In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 236

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IDWWNS, Chapter 236: Ninja Art— Scorching Stars Fall and Exterminate

Ninja Art— Scorching Stars Fall and Exterminate

After forcing Lightning leader—-Lei Ba outside the valley, White Tiger looked over to Ren Tianyou who was quickly ascending in the sky. Then he said to Great Bear who was in the process of suppressing Wind System leader—-Feng Yunxiang, “Hey, Great Bear, looking at the current movement of Zero, doesn’t that seems he is intending to use that move?”

“Ought to be so.” Looking at Ren Tianyou flying higher in the sky, Great Bear answered while dodging wind magic of Feng Yunxiang. Simultaneously the scene of Ren Tianyou using this move six months ago appeared in his mind. At that time with world destroying momentum, the sea area within entire 5 li radius was completely engulfed by this move. And the region within that 5 li radius changed into death domain, where countless corpses of sea magical beasts floated on the surface of sea. He could still clearly remember that scene till now.

“Then according to our plan, Zero would destroy Magic Domain, when Dragon clan is about to arrive, isn’t that so? It seems we also need to speed up, so that we would not hold up the plan of Zero.” Looking at still rising to the sky Ren Tianyou, White Tiger said while recalling their plan.

“What did you say? How could he destroy our Magic Domain? What move does that bastard want to use in the end?” Hearing the conversation of White Tiger and Great Bear, Feng Yunxiang couldn’t help but felt uneasy inside his heart, then looking at Great bear who was holding a spear, he asked in a stern voice.

“You’d better ask death god, I don’t have time to play around with you anymore. White Tiger, Void, Little Wu, you all also quickly end your battle. Then move according to plan.” Hearing the question of Feng Yunxiang, Great Bear coldly snorted in disdain. Then spoke towards White Tiger and others. Shortly afterwards, the flame of sun around his body quickly came pouring in towards the spear in his hand, “Set ablaze prairie to nothing!”

Immediately Great Bear stabbed the spear in his hand towards Feng Yunxiang with huge might. The spear also send out a surging heat wave of true sun fire. This heat wave was seemingly evaporating all the air in the surrounding practically leaving nothing behind. The wind shield in front of Feng Yunxiang was directly pierce through by his spear as if paper, stabbing his body too. After that even before Feng Yunxiang could give out a horrible shriek, that surging true sun fire burned him to ashes leaving behind one Divinity Crystal, which was caught by Great Bear.

White Tiger and other also began to show their true might. Their strength was already comparable to four leaders, and especially White Tiger, Void and Great Bear, they had already advanced to Mid-God realm in strength, moreover with their Saint ranked blood lineage, one might well say they were invincible within same realm, even to the extent that they could give a good fight to High-God realm experts. So after they got serious, the four leader were instantly crushed with absolute strength.

“Void, we should go to the place where you had made arrangement yesterday and start our move.” After the enemies were finished off, White Tiger said to Void.

“Follow me.” Void immediately changed into ash colored light flying towards west side of this valley. Great Bear and others followed closely afterwards, preparing to make their move according to their plan.

In the valley, Ren Tianyou quickly flew high up in the sky, then standing in the sky high up, he looked down at underneath Magic Domain’s those towering Magic Towers. He could still indistinctly see human figures in those Magic Towers.

“What a beautiful scenery ah, but it’s too bad, very soon it will no longer exist. If you want to blame someone then you can only blame you Magic Domain yourself for protecting Ling Yanqi that scum.” Looking that flourishing scene underneath, the eyes of Ren Tianyou didn’t have even a shred of emotion. Along with huge amount of eye power, suddenly purple-grey colored lightning appeared around his body, which slowly changed into huge skeleton. After that it slowly took the form of huge demon god which surrounded his body. This was precisely the Susanoo form of his own Mangekyo Sharingan.

“What does this guy want to do? Everyone make preparation, my heart is feeling strong restlessness.” Looking at Ren Tianyou high up in the sky whose body was surrounded by Demon God, Lei Wuyi couldn’t help but have misgivings, so he advised to everyone. And all the people around this valley who were in the process of watching this battle also couldn’t help but raise their head to look towards Ren Tianyou.

Ren Tianyou inside Susanoo quickly made a series of hand seals. And along with the hand seals, the chakra inside his body quickly circulated. For ordinary ninjutsu, with the sealing speed of Ren Tianyou, he could basically complete within two seconds, but now he had already made a series of hand seals for almost ten seconds, but was still not completed, moreover what was more surprising was, the Susanoo around his body was also slowly making hand seals using its huge hands which was completely different to what Ren Tianyou was making.

Mainly this ninjutsu was too multifarious, so Ren Tianyou needed his Susanoo to make yet another hand seals to maintain the balance and flow of chakra within his body. And his body in itself was using these chakra to speed up this ninjutsu.

Suddenly the hands of Ren Tianyou no longer made hand seals, both hand maintain “Ox” seal, and Susanoo’s hands maintain “Ram” seal. “Ninja Art—- Scorching Stars Fall and Exterminate!”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, that huge amount of chakra inside his body quickly depleted. It instantly depleted by nearly one-thirds, only then slowly stopped. And after the chakra inside his body was instantly depleted, the sky above Ren Tianyou began to quickly change.

“Reckless Bastard, how could this be possible?” Seeing the changes in the sky, cold sweats began to appear on the forehead of Fen Tian who was standing underneath on the ground, and his eyes firmly shrunk. He opened his mouth and cursed, but no one heard his voice because of that strong dread feeling.

“Don’t tell me that we can only wait for our ending?” Looking at this situation which was as if the world was about to get destroyed, Lei Wuyi said with fear.

“Bastard, how could the strength of this beast be so powerful? Is this really something humans are able to do with their strength?” Looking at the current situation, Ximen Wuwang cursed with ghastly pale complexion.

And everyone in the cliff around this valley were also frightened seeing this move of Ren Tanyou. And everyone had disbelief expression on their face.

In the sky, suddenly countless specks of flame appeared. And when distance decreased, they saw these were basically more than 2 meter in diameter fireballs. Upon closer look these were burning red rocks with flame around it, which were falling down towards the ground from the sky in a high speed. This simply was just like a meteor shower, only every meteors were a little bit smaller, but the might contained within them however was not that simple.

Moreover the area covered by this move was very wide, not only did it completely covered underneath Magic Domain, even the periphery of this valley was within this attack’s range. So naturally all the peoples who were watching this battle from the cliffs which were in the periphery of this valley were also within the range of this attack.

“Not good, quickly run.” Instantly those people watching the battle snapped out of their trance, and began to quickly run away from the periphery of this valley in dread. Now they were hating themselves for not having more than two legs.

“Quickly leave this place.” Seeing that the current situation was far from good, Palace Master of Dark Dynasty couldn’t help but cursed, “That madman! Quickly leave, otherwise it will also involve us.”

“Yes!” All those dark knights bowed and answered. Then taking the lead, they began to quickly run outside.

“Didn’t expect he was actually powerful like this. The might of this one move has probably attain the divine power of Peak-True God.” Seeing those countless bolides in the sky, Elf Queen who was hidden in the dark couldn’t help but praised inside her heart. Shortly afterwards she also changed into green light and flew away from this place. Although this move couldn’t possibly injure her, nevertheless she had to spend certain amount of efforts to defend herself.

“We should also get out of here at once. This is not a move we can resist with our strength.” Seeing those countless bolides, Ximen Han said to Fen Tian and others.

“You can go, I am Domain Master of Magic Domain, so I will not leave this place, I will live and die with Magic Domain.” Fen Tan shook his head and gritted his teeth. Now he really regretted, regretted why he was so arrogant at that time and didn’t hand over Ling Yanqi, bringing this calamity of destruction to their Magic Domain. It was impossible for him to concede and leave this place, because he had devoted his entire heart and blood for this place.

“Little Tian, quickly leave, else you’ll die.” Lei Wuyi persuaded. This as if world exterminating might made him simply unable to have any thought of resistance.

“You can leave, but I will not leave.” Fen Tian tightly gritted his teeth, then shaking his head, he said resolutely.

“If he isn’t leaving, then we should leave now, else it will be too late for even us to leave.” Ximen Wuwang was not in the mood to talk too much with them in current situation. After finished speaking, he and Ximen Han directly changing into light, disappeared from that palace, quickly rushing towards outside of this valley. For the sake of killing RenTianyou they would give a hand, but it was not worthwhile for them to throw away their life for the sake of this Magic Domain.

Lei Wuyi sighed, directly changed into lightning light and also quickly flew towards outside of valley. Between Magic Domain and his own life, he clearly selected his own life.

“Reduce to ashes.” Looking at underneath Magic Domain as well as those people with dread expression, Ren Tianyou said without a trace of emotion in his eyes. After that he directly disappeared in the thin air. As a matter of fact, he had used Hiraishin no Jutsu to fly away.

This move Scorching Stars Fall and Exterminate, was one of the three original ninjutsu developed by Ren Tianyou in these past three years. The flame surrounding around those meteorites of this move was also not ordinary flame, but was scorching flame created by Ren Tianyou’s Shakuton (Scorch Style), which had terrifying killing power. Once it came into contact with human body, this flame would completely evaporate all the liquid inside their body, changing them into corpses. Moreover the bolides inside the scorching flame would bring about a huge explosion, completely blowing off their dried corpses into pieces. One might as well say it would not even leave behind intact corpses, extremely ferocious.

However this move’s consumption of energy was also very large, even with the amount of chakra Ren Tianyou possessed now, it instantly depletes one-third of it. Moreover there was also a risk, which was if he excessively used Shakuton (Scorch Style) bloodline limit ability, along with the acute consumption of chakra, the power of this Shakuton (Scorch Style) had danger of backlash, which might burn his own body.

As a result, Ren Tianyou had no other choice but to use Susanoo so that both of them simultaneously make a series of hand seals. Helping one another while using this move would greatly reduce that risk.

Along with the disappearance of Ren Tianyou, countless bolides rained down towards the underneath Magic Domain from the sky.

“Bring it on, Bastard.” Looking at those falling countless bolides, Fen Tian resisted the fear in his heart, then urged all the flame divine power inside his body, which changed into huge blazing flame wave spreading in all direction.

But shortly afterwards those falling countless bolides landed on the ground. Immediately series of explosion sound resounded inside the valley. Inside those explosion sounds, indistinct blood-curdling scream could be heard.

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  1. i really thought that he’ll use Shinra Tensei (he might’ve acquired the Rinnegan in the 3 yrs gap)

    but anyways… THANKS FOR THE CHAPTER

  2. Thanks for the chapter. but i have ask serious question why are you using an obscure word like bolide instead of the more common form of the word meteorite? bolide is so rarely used my spell check does not even recognize it as English I am not even joking it’s marked for spellcheck as i am typing this and not only that it roles off the tongue wrong when reading it in this chapter.

    1. I used bolide, because I felt meteorite doesn’t give the impression of burning rock, but only mass of rock falling from the sky. But that might be only my feeling though.

  3. thanks and we shoulda known it would be an original jutsu… it did say way back when that hed make his own jutsu.

  4. I’m completely awed by this chapter. This chapter might possibly be the single greatest chapter in this entire novel, besides the one where he gets laid. When he started flying into the sky, I imagined him summoning a giant boulder the size of one of those orbs that sealed off a tailed beast, cuz those things are incredibly huge. Also, the characters didn’t react enough to seeing the transformation. Barely any of the people there had truly witnessed what the full transformation looked like, but none of them expressed any awe or amazement. To be honest, usually wuxia an xiaxian novels have nothing but crowds of people praising the mc, this is the first time I’ve actually wanted to see a little more of it happening.

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