In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 251

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IDWWNS, Chapter 251: Dragon God’s Heavenly Incantation

Dragon God’s Heavenly Incantation

Although the move of Ren Tianyou was very fast, instantly launching Amaterasu, but as an emperor of Dragon clan, how could the reaction speed of Dragon Emperor be slow. The split-second he saw the changes in Ren Tianyou’s eyes, at that moment, he had already set up huge dragon shaped defense shield in his front five meter away.

And after the instant this shield appeared, a pitch-black flame suddenly appeared above this shield, violently burning it. Dragon Emperor’s that golden colored majestic dragon power however become the fuel of Amaterasu, accelerating the burning speed of Amaterasu.

“Eh, didn’t expect the reaction speed of this big lizard was actually fast like this, directly blocking my Amaterasu.” Seeing Amaterasu was blocked, Ren Tianyou thought while being little bit surprised inwardly. The inextinguishable flame of Amaterasu would burn anything including people which was focused by his vision. Moreover everybody was powerless to extinguish it, and as for blocking it, there was only three method. First: Like Nagato use Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push) to directly flick Amaterasu away; Second: Like Raikage, use inhuman speed to directly dodge; Third: Like this Dragon Emperor, be extremely alert against Amaterasu in advance, then use shield or any defense move to block it without letting  Amaterasu touch your body.

“Such terrifying flame, actually treating my dragon power as a fuel to burn, if it had burned my body, then…………” Looking at this pitch-black flame, a lingering fear appeared in the heart of Dragon Emperor, but just at that time, the black flame burning Dragon God’s Defense Shield changed.

“Enton—-Kagutsuchi! (Inferno Style—-Flame Control!)” After seeing his Amaterasu was blocked, Ren Tianyou quickly use right eye’s doujutsu Kagutsuchi (Flame Control). After that the black flame that was originally sticking to that shield suddenly deformed quickly. Then quickly stretching out on both side, the stretched out black colored flame points rapidly stabbed towards the back of Dragon Emperor.

“Not good!” Seeing this extremely terrifying black flame suddenly flying towards him, Dragon Emperor jumped in fear, then flew up high in the sky. After that he began to quickly chant incantation, causing his whole body surround with countless golden colored talismans. After that powerful energy unceasingly gathered towards him, and under the control of Dragon Emperor, the holy elements began to draw a mysterious golden colored magic formation.

“This is……….?” Seeing unusual condition in the sky as well as that unceasingly fluttering golden colored talismans, Ren Tianyou frowned, as he had an ominous foreboding.

“Dragon God’s Heavenly Incantation—-Holy Yuan!” Along with the roar of Dragon Emperor, these unceasingly circling talismans suddenly changed into talismans cataract falling down towards underneath Ren Tianyou.

“Not good!” Seeing those talismans, Ren Tianyou instantly knew this was bad. He pulled out Uchiha Round Fan with his right hand which released a purple ash colored energy protective screen in front of his body.

“Hong!” This golden colored cataract made up of talismans directly collided against the protective screen raised by Uchiha Round Fan. And a great invisible shock wave quickly spread all around, crushing the ground around him, creating a huge crater.

And Ren Tianyou holding Uchiha Round Fan suddenly felt heavy, as a powerful impact force unceasingly oppressed him, forcing him to continuously move backwards, making a long dragging impression on the ground.

“What a powerful impact force.” Feeling he was being continuously pushed back, Ren Tianyou exclaimed in surprised within his heart. And just when he was preparing to think countermeasures, those talismans opposing his Uchiha Round Fan suddenly changed greatly. Tiny golden energy dragon came out from inside these talismans, and changing into two floods, they crossed the obstruction of his protective screen, and flew towards Ren Tianyou. Moreover the ground below Ren Tianyou also crack open suddenly, from where large amount of tiny energy dragons came out and stuck on the legs of Ren Tianyou.

“Not good!” Seeing the sudden changes, Ren Tianyou was startled. Instantly after that his right Mangekyo spun rapidly, and huge amount of eye power gushed out. Shortly after that these small energy dragons which had completely covered his body, changed into golden colored light, then with a ‘hong’ ear-deafening explosion sound, all of them exploded, and a powerful shockwave spread in all direction. This terrifying explosion instantly engulfed everything within the radius of 20 meters.

At this time, a figure flew out from the smoke of explosion, and after landing on the ground, he finally stabilized himself only after sliding a short distance backward. This figure precisely was Ren Tianyou.

This moment, the forehead of Ren Tianyou was covered with cold sweat, and his eyes were flashing with lingering fear, “Close call, just now I nearly became a ghost, very dangerous.”

Ren Tianyou wiped the cold sweats from his forehead with lingering fear in his heart. Fortunately just a moment ago, he had had timely used right eye’s kamui and escaped unscathed. Just a moment ago, even if he had used Susanoo, it would be of no use, because those tiny energy dragons were already stuck on his legs, so half body Susanoo was basically useless at that situation. Moreover Ren Tianyou was glad that the duration of that explosion was not that long, otherwise even his kamui would have been useless.

Just after Ren Tianyou had only taken a breathe, a golden colored radiance suddenly broke out from the smoke in front of him and advanced towards Ren Tianyou.

“F**k, still coming!” Seeing the golden colored talismans tide was still chasing him, Ren Tianyou immediately cursed. Then stamping the ground with his right leg he immediately flew backward. But those large amount of energy talismans still followed behind him closely.

“Want to run, that’s not easy. Damned human, I will definitely blow off your body.” Looking at Ren Tianyou who was flying and dodging, Dragon Emperor cursed. Shortly afterwards, he used his mind to control that cataract formed from those countless golden color talismans.

Then this golden talisman suddenly divide into two, and pressed Ren Tianyou from both side.

Ren Tianyou who was in the process of flying in front, suddenly saw golden energy talismans were flying towards him from the front too. Now both his front and back was blocked.

Seeing this situation, Ren Tianyou gritted his teeth, and directly flew vertically up towards the sky. While flying his left eye’s pattern was unceasingly spinning.

And those talismans underneath directly joined together and chased after Ren Tianyou. But at this moment, Ren Tianyou’s left eye was also focusing straightly towards the cataract formed from golden colored talismans.


Along with the loud yell of Ren Tianyou, in the space in front of this cataract, suddenly a small black speck appeared. Shortly afterwards this small black speck quickly enlarged, causing the surrounding space to rupture, creating a huge space black hole which completely swallowed this troublesome golden colored cataract formed from talismans. After completely swallowing them, this space black hole slowly disappeared.

“What?” After seeing his Dragon God’s Heavenly Incantation was swallowed, Dragon Emperor was not only shocked, but he also felt his connection with Dragon God’s Heavenly Incantation had thoroughly disappeared.

And in the sky, Ren Tianyou’s forehead was again covered with cold sweats, as he was feeling slight pain in his eyes. Although after his eyes evolved to Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, he own eternal light, but after repetitively using doujutsu like this, right now his eyes were already feeling tired.

“This guy is really hard to deal with, worthy of being God King realm expert.” Looking at Dragon Emperor’s that huge dragon body, Ren Tianyou thought in his heart. That troublesome attack of just a moment ago nearly made him miserably fail his task, so finally with no other choice he had to use kamui to swallow them.

“Now there is only one-third of chakra left, so let’s first use this move to try him and see whether this can finish him off or not.” Finished thinking, Ren Tianyou descended on the ground, then placed Uchiha Round Fan on his back. After that he began to quickly make a series of hand seals, causing the remaining chakra within his body to deplete rapidly.

And seeing the action of Ren Tianyou, Dragon Emperor also become very alert.

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  1. Seeing the short teaser of the next chapter that is up, I can’t help but feel that he might have used Edo Tensei to revive a dragon or two, forcing the dragons to fight their own kin. Just a guess though

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