In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 250

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IDWWNS, Chapter 250: Roasting Dragon meat

Roasting Dragon meat

Along with the support of that huge amount of chakra within the body of Ren Tianyou, as well as under the use of that refined boundless life-force of Forever Green, countless huge trees immediately grew out from the ground, and the terrain within one kilometer circumference instantly changed, changing into dense forest.

A number of dragons who were too late to defend were directly bounded by countless sturdy vines. These vines gradually absorbed the energy within their body, causing them to gradually lose their power to resist. Moreover on the top of these huge trees, there was a brightly colored incomparably huge pink flowers. Each and every one of them were a bud ready to burst, looked very enchanting.

“Roar, damn it, everyone be careful of these trees, be sure to not get entangled in them.” Seeing the circumstance around, Dragon Emperor who was trapped within Ren Tianyou’s doujutsu—-The Other Side was utterly helpless to do anything, so he could only warn others. In the separate space created by Ren Tianyou, although Ren Tianyou himself was powerless to do anything to him, nevertheless Dragon Emperor had also no means to meddle in the matter of outside from inside. Furthermore there was still 17 seconds left before The Other Side loses its efficacy, but these 17 seconds was more than enough for everything to take a turn for the worse.

Now Ren Tianyou was standing in the sky, and with his hands joined, huge amount of chakra was continuously gushing out from him. And after receiving this huge amount of chakra, the flowers on the top of trees in the forest created by his wood style slowly began to bloom. One petal after another slowly opened, and a pale yellow colored pollen from flower’s bud dissipated out and drifted away in the air.

And those dragons in the sky were baffled while looking at this hundreds of flowers blooming circumstance. Seeing this scene which could cause people to get addicted, their huge dragon eyes were flashing with disbelief expression. As for Dragon Emperor trapped in separate space, although he was also surprised seeing this universally shocking circumstance, nevertheless ominous foreboding suddenly appeared in his spirit consciousness. But before he could open his mouth to warn others, the effect of these pollens already started to show.

After they inhaled the pollens, those dragons flying in the sky began to feel fragrant air which could cause people to be infatuated with was entering their body. But before they could feel comfortable, their body began to slowly show reaction.

They began to feel severe nerve pain all over their body, then felt numbness in their four limbs. After that with no feeling all over their body, these huge dragons began to uncontrollably fall down from the sky.

Seeing those huge dragons falling down from the sky just like raindrops, although this raindrop was a little too big, the heart of Dragon Emperor was filled with surprise and anger.

With his judgment, coupled with seeing the reaction of dragons, Dragon Emperor instantly understood this pollen was toxic. But their Dragon clan’s body in itself possessed powerful poison/toxin resistance ability, so they had always treated toxins as a joke, but now however what happened? Under this anonymous toxic pollen, they Dragon clan instead turned into a joke. Due to this toxic pollen, each and every dragons fell down from the sky, and their huge dragon body were firmly bounded by those underneath trees. They were unable to move as well as the energy within their body was being involuntarily absorbed by these trees, changing into fertilizer for this wood style. Seeing his people’s tragic fate, the heart of Dragon Emperor was flooded with flames of fury. At this moment, although those dragons were still not dead, but every one of them were already more dead than alive.

Mokuton—-Kajukai Korin (Wood Style—-Deep Forest Bloom) was a type of Jukai Kotan (Deep Forest Creation) secret wood style technique. The dense forest created by this technique not only possessed the binding ability of Jukai Kotan (Deep Forest Creation), but it also had a bud of flower on the top of trees, which would release neurotoxin pollen. Once this pollen is inhaled, the entire nervous system inside the body would paralyze, then lose the control of their body.

Trapped within the separated space created by Ren Tianyou’s The Other Side, Dragon Emperor was glaring at Ren Tianyou with his eyes which seemed to want to spout a fire. Right now, there was still another 7 seconds left for him to be get freed from this prison. But these 7 seconds however were sufficient for Ren Tianyou to thoroughly resolve this matter.

“Let me add a fire, hope roasted dragon meat taste a little better.” Looking at those dragons underneath who had already lost their ability to resist, Ren Tianyou displayed a cruel smile as he spoke. And when Dragon Emperor who was still trapped in the separate space saw this smile, he instantly had a very bad premonition. Shortly afterwards, he saw Ren Tianyou quickly making a series of hand seals, so he instantly roared, “Bastard, stay your hand ah.”

But would Ren Tianyou listen to Dragon Emperor and stop? The answer was only one word, which was “No!” Along with the Dragon Emperor’s that sad roar, Ren Tianyou’s cold-blooded voice resounded. “Katon—-Goka Mekkyaku! (Fire Style—-Majestic Destroyer Flame!)”

Along with Ren Tianyou’s voice, before that beyond description grief and indignation of Dragon Emperor as well as that fear on the eyes of those trapped dragons, Ren Tianyou spat out a large ranged burning hot flame from his mouth towards underneath forest.

The underneath huge forest was instantly shrouded in flames. With all the trees directly burning, this dense forest changed into fire forest.

And from within this huge fire forest, loud dragon roars filled with sufferings came out. Burned by fire, countless dragons send out a suffering roars of despair.

Seeing the circumstance of this side, the four princes risked their life wanting to return back to this side, but how could four tail beasts let them have their way. Currently their strength was barely comparable to tailed beasts, so it was basically impossible for them to get away.

After about three seconds, a loud dragon roar came through underneath flame. Then a huge golden dragon which was over 20 meters in height instantly broke out from flame underneath and instantly appeared in front of Ren Tianyou, then opening its huge dragon mouth, it immediately spat out its dragon breath towards Ren Tianyou.

Just before the dragon breath reached Ren Tianyou, suddenly purple ash colored lightning appeared around the body of Ren Tianyou, forming a huge skeleton. Along with ‘hong’ sound, Ren Tianyou accompanied by the huge Susanoo around him was sent flying towards the ground by this attack’s powerful impact.

Only after Ren Tianyou successively break through two huge stone pillars, he landed on the ground giving rise to a huge cloud of dusts.

After this cloud of dusts dissipated, a huge crater had appeared on that location, and Ren Tianyou was standing in the center of this crater unscathed.

Looking at that huge golden dragon in the sky, he saw the dragon scales on its body was emitting dazzling golden light, furthermore its body was emitting very powerful aura. “Changed into your true form? Now that’s a little bit more troublesome.” Looking at that terrifying dragon in the sky, Ren Tianyou frowned. In the end Dragon Emperor was after all Mid-God King realm expert, was already a top notch expert of this world. So when he got angry, he would become very terrifying.

And at this moment, the dragon roars in suffering slowly disappeared completely. Without looking below, one would easily know what had happened to them. Now even if Dragon Emperor went to their rescue, he was already too late. So looking downwards towards Ren Tianyou, he roared in rage, “Damned human, I will definitely peel off your skin, pull out your tendons, drink your blood, and burn your soul in Dragon God’s flame for 5 million years.”

“Talk about that only after you are able to survive this battle.” Hearing Dragon Emperor’s words filled with dense killing intent, Ren Tianyou said without caring about it. But he nevertheless was pondering next countermeasure in his heart. “Now I have already spent more than one-third of chakra, so even if I use that move, according to that move’s chakra consumption, I won’t be able to sustain it for very long. Now it would be better to first deplete his strength, then after replenishing my chakra, make my move.”

Thinking of this, Ren Tianyou made his next action plan, then staring at Dragon Emperor with his Mangekyo Sharingan, he thought, “Let’s try the effect of Amaterasu.”

Finished thinking, his left pupil spun rapidly, then focusing firmly at Dragon Emperor’s body, huge amount of eye power slowly gushed out from his left eye.

“This feeling…………? Not good, Dragon God’s Defense Shield!” Seeing the changes in the eyes of Ren Tianyou, Dragon Emperor immediately felt a chill in his heart, then Dragon Emperor instantly raised his vigilance, and set up a huge Dragon God’s Defense Shield in front of his body without wasting any time.

“Amaterasu!” Just after the shield of Dragon Emperor took shape, Ren Tianyou’s Amaterasu was also launched at that moment.

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