In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 234

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IDWWNS, Chapter 234: The might of Mokuton (Wood Style)

The might of Mokuton (Wood Style)

“Uchihagaeshi! (Uchiha Reflection!)”

Firmly holding the round fan with his both hands, his eyes which were concealed under his bangs flashed with stern countenance, then he lightly moved his right hand. Then the round fan directly faced towards Ximen Wuwang.

Along with this movement of Ren Tianyou, suddenly golden radiance rose above this round fan. Sensing that energy however was familiar, Ximen Wuwang was shocked, “This is……….the energy of Violent Dragon Fist?”

Along with the dazzling golden light, suddenly everyone heard violent exploding sound. Along with that ‘honglong’ loud sound, a huge golden colored shockwave was send out from that round fan, which completely engulfed Ximen Wuwang, and sent him flying. The ground below his flying body was also destroyed creating a huge gully and it gave rise to large cloud of dust which spread all around.

“Wuwang!” Seeing the sudden change, the complexion of another expert of Ximen clan Ximen Han couldn’t help but change, then he directly rushed towards the heart of explosion.

Ximen Han caught Ximen Wuwang who was being sent flying in the midflight, then said, “Wuwang, how are you, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, this is merely a superficial wound nothing more. The majority of impact were already blocked by the defense of my dragon scale.” Ximen Wuwang got up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, then solemnly said towards Ximen Han, “We have be even more careful, this fellow is a little strange, he is actually able to directly reflect my attack.”

“M-hm.” Ximen Han solemnly nodded his head, then similarly looked towards the center of the cloud of dust.

Along with ‘ta ta…….”footsteps sound, a figure holding a huge round fan walked out from inside. Seeing unscathed Ximen Wuwang, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but smile lightly, “Didn’t expect your skin is so thick? Even after receiving such powerful impact, you are actually still uninjured.”

“Humph, boy, no matter what you say, today you will definitely die.” Hearing the taunting of Ren Tianyou, the eyes of Ximen Wuwang shone, and his powerful killing intent firmly locked on to Ren Tianyou. Thinking about how he, Ximen Wuwang who was famous several hundreds of years ago, was now unexpectedly being ridiculed by the younger generation, how could this not made him angry?

“That’s right, no matter how strong your Akatsuki organization is, today is the day your Akatsuki organization is wipe out from this world.” Fen Tian and Lei Wuyi of Magic Domain also flew to the side of Ximen Han and Ximen Wuwang, then stared at Ren Tianyou in front of them with dense killing intent.

“Haha, hahaha, it’s so funny. Didn’t expect you all are still talking big like this at this moment.” Ren Tianyou looked up to sky and laughed, as if he had heard an extremely funny joke. After that he pointed in all direction with his round fan. “Open your eyes and take a look, the four leader of your Magic Domain are already being completely suppressed by the member of my Akatsuki organization. Before long, they will be killed and go to chat with death god. As for you all………..” Looking at Ximen Wuwang and others in front of him, the eyes of Ren Tianyou flashed with stern countenance, and his eyes automatically changed into Mangekyo Sharingan, “I will soon send you down to accompany them.”

Next just as Ren Tianyou pointed out, the four leader of Magic Domain were completely suppressed. All four leader of Magic Domain were Low-God realm magician, moreover many high level magicians were gathered here, but even so, they actually fell into disadvantageous position.

This instant, the complexion of Fen Tian and Lei Wuyi changed. From the beginning they had thought that only Zero was true expert in Akatsuki organization, and everyone else were weakling. Moreover according to what Ling Yanqi had said, he alone was able to completely suppress all others, and the highest cultivation among them was only at Peak-Deity rank nothing more. So how could the current situation become like this? From the beginning they intend to, if Akatsuki organization break through the barrier, the four leader would quickly finish off the other member of Akatsuki organization, while they four would stall Ren Tianyou. After that all of them would surround Ren Tianyou, and annihilate him in Magic Domain. But with current situation, it seems the matter they had expected was taking opposite turn.

If Ren Tianyou had known their plan, then he would have burst out laughing. Afterwards he would have firmly praised Ling Yanqi. This information was already behind the time, did you think after three years of arduous training, it would still be same?


On the cliff of outside valley, seeing the circumstance of battle underneath, that young girl called Miaomiao couldn’t help but sighed, “Didn’t expect the strength of this Akatsuki organization is actually so strong. Now since the four leader are already in complete disadvantage position, at the time if Zero finish off the four people in front of him, this Magic Domain can only become history.”

“It’s not that simple Miaomiao.” Palace master of Dark Dynasty who was standing by her side shook his head and said, “Those two Magic Domain and two of Ximen clan, all of them are true High-God realm experts. If they go all out without regarding their life, then they will be very terrifying. So it is unknown whether this leader of Akatsuki organization Zero can actually deal with them or not.”

“Moreover.” Saying this, that middle-aged man looked towards the two people of Ximen clan, “Moreover the Dragon clan have endless hatred towards Zero, and last time he had killed over 20 dragons at Soaring Dragon Mountain Villa, so do you think Dragon clan will let him go? When Ximen clan call big army of Dragon clan, that will the time of Akatsuki organization’s complete destruction.”

But this Palace Master of Dark Dynasty would have never thought that the reason why Ren Tianyou had attacked Magic Domain was to force Dragon clan to appear. Moreover the most important point was, if he want to walk away, no one could stop him.


“Now we can only finish him off as soon as possible sparing no effort.” Looking at Zero in front of them, and again looking at four leader who had fallen into disadvantageous position, Fen Tian said.

“Brother Ximen, when will Dragon clan arrive?” Looking at Ximen Wuwang, Lei Wuyi asked.

“Roughly in ten minutes, after all it would take a long time to open a space passage from endless sea to here.” Ximen Wuwang answered. They had already notified Dragon clan, but in order to conceal their existence from Akatsuki organization, they didn’t come here in advance. They decided to come after the battle had begun. “Furthermore this time Dragon clan is sending one of the three Great Dragon Guardian who is under the direct leadership of Dragon God himself. And when he arrives here, this boy will definitely die without a place for burial.”

“Arrive in about 10 minutes.” Far away Ren Tianyou read their lips through his Sharingan. So even though he didn’t hear their voice, Ren Tianyou also understood what they were speaking. “Since that is the case, I will play around with these guys for a while, but I still cannot kill them until the Dragon clan arrive. After that I will finish them off together.”

Finished speaking, he began making series of hand seals, and quickly circulating chakra inside his body, “You guys still have time to chat? It seems I should exert pressure on you all.”

Finished speaking, and along with the completion of hands seal, the ground where Ximen Wuwang and other standing on violently shook, “  Mokuton—-Hotei no Jutsu! (Wood Style—-Laughing Buddha Jutsu!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, four more than ten meters huge wooden arms suddenly break out from the ground, then slapped towards those four people.

“Not good!” Seeing this, four of them instantly yelled inwardly. After that they immediately changed into light and flew in the sky.

Along with ‘hong’, ‘hong’, ‘hong’, ‘hong’…….four loud sound, four huge wooden palm directly slammed the ground, causing the ground to shake unceasingly. And four more than ten meters huge palm prints appeared on the ground.

“Humph, want to run, it’s not that easy.” Looking at them flying in the sky, Ren Tianyou coldly snorted with disdain, then along with his thought, the arms of those four huge wooden arms stretched quickly towards those four people.

“Flame Dragon Dance!” Seeing those huge wooden palms, Fen Tian quickly chanted incantation. Then very quickly along with the loud roar of a dragon, a huge flame dragon rushed towards that underneath wooden palms. But the unexpected thing was, one of the wooden palms as if swatting a fly, slapped down that huge flame dragon. His Flame Dragon Dance was slapped to disintegrate, and changing into small flame specks, it disappeared within the air.

“How can this be possible?” Seeing what had happened just a moment ago, the eyes of Fen Tian nearly popped out due to extreme shock.

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    1. It is, Wood Release is the only chakra style that create -permanent objects-, all other styles can manifest their element through chakra but the manifested element fades away after the chakra is exhausted. Wood Release breaks that rule; when the chakra is exhausted the wood just turns into normal trees.
      Other styles can make permanent effects by manipulating already present elements (Earth Release being the most common example), but only Wood Release can create something permanent from nothing but chakra.

  1. Id like to say that after that one tiny usage of Shikotsumiyaku the macabre bone pulse he never used it again. Its pretty much on the same level as mokuton, but was in the hands of the almost dead kimimaro. Just sayin. Kaguya put that shit to decent use.

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