In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 238

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IDWWNS, Chapter 238: Amaterasu Fails

Amaterasu Fails

“Wind Style—-Rasenshuriken!”

Ren Tianyou had used the mark of Hiraishin no Jutsu on the body of Ximen Wuwang and Ximen Han to directly appear in the middle of everyone from far away valley, then before anyone of them was able to react, he directly hit the body of Ximen Han with the rasenshuriken in his right hand. After that without looking for the result, he directly flew away.

“Not good! Sky Dragon’s Domain!” Seeing that attack contained extremely powerful wind energy, the pupils of Camilla firmly shrunk as he immediately reacted. Suddenly a loud dragon roar sound rose from his body, and a huge dim golden energy screen suddenly spread all around rapidly with his body as a center. That barrier immediately surrounded those yet to react four High God realm Dragon clan as well as Ximen Wuwang, forming a Dragon shaped firm barrier blocking everything in front of their body.

And just after Camilla had finished his move, rasenshuriken burst open with a loud bang, changing into powerful energy storm engulfing everything in the surrounding. Ximen Han gave out a miserable shriek as he was being continuously incised by these countless fine wind blades inside that energy storm. The barrier set up by Camilla was also being unceasingly hit. And because of this, the barrier was swaying and shaking as if it might burst at any time.

Even Camilla who had set up this barrier didn’t have any confidence in this barrier, so he swung his right and charged out forcibly from inside this huge energy storm taking everyone out along with him.

“Number one.” After the barrier stabilized after they came out, Ximen Wuwang recalled Ximen Han was directly hit by that attack. So he suddenly become anxious, then he prepared to forcibly charge in to rescue Ximen Han.

But just then, a vigorous hand caught his shoulder and directly pulled him back, causing him to fly back and fall down on the ground.

“Cough cough, Your Highness Camilla, why did you stop me, Number one is still inside.” Ximen struggled to stand up from the ground. And while struggling to stand up in front of Camilla, he anxiously asked after coughing few times.

“Don’t stop you, then you want me to helplessly look at you going to your death?” Expressionlessly staring at Ximen Wuwang, Camilla said. “As for that youngster of Ximen clan, there isn’t any hope left for him. Under this kind of attack, anyone below True God realm would certainly die beyond doubt. Moreover at that time, he was directly hit by that attack, so even I don’t have any way to rescue him.”

Hearing Camilla, the complexion of Ximen Wuwang suddenly become bleak, and his eyes were filled with sadness, but instantly that sadness was replaced by strong hatred.

“Akatsuki organization, Zero, I will absolutely kill all of you, I will definitely, ah!” The right hand of Ximen Wuwang which was covered with dragon scales firmly grabbed on the ground. Huge grabbed mark appeared on the ground where he had grabbed. Shortly afterwards, he roared loudly, and making his right hand a fist, he hit the ground. Along with ‘peng’ sound, the ground was full of cracks.

At this moment, the huge energy storm created by rasenshuriken slowly stopped. A crater with more than 300 meters in diameter appeared in front of them. And a figure powerlessly fell down from the sky. Looking closely, if not Ximen Han who else it could be.

“Number one!” Seeing Ximen Han was falling, Ximen Wuwang immediately jumped up anxiously, intending to fly over to catch him. But just then, huge chains suddenly appeared in the sky, which curled around the body of Ximen Han and pulled him towards the west side of the huge crater. Along with ‘peng’ sound, the body of Ximen Han fell on the ground and still slide backwards. At that time, a right leg with boot on it firmly stepped on the head of Ximen Han, stopping his sliding backward body. Closely looking, the person stepping on Ximen Han was Ren Tianyou.

“You bastard, get your filthy leg off from Number one’s body. I will kill you, I certainly will.” Seeing Ren Tianyou was stepping on the head of Ximen Han, the eyes of Ximen Wuwang immediately become very red, and as if he went mad, he madly roared towards Ren Tianyou.

“You calm down a little, since I’m here today, this guy can’t run away.” Camilla frowned, then walking over he placed his hand on Ximen Wuwang’s shoulder, hinting him to calm down a bit.

“Huhu………” Hearing Camilla, Ximen Wuwang deeply breathe few times, then his complexion slowly return back to normal, gradually calming down.

“Ha ha, it’s truly funny ah, why should I listen to you, you want me to remove my leg, but I don’t want to.” Hearing Ximen Wuwang’s that roar as if he had gone mad, Ren Tianyou wore ridiculing expression and said. Moreover he exert force in his right leg making the head of Ximen Han to enter the ground.

“This Zero seems a little too excessive ah, actually treating a deceased like that. He is humiliating deceased’s corpse like that, don’t tell me he is not afraid of the wrath of Heaven?” On the far away mountain cliff, seeing the action of Ren Tianyou, that young girl called Miaomiao of Dark Dynasty frowned and said towards Palace Master.

“With his standing, what does he fear?” Dark Palace Master shook his head, and slowly said. What this Miaomiao don’t know was, later on Ren Tianyou would use Edo Tensei (Reanimation Justu) to directly reincarnate those deceased experts, throwing this continent into chaos.

“You bastard……..”Seeing Ren Tianyou’s action, Ximen Wuwang cursed, but his heart however was unceasingly restraining him, by telling himself not to be impulsive, must not be impulsive.

“Are you the one who had killed over 20 of our Dragon clan? I can clearly sense the imprint of our Dragon clan from your body. Only at the time of the death of dragon, these imprints come into being and imprints the murderer’s soul.” Camilla walked forward, then looking at Ren Tianyou, slowly said.

“Yes, I am that person. I indeed killed those dragons.” Ren Tianyou nodded his head. Everyone was already aware of this matter, so there was nothing to deny. Moreover wasn’t he doing all of these things for the sake of forcing Dragon clan to come here because of that? “However that was also your Dragon clan themselves courting death. Who asked them to actually become daring enough to help my enemy Ximen clan while I was dealing with them. Since they did so, I had to kill them too.”

“Since I am not mistaken.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Camilla tightly curled his hands into fists, which released clear and melodious bone cracking sounds. Then lifting his head, he looked at Ren Tianyou with his eyes flashing with stern countenance, “Then you can go to hell, Sky Dragon’s Blast Wave!”

“Roar!” Along with the roar of dragon, a huge dim golden dragon shaped energy wave charged towards Ren Tianyou from the body of Camilla. Throughout the way this attack advanced, a deep gully appeared on the ground.

“Humph!” Ren Tianyou snorted coldly, and he pulled out Uchiha Round Fan from his back with his right hand. Along with a red-purple energy fluctuation flashing around it, Uchiha Round Fan formed a huge chakra screen in front of him. After that that huge energy wave collided at this protective screen, and vanished like the mist.

“Since you have attacked, not reciprocating is against etiquette. So take my move too.” Ren Tianyou slowly pulled back Uchiha Round Fan, both eyes quickly spun and changed into three spiraling curves around the pupil pattern. After that huge amount of eye power sprang out from his right eye, then his right eye quickly became bloodshot. With veins being visible in his eyeballs, it looked very frightening.

“This feeling……..” Seeing the unusual condition of Ren Tianyou’s eye, Camilla had a foreboding. Then thinking for a bit, he noiselessly chanted an incantation. After that an obscure dark colored light flashed around his body, then immediately disappeared.

“Doujutsu—-Amaterasu!” Ren Tianyou coldly spoke. Suddenly above the shoulder of Camilla which was focus of his vision, a deep black flame abruptly appeared and directly fell on his shoulder.

“Ah!” Camilla issued a blood-curdling scream, and wanted to put out this flame, but nothing was effective. This flame immediately spread all around his body quickly, and completely surrounded his body. Finally Camilla powerlessly fell down on the ground, rolled for a few time and became motionless.

“Your Highness Camilla.” Seeing the miserable condition of Camilla, Ximen Wuwang and those four Dragon clan immediately roared in shock, but due to that terrifying flame, they however didn’t dare to step forward.

“Hu, is he done for?” Seeing Camilla was motionless in the midst of Amaterasu’s flame, Ren Tianyou covered his little bit aching right eye, while muttering softly.

“Of course not!” Just then, what was unexpected to Ren Tianyou was, a voice came from behind him. Camilla was standing behind him completely unscathed, and his right hand with black light around it was attacking towards his (Ren Tianyou) back.

“What?” Sensing the unusual state behind him, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but was startled. And seeing that hand covered in huge energy attacking towards back, the pupil of Ren Tianyou firmly shrunk. This moment, he had Mangekyo Sharingan of Uchiha Itachi, and it was already too late to change it.

“Whoosh!” Ren Tianyou suddenly disappeared, disappeared without any sign, making Camilla’s right hand hit empty air.

“This kind of speed, how can it be possible? Don’t tell me that is space magic?” Seeing Ren Tianyou had suddenly disappeared, Camilla frowned. This ghostly speed of Ren Tianyou remind him of space magic.

“If this is really the case, then it is troublesome, and it will be a little more difficult to deal with this fellow.” Thinking this, the complexion of Camilla become a little bit unsightly. Ordinary moves were useless against space magicians, so he could only use some special moves to make him powerless to move.

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    1. Not once did that flame just work and be like: it hit the target and the strong target died immediately.

      There always has to be complications with it and everyone comes out alive from it.

  1. Ooh can’t wait till the next chapter, I wonder if he will show of more tailed beasts? Thanks for the chapter!

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