In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 235

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IDWWNS, Chapter 235: Marked with curse seal

Marked with curse seal

“How is this possible?” Seeing his high level magic—-Flame Dragon Dance was directly slapped to scatter just like swatting a fly, and disappeared changing into fire element, the self-confidence of Fen Tian received a serious hit in this moment.

What he didn’t know was, the mokuton used by Ren Tianyou was the ability of Senju Hasirama of Naruto world which he had used to suppress the turbulent days of Ninja world. Moreover after the physique of Ren Tianyou was remolded by the life force of Forever green, now his body contain much more life force compared to even Senju Hasirama. However because he was not strong enough, he was not able to completely refined all of those life force, and that life force was stored inside his body. He had to refine it over the period of long time so that he could completely refine all of it and become able to use it for himself.

Now after refining for past three years, Ren Tianyou estimate that he had refined roughly one-tenth, but just these one-tenth of life force already greatly enhanced the power of Ren Tianyou’s mokuton. The binding power of mokuton was also many times more powerful than before. Although he couldn’t use some secret techniques, nevertheless he could use sufficient techniques for now.

Seeing after destroying his Flame Dragon Dance, the wooden palms were still continuing to advance towards him, Fen Tian was powerless and was forced to quickly move to dodge. But still he simultaneously chanted incantation for the preparation of powerful magic.

Lei Wuyi on the side too, after seeing ordinary magic was useless, he also began to prepare even more powerful magic, intending to break wooden arms in one attack. While on the other hand, the brothers of Ximen clan were very direct. The body of both of them flashed with golden light, as they speed up the circulation of their Golden Holy Dragon battle qi inside their body, then looking towards the sky they gave out a loud roar. In that roar, there was a faint sound of true dragon roar. After that the golden dragon scales which covered their body flashed with mysterious luster.

Ximen Wuwang and Ximen Han glanced at each other, then their body immediately changed into huge golden light beam, and as if golden colored meteor streaking across the sky, directly advanced towards underneath two incoming towards them huge wooden hand.

“Humph, too naïve. This level of attack however is powerless to destroy my Hotei no Jutsu (Laughing Buddha Jutsu).” Seeing the move of Ximen brothers, Ren Tianyou said with disdain, while using his thought to control those four huge wooden palms to make a move.

Along with ‘peng’, ‘peng’ two colliding sound, Ximen brothers who had changed into two golden meteors directly collided against wooden palms. Even with the control strength of mokuton, these two palms staggered after they were hit, but very quickly under the control of Ren Tianyou, their movement stabilized. After that these two palms gradually closed, and with Ximen brothers in the center of the palms, the palms firmly changed into fists, wanting to directly grind them into meat pulp.

But just then, Ren Tianyou who was in the process of controlling these wooden hands couldn’t help but let out a surprise voice, then looked at those two wooden palms. Ren Tianyou clearly sensed two powerful brute force from inside those fists, and these two fists were being forced to open. After that along with two towering dragon roar, Ximen Wuwang and Ximen Han directly rushed out. Then Ximen Wuwang suddenly swung out his right hand, and a huge golden dragon form energy wave fly out from his right fist. This energy wave attack advanced towards that huge wooden palm with great power.

“Golden Holy Dragon Fist!”

While on the other side, Ximen Han joined his two palm together, and send out more than 20 meters long golden energy slash with his joined palms. After that with pallid light shining on his eyes, he madly yelled, “Go to hell, Golden Destruction Dragon Rise!”

Along with ‘peng’, ‘peng’ two loud sound, those two wooden palms broke under the attack of Ximen Wuwang and Ximen Han, and its pieces fell down from the sky. Moreover the remaining power continued to advance towards underneath Ren Tianyou.

“Really capable?” Looking at those two attacks flying towards him, Ren Tianyou grinned, then he tightly held the Uchiha Round Fan. After that with a large amount of red-purple colored radiances rising around his body, the Uchiha Round Fan in his hand took the shape of huge chakra barrier in front of him. Along with a ‘peng’, ‘peng’ two sound, those two attacks were directly blocked.

“Fire System level 8 magic—-Fire God’s Right Hand!” Far away in the sky, Fen Tian also completed the preparation of his magic. Along with a loud yell, a huge flame palm formed in front of him. Then this flame palm burned the wooden palm which was in hot pursuit towards him from behind, and with the fire spread all over this wooden arm, this wooden palm was directly burned down to ashes.

Over the side of Lei Wuyi, along with a clap of thunder, a huge lightning spear ran through wooden arm. And that attack was enough to make that wooden arm drop down from the sky.

“I must not kill these four guys before the arrival of Dragon clan, so as to avoid ruining my plan.” Ren Tianyou frowned looking at those people. Now he was extremely over-cautious as he couldn’t use many killing moves, because he had to wait for the arrival of Dragon clan, but when the Dragon clan arrive here, he would immediately act.

At this time, two wind breaking sound suddenly came from his side. Ximen Wuwang and Ximen Han, these two people had already rushed in front of him, and their fists were advancing towards him.

Ren Tianyou immediately disappeared from that location, and appeared by the side of marked special kunai he had left behind in advance so that he could use it for dodging.

“Damn, how could the speed of this guy be so fast? I’m simply unable to grasp his trajectory.” Seeing Ren Tianyou had disappeared and their fists had hit empty air, Ximen Han couldn’t help but gloomily said. After he had used Holy Dragon blood lineage inside his body to simulate his body to carry out half-dragon change, his physical attack power, defense power and speed had sharply risen, but even so he however wasn’t even come across the shadow of Ren Tianyou, let alone hit him.

“It seems this guy really is very hard to deal with.” While looking at Ren Tianyou who had dodged his attack, Ximen Wuwang also solemnly said. They believed Ren Tianyou was able to dodge their attack because of his high speed. It was impossible for them to guess that this was high level space-time ninjutsu of another world——Hiraishin no Jutsu! And they even more failed to notice marked special kunai stuck in the ground by their legs.

“Your attack is very powerful.” After Ren Tianyou placed Uchiha Round Fan on his back, extended both of his hands, then circulating chakra within his body, rasengan appeared in each hand, “But I don’t know how your speed is?”

“Be careful, he wants…………..” Seeing those two energy balls in his hands, Ximen Wuwang warned to Ximen Han. But before he could finish warning, he felt blur before his eyes, and Ren Tianyou had already appeared before them.

Along with ‘peng’, ‘peng’ two muffled sound, two rasengan of Ren Tianyou directly hit their abdomen as well as were also marked simultaneously. “How can his speed be so fast?” This was the final thought that appeared in the mind of these two human before they were sent flying backward.

These two people were directly sent flying by the huge impact force of the attack, which was accompanied by two loud friction with ground sound. Throughout the way, two huge gully appeared on the ground. Only after flying over 20 meters, they finally stopped.

“Cough cough………Wuwang, are you alright?” Ximen Han struggled hard and finally crawled out from inside the gully, then wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, and rubbing his abdomen which had received that huge impact force, he said towards Ximen Wuwang who was still inside the side’s gully.

“Pop!” A hand covered with dragon scale came out from inside the mound, and shortly afterwards Ximen Wuwang also crawled out from inside the gully. After that wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he said, “I’m fine, with the protection of dragon scales, I merely suffered a bit of minor injuries nothing more.”

After they each received rasengan of Ren Tianyou, they merely sustained minor injuries as well as the golden light on the surface of their body dimmed a little nothing more. But this was also because Ren Tianyou not wanting to kill them just now, and also because he didn’t want Ximen Wuwang and Ximen Han notice that mysterious curse seal which had appeared in their abdomen, otherwise Ren Tianyou would not have used rasengan just a moment ago, rather directly change it to rasenshuriken, and at that time, regardless of how strong the defense power of their dragon scale was, they would have already become dregs.

“OK, now only those two magicians are left.” Seeing those Ximen brothers were already marked with curse seal of Hiraishin no Jutsu, Ren Tianyou looked towards those two magicians who flew down and stood next to Ximen Wuwang.

“Be even more careful you two, this guy is too fast, absolutely don’t forget to activate magic shield.” Seeing Fen Tian and Lei Wuyi, Ximen Wuwang warned them.

“M-hm, we know, but are you alright? After getting hit by such heavy attack, is there any big obstruction?” Lei Wuyi nodded his head, then looking at sorry figure of Ximen brothers, he asked with concern tone. It’s not that Lei Wuyi was kind, rather now they were standing on same side, as well as they Magic Domain had to rely on Dragon clan which Ximen clan was about summon, so even if it was only for appearance shake, they had to do so.

“We are fine, only a minor injury that’s all.” Ximen Wuwang shook his head to express they were fine.

On the other side, when Ren Tianyou was ready to make his move, suddenly a magic fluctuation came through behind him. Sensing this, Ren Tianyou frowned, then pulled out Uchiha Round Fan from his back with is right hand and blocked behind him. After that a huge heat wave flashed though, which was directly blocked by Ren Tianyou.

Ren Tianyou looked behind him while frowning, and saw a youngster with roughly Great Magic Master raked strength looking at him in terror. It seems he had never thought his attack from behind would be blocked so easily.

“Humph, pesky ants.” Ren Tianyou directly changed into a light and rushed towards him. After that along with ‘peng’ sound, this youngster was directly swatted to death by the Uchiha Round Fan of Ren Tianyou.

“It’s settled, first let’s clear these ants, so as to avoid getting disturbed while fighting.” Ren Tianyou looked at those magic towers all around, then he said to White Tiger and others who were in the process of fighting, “You all move your fight to outside areas, I will clean up this place.”

“Yes!” White Tiger and others replied. Then they directly began to make big move to force four leader to move towards outside areas.

And Ren Tianyou directly darted toward the sky, then began his move.

“What on earth does he want to do?” Seeing Ren Tianyou flying towards the sky, Ximen Wuwang and others suddenly had a foreboding in their heart.

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  1. uh actually no the thing he will most likely use is the technique the 4th used in the war to get his nickname, throw a shit ton of hiraishin kunai all around and slaughter from there.

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