so even he was blown tumbling away. And everything within the range of this terrifying explosion including the surrounding periphery location of Dragon Island, all buildings, trees and high mountains were instantly changed into nothing, but fortunately it didn’t damage the centermost location of Dragon Island.

However, the shockwaves of explosion swept the entire Dragon Island. Even Sanbi and Camilla who were far-off in the sea were swept away with this shockwave. After that they couldn’t help but look over this direction.

“Humph, damn human, in the midst of this explosion, even if your strength is exceedingly high, you do not have any chance to survive. For the sake of killing you, I destroyed two-tenth of Dragon Island’s area.” Looking at that huge explosion far away, Dragon Emperor ferociously though in his heart. He believe that in the midst of such explosion, even if Ren Tianyou’s strength was extremely high, it was basically impossible for him to survive.

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  1. I have only one thing that came to mind when I rad the last paragraph (about Tianyou not being able to survive that no matter how strong he was).

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