In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 246

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IDWWNS, Chapter 246: War Start

War Start

In the endless ocean’s west sea, Ren Tianyou and Sanbi Isobu had been searching for already more than half a day, but there was still not any discovery. This made Ren Tianyou very vexed.

At that time, Sanbi Isobu underneath of Ren Tianyou suddenly sensed a place nearly 4 kilometers away in south-east direction. And with his detection ninjutsu, he detected many living things with powerful energy present in that place. And among those many powerful living things, there was one unthinkably powerful existence. Even he himself was not confidence to be able to win against that existence.

“Little You, found it, 4 kilometers away in southeast direction, there is an island which possess many living things with powerful energy, ought to be the place you are looking for.” After discovering the target, Sanbi Isobu immediately told this information to Ren Tianyou.

“Ha ha, I finally found these damned lizards, just wait for me.” After hearing Sanbi Isobu, Ren Tianyou’s that gloomy expression because of fruitless search, now immediately changed into excited expression and he said. After that looking at the time, he said, “Jade maiden and others should already be talking action. Isobu, immediately take me to that place, and I will also start to take action.”

“Okay.” Sanbi Isobu answered, then immediately began to swim towards the discovered target place.


“Huh, just now it seems there was a perception power spread all over the place, who was it?” At a faraway island, a middle-aged man wearing golden battle armor was sitting cross-legged inside a golden palace. This moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and thought confusedly. Just a moment ago, he had suddenly sensed a scouting power spreading all over this islands, but disappeared very soon. “Just to be sure, I should go and take a look.” Thinking this, this middle-aged man directly changed into golden light and disappeared from that location.


“Didn’t expect Dragon Island to be so big.” Seeing that island with radius of over 20 li not far away in front of him, Ren Tianyou thought inside his heart. “But now that I have discover it, the existence of this island is no longer necessary.”

Looking at that defense barrier shining with golden light around the Dragon Island, Ren Tianyou said to Sanbi Isobu, “Isobu, prepare to use bijudama, I will use kamui to open a gap in this barrier, then you fire your bijudama inside this Dragon Island.”

“Okay.” Sanbi Isobu answered, then immediately opened its huge mouth. And a powerful yin and yang chakra slowly gathered in the proportion of 2:8, forming a huge black colored chakra ball, which emitted a heavy pressure.

And when Sanbi was gathering bijudama, Ren Tianyou also began to rise up to the sky, and stood in high altitude. Then after looking at the barrier in front of him, he slightly closed his eyes, and opened his eyes again immediately after. But his two eyes had already changed into his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan form.

After that the pupil of his left eye began to spin rapidly, and a powerful eye power gushed out from that left eye. His left eye’s sight was focused on the barrier in front of him.



After gathering bijudama, Sanbi Isobu directly fired it towards the barrier in front of it. The sea surface throughout the way this bijudama was passing as if a huge power split it open, formed a long waterless zone, which was just like a path in the middle of sea.

The moment bijudama flew out, Ren Tianyou immediately launched his left eye’s kamui, and in the location of barrier where his sight was focused, a small black speck slowly appeared. This black speck quickly enlarged forming a huge space black hole. Instantly after that, the barrier around it twisted forming a huge gap. And the bijudama flew inside the barrier from that huge gap.

At that time, the matter which was not within the expectation of Ren Tianyou happened abruptly. Suddenly a golden light flew out from a distant place of this island and appeared in front of this gap in barrier. And before the disbelief looks of Ren Tianyou, a loud dragon roar come from inside that golden light, “Roar, Divine Heaven Jealousy!”

Along with this voice, huge golden colored radiances flew out from inside, illuminating the entire gap, which directly hit the bijudama, causing it to change its direction. The bijudama of Sanbi flew out, falling in the far off endless sea.

Along with a ‘hong’ very loud explosion sound, a huge explosion occurred in the sea surface of far away. And a terrifying energy storm engulfed the surrounding of more than one kilometer range. The water within this more than one kilometer range instantly evaporated and disappeared, forming an eternally impressive sight. After that terrifying sea waves unceasingly surged.

“This is…………” Ren Tianyou descended from the sky, and ignoring that faraway explosion, he looked at that golden light inside the gap of that barrier. He had never expected that, exactly at that time, a person would unexpectedly fly out and directly knock bijudama to another direction, completely foiling his plan.

Moreover, the matter Ren Tianyou care the most was, that lightly touching kind of hit had actually caused the bijudama of Sanbi to change its direction. One must know that, bijudama contain powerful chakra gathered by tailed beast, and was extremely heavy, which was not easy to deal with, but this person actually knocked flying bijudama without extra effort. This shows his/her strength was extremely high.

“Is this guy that God King realm expert of Dragon Island?” Ren Tianyou guessed inside his heart.

At this moment, that huge golden light slowly dissipated, revealing a middle-aged man wearing golden battle armor. This was the same middle-aged man who had sensed Sanbi’s probing.

Now seeing that destruction caused by bijudama in that distant place, cold sweat appeared on the forehead of this middle-aged man. He endlessly feared inside his heart, if it was not for his timely appearance, and had this thing fallen inside Dragon Island, then under the unaware state of his Dragon clan, his Dragon clan would have suffered very heavy casualties.

Thinking this, this middle-aged man looked towards that huge sea magical beast and that young man on the back of this magical beast in front of him. But just at that time, he felt his soul quivering, then his eyes were immediately fill with dense killing intent while looking at Ren Tianyou, because he suddenly sensed numerous soul imprints on the body of Ren Tianyou which could be possessed only by the murderers of Dragon clan. It seems there was at least 20 of those soul imprints.

In fact, honestly speaking, Ren Tianyou also had not thought he would actually kill so many dragons. But as if Ren Tianyou and Dragon clan were predetermined by fate, when Ren Tianyou made a move for the first time, he ran into Dragon clan, and at that time, when Ren Tianyou intercepted Ximen clan for Divinity crystal, he killed a dragon too.

Afterwards in Soaring Dragon Mountain Villa, Ren Tianyou finished off over 20 dragons all at once. And now not long before, again another one dragon fell in the hand of Ren Tianyou. So this Dragon clan who usually set themselves high above the masses constantly suffered losses in the hand of Ren Tianyou. Now he had already become a slaughterer of Dragon household.

Thanks to the powerful activity created by bijudama of Sanbi, all the dragons on Dragon Island were woke up with a start. Loud dragon roars unceasingly resounded within the island, reverberating throughout the entire horizon. And the sea magical beasts in the sea faraway ran away for their life from that place after hearing these unceasing dragon roars.

Many dragons flew out from within Dragon Island towards this place. Among them four golden dragon were the first to arrive here. They descended by the side of this middle-aged man. After the appearance of four golden light, from inside these four golden light, four young men wearing golden Chinese clothing walked out. Among them, there was Camilla who Ren Tianyou had already met in Magic Domain.

And after these four dragons had arrived, many other dragons arrived here in succession, covering the entire sky. Roughly estimating, there was nearly three hundred dragons. With all of them concentrated here, powerful dragon might spread in all direction.

“Very extravagance ah, never thought welcoming ceremony for me would actually be this powerful.” Looking at those thickly dotted dragons, cold sweat involuntarily appeared on the forehead of Ren Tianyou. Mainly because the scene before him was overwhelming. The shock of seeing more than 300 dragons covering the sky in front of him was not something words could express.

“Emperor Father, what is going on here?” Camilla walked forward, and ask that middle-aged man with unsightly face.

This person was Emperor of Dragon Clan Flora—-Andela. And those four young man behind him were his sons, four princes of Dragon clan, eldest prince Camilla, second prince Brenda, third prince Brook, and fourth prince Cloy.

Next Camilla looked towards the direction his Emperor Father was looking at, then seeing Ren Tianyou not too far away, his complexion instantly become very red, “This bastard, didn’t expect even though I didn’t go to look for him, he actually came here himself looking for death.”

“Eldest brother, who is he?” Second prince Brenda walked to Camilla and asked.

“Who else could he be but the human who killed more than 20 of our clansmen?” Camilla replied.

“That bastard.” Hearing Camilla, the complexion of those three princes blackened, then they glared at Ren Tianyou and Sanbi with dense killing intent all over their face. And those hundreds of dragons behind them also glared at Ren Tianyou with murderous look.

“All those who have yet to enter boundary of God’s domain, retreat back to Dragon God Valley. And those of boundary of God’s domain and above get ready for a battle.” Flora said towards those dragons behind him.

“We obey your command, Your Majesty Dragon Emperor.” After the command of Dragon Emperor, instantly two-thirds of dragons flew back. Now only 100 or so dragons were left in the scene.

And the unexpected thing for all the Dragon clan was, Ren Tianyou directly jumped down from the back of Sanbi, and landed on the surface of water. After that looking at them, he slowly walked towards them.

War was on the verge of breaking out…………

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  1. Also why didn’t Ren just summon the other two tailed beast and make them use there bijudama higher chance to hit the island and not get intercepted just my thoughts though.

    1. its called keeping trump cards in reserve… plus not sure how shukaku would take to being summoned in the middle of the ocean….

    2. Are you dumb or something? shukaku are sand type well sand and ocean sure go along nicely eh? and Matatabi are even worse his fking whole body are flame it sure go along nicely with ocean too eh?

    1. 5 Chinese Elemtental Pentagram with a circle surrounding it the circle is composed of mysterious tiny symbols…

  2. Isn’t Camilla and Brenda, female names? Is it a mistranslation or the author has gender naming issues?

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