In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 245

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IDWWNS, Chapter 245: Sanbi Isobu (Three Tailed Isobu)

Sanbi Isobu (Three Tailed Isobu)

Opening the door, Ren Tianyou walked out and came to hall. He saw White Tiger and others were currently sitting on the side of window and were about begin eating. It seems the dishes had just arrived, as the chopsticks were still not moved.

“Ha ha, it seems I came just in time to eat.” Ren Tianyou walked over and said while laughing.

“You finally came out, Zero. Just now we saw your room’s door was tightly shut, so we didn’t disturb your cultivation.” Hearing Ren Tianyou’s voice, everyone turned around their head. And White Tiger said to Ren Tianyou.

“He he, just now I was studying that crystal core.” Sitting next to Little Yu and taking the bowls and chopsticks she was giving, Ren Tianyou said, “Jade Maiden, this time you really helped me greatly. The energy inside that crystal core qualitatively enhanced my strength.”

“Didn’t expect you were able to crack the profound mysteries inside that crystal core so quickly. It seems you and that crystal core really had a predestined connection, so it seems handing over this Earth Emperor Crystal to you was a right choice.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Jade Maiden said to Ren Tianyou with a smile. It seems after everyone had talked her round, she has already stepped out from her sadness.

“Okay, everyone let’s talk while eating. This time with the help of Earth Emperor Crystal, my strength is greatly enhanced. So the plan to destroy both Dragon clan and Ximen clan will be shifted to an earlier date.” Ren Tianyou said while eating.

“Then what’s the plan, Zero?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Great Bear asked.

“The plan is like this.” Ren Tianyou drank mouthful of wine, then looking at everybody around, he said, “We will set out after two days and move separately. This time I want to make Ximen clan thoroughly disappear from this continent.

“Great Bear and Jade Maiden. Both of you are responsible for getting rid of all the forces related to Ximen clan in Alier Empire, including their stores, auction houses, trading centers and so on, destroy all of them.” Looking at Great Bear and Jade Maiden, Ren Tianyou said.

““No problem.”” Great Bear and Jade Maiden answered simultaneously.

“Void and Vermilion Bird, you two get rid of all the forces related to Ximen clan in Light Empire.” Turning around and looking at Void and Vermilion Bird, Ren Tianyou said to them.

“Okay, leave it to us.” Vermilion Bird answered.

“As for White Tiger, I leave this Dark Empire to you.” Ren Tianyou turned to White Tiger, and said to him.

“Okay.” White Tiger nodded his head while agreeing to Ren Tianyou.

“Then what about us two? Are you again telling us to stay behind?” Hearing the arrangement of Ren Tianyou, Muyue couldn’t help but gloomily said.

“Elder sister Yue’er, please help me to take care of Little Yu again, you should know that she is not feeling well these past few days.” Ren Tianyou helplessly said while looking at Muyue. He couldn’t let her take part in the matter of Ximen clan.

“Fine, then what about you, Little You?” Muyue reluctantly nodded her head and asked.

“I will personally go to Dragon Island. After ending the matter over there, we will gather in imperial capital ‘Tianlong City’ of Ailer Empire, and finish off Ximen clan, making this Ximen clan to thoroughly disappear. After that we will rush back to meet you two.” Ren Tianyou slowly explained, “Moreover all of you must remember, until I return, don’t do something on your own initiative and go to Tianlong city.”

“Can you deal with Dragon clan by yourself without any problem?” White Tiger solemnly asked Ren Tianyou.

“No problem, you all can rest assured. I also want to take this chance to test out my new moves.” Ren Tianyou drank sky fragrant alcohol from his cup, then with his eyes flashing with pallid light, he said, “This time I will definitely stir up Dragon clan until the sky and the earth is turned upside down.”

“Then okay, since you have already decided, then we’ll also do well. But this time you must be careful, because Dragon clan isn’t that easy to deal with.” White Tiger sighed, then said to Ren Tianyou.

“You all can rest assured. Now this is the case, everyone will take action separately after two days. But I will set out tomorrow.” Ren Tianyou finished speaking, and everybody began to eat seriously.

Originally the beginning plan of Ren Tianyou was to first awaken Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan before going to Dragon Island. But now with unexpected situation, he awakened Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan at an earlier date, this however made Ren Tianyou extremely happy.


Two days later.

In the endless vast west sea, a huge turtle type magical beast with three tails was strolling about in sea surface. And in its back, a person wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it and with round fan on his back was standing.

This person naturally was Ren Tianyou, and that turtle type magical beast underneath him was Naruto World’s Sanbi (Three Tailed) ——Isobu.

This Isobo was Naruto World’s Sanbi, who was owned by Kirigakure (Hidden Mist Village). Its former human host was 4th Mizukage—-Yagura, who was later under the control of Uchiha Obito. And after the death of Yagura, Sanbi was freed.

Finally Sanbi was defeated by Deidara of Akatsuki organization, and brought back to the gathering place of Akatsuki. After that everybody of Akatsuki sealed it.

According to legends Hoshigaki Kisame’s that great sword Samehada was a footman fish under Sanbi, this naturally was merely a legend. But Sanbi itself had ability to control water, so in this endless vast sea, one might well say it was like a fish back in water.

On that day, after Ren Tainyou left everyone and arrived at Shukaku and Matatabi’s place, he exchanged Sanbi. Finally after that he told them about the matter of attacking Dragon Island, so that they would be prepared at all times for his summoning jutsu.

And after arriving to endless vast sea, Ren Tianyou directly summoned Sanbi. In this sea area, the strength of Sanbi would greatly help him to scout round.

“Sanbi, how is it, find anything?” Looking at that huge body underneath him, Ren Tianyou asked.

“No, Little You. My detection type ninjutsu didn’t discover any islands with powerful energy in the sea area around here.” Sanbi replied Ren Tianyou. This Sanbi had low muffled voice, which really gave a kind of naïve feeling.

Sanbi possessed a kind of detecting type ninjutsu in sea area, and with the strength of Sanbi, the sea area around 5 li was within its detection range. In the vicinity of 5 li, it can detect everything that possessed powerful strength, which included both human and things.

“Then let’s go a bit into the front. According to that lizard, this Dragon Island ought to be somewhere not too far away around here.” Ren Tianyou frowned. They had already searched for nearly half a day, but was still not able to discover any trace of Dragon Island.

“Okay. You can rest assured, Little You, as long as it is within the range of 5 li, they absolutely can’t escape my senses.” After speaking, Sanbi began to swim forward again with its three tails unceasingly swinging behind it.

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  1. Samehada of kisame’s that is weapon of kisame is a living thing. Before becoming his sword it was said to be a underling of three tails

    1. It’s safe to say someone will take the initiative to attack the clan even though he told them not to, most likely the two girls left out

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