In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 25

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 25: Eat one’s own fruit (T.L: idiom – suffering the consequences of one’s own action)

Ren Tianyou was very happy to see the electric currents appear around his body, this meant, he had finally mastered lightning nature change. Now he could use many other jutsu, such as Chidori Stream (Chidori Nagashi), if enemies was near his body, then this will make enemy wish he was dead!

In original Naruto world, Sasuke had used this jutsu for the first time when Naruto and Sai had caught him. Even Naruto who was the host (jinchuuriki) of 9 tailed-beast with abnormal physique was unable to resist against this jutsu! Furthermore there were still Chidori SenbonI and Chidori Laser Spear (Chidori Eiso) ninjutsu. Moreover there was even lighting style—Kirin! Now he had the ability to learn all these ninjutsu. And what’s more, he himself could also create his own original lightning attribute ninjutsu.

In Naruto world, which famous ninja didn’t have their own original ninjutsu! For example, Yellow flash of Kohona created Flying god thunder jutsu level two (Hiraishin — Ni no Dan) as well as rasengan, which didn’t need any hand seals. And Kakashi had also created his own original jutsu, Chidori! And based on this Chidori jutsu, Sasuke had created Chidori Stream, Chidori senbon and Chidori Eiso. After that he finally created lightning style—Kirin ninjutsu! Even this stupid Naruto had created his own original ninjutsu, most of them were based on rasengan, and finally developed a first class wind style—rasenshuriken.

As a result, if Ren Tianyou wanted to walk farther, then he must create his own original ninjutsu. It was necessary, because the ninjutsu which was created by himself, not only would be more suitable for him, but also help him to more clearly understand the meaning of ninjutsu. But these things were still far away for current Ren Tianyou, because he hadn’t reached shadow level, he was only elite senior ninja. So he had decided to create his own original ninjutsu after he reach shadow level.

At this time, he was still calm and very happy, however all the other guests who were staying in Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant were about to explode with fury! It was very early in the morning, each and every one were having their beauty sleep, or were having their breakfast pleasantly. But suddenly this string of ear-piercing cry of the birds caused those who were having a beautiful dream were suddenly startled awake from their beautiful dream, where they were talking with a beautiful woman, and suddenly the homerun ball hit them. And the reason for all of this was the cry of birds, how could anyone not get angry to be awaken harshly like that when they were having such comfortable dream. Each and every one wore their clothes and came out from their room with a murderous expression, and all of them wanted to look at which grandson dared to disturb their dream. And they were thinking to catch him and making him kneel down without letting him escape. Those who were having breakfast pleasantly, when they were slowly savoring the fine wine, the sudden ear-piercing birds cry frightened them so much that they sprinkled all of the wine in their face and some had directly gulped down whole wine in a single breath. Immediately anger soared and they started to stand one by one.

At this time when all the other were about to explode with anger, Ren Tianyou was deeply thinking about developing original ninjutsu. Suddenly he heard the noises coming from outside his room and wondered what was going on outside! He got up from the bed, opened the door and walked out from his room! He only wanted to look what was going on, but he was completely startled. Because he saw that countless disheveled guests were grabbing those servants of Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant and asking them questions. He approached one of them and listened, instantly after listening he was completely drenched in cold sweat.

“You give I, your father a clear explanation, where did the sound of those birds chriping came from inside this restaurant in this early morning and disturbed my dream.”

“I, your father was having a sweet dream, where I was talking with a fine woman, and was just prepared to mount her, but these cry of the birds awoke me from my dream. Now you say, how are you going to compensate my loss!”

“Yes, that’s right. Just let me know who the one behind this was. I must make the experts of my clan to chase and kill him.”


Listening to these roars of other tenants, his sweat was already falling like waterfall. It seem the birds’ cry they were talking about was his Chidori Stream. He rubbed the sweat in his forehead, and again looked at those tenants with the expression like they wanted to explode his chrysanthemum. Suddenly he sensed that his chrysanthemum tightened, he started to tremble and slowly retreated several steps!

“Good gracious, fortunately I used Chidori Stream only once, and because the sound travelled very quickly, they were unable to point out where it was originated from, otherwise………………..” He simply didn’t dared to think any more about what these people had done him otherwise.

“Everyone, we are extremely sorry. We have already sent someone to investigate the source of birds cry. And concerning to everyone’s loss, we Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant feel extremely sorry. In order to compensate everyone, today all the guest can consume foods for free in the morning!” At this time a middle aged beautiful dame walked out from the rear of restaurant’s yard and apologized towards all the guests. But inside her heart she was violently cursing, “Don’t let I, your old mother to know who caused trouble at my Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant, otherwise I will definitely not forgive you for actually causing such a huge loss for us.”

You should know that by giving free foods in the morning, the restaurant will lose the revenue of at least 100,000 gold coins. The cost of accommodation was very cheap in this restaurant, so all the crucial income was generated from food and drinks! Now think about it, how can this dame not hate the person who had cause such a huge loss?

Ren Tianyou was completely in awkward situation, when he heard the voice of Long You from his back, “Tianyou, you were also woken up!”

Ren Tianyou turned back and saw, Long You and others were coming towards him. Long Luoluo and other two beautiful girls were clearly half asleep, as they had a sleepy expression on their face!

“Un-huh, Yes!” With no other choice he was forced to agree with them.

“Ai, I don’t know which grandson dared to made such a huge ruckus very early in the morning while everyone is sleeping!” Li Feng cursed.

“Yes that’s right. Don’t let me catch that grandson, otherwise I will let him taste our Luo clan’s stars breaking hand.” Luo Tianxing clenched his hand and said.

“Hump, if that grandchild is a male then sell him as a slave and if female then, heh heh, you all understand right!” Lan Yan said with a smile.

“Hump, look at your filthy appearance. If that troublemaker happens to be male and I got him in my hand, then I will directly kick him in his balls and castrate him!” Long Luoluo said disdainfully. This sentence cause all the male present there, to sense chill on their back.

As they were talking, they didn’t notice that the expression of Ren Tianyou was getting darker and darker and thought, “F**k, this is like getting shot even when lying down, ah!” He couldn’t even refute the cursing of Luo Tianxing and others, but was also forced to listen. And especially that sentence of Long Luoluo, caused Ren Tianyou to suddenly sense a slight chill in his crotch.

“F**k, I, your father will tolerate for now. Look forward to next time, how I will make you all suffer.” Ren Tianyou roared unhappily inside his heart.

“Eh, Tianyou, the color of your face looks so bad, is there a problem!” Luo Tianxing noticed the face of Ren Tianyou and asked curiously.

“Ah, probably because I didn’t get enough sleep!”

“Hmm, so you were also awoken by that grandchild’s birds cry, and couldn’t sleep well.” Lan Yan said.

“Ah, this………..that? Should be it!” Ren Tianyou was tongue-tied, and black lines started to appear in his forehead and said slowly. But inside his heart he was slapping his mouth and was roaring, “You despicable mouth saying I didn’t sleep well, now I gave them another chance to curse myself.”

“Well, since we’re already woke up. Let’s go and eat breakfast!” Luo Tianxing invited everyone for a breakfast.

“Ah, that’s right. Everyone is already here so let’s go to eat breakfast. I’m starving.” Ren Tianyou quickly said. Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but urge them to go for a breakfast.

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    1. Not all Raiton have the distinctive sound of Chidori.
      He should learn the 3rd Raikage’s Raiton Chakra Mode for the speed boost.

  1. Imagine he save luo luo in a battle using chidori nagashi but his ball got kicked 10 time as payment…

  2. He should use the Thousand Years Of Pain lol as his new jutsu and evolve it into Ten Thousand Years xD

    1. so it should change its name into ”In a Different World With the Naruto System but focus on Sasuke or Uchiha clan”

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