In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 233

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IDWWNS, Chapter 233: Uchihagaeshi (Uchiha Reflection)

Uchihagaeshi (Uchiha Reflection)

After the command of Ren Tianyou, White Tiger and others scattered in all directions. Changing into five light, they directly rushed inside Magic Domain.

A grey colored battle qi had appeared around the body of Void, which gave other people a kind of as if return from death abyss feeling. His first target was a huge Magic Tower in front, which was lit up with huge magic halo. The magicians inside this tower obliviously discovered incoming Void, then along with the incantation of these magicians, a huge Ring of Fire appeared from this tower, which attacked incoming Void.

“Humph, Death opens the heaven slash.” Seeing this Ring of Fire, the eyes of Void shined with disdain. He didn’t even feel like dodging this attack, the Karma Transmigration in his right hand directly hovered out, and with a wave of his right hand, in empty sky appeared a huge energy blade. After that with the momentum as if it would really split the heaven, it directly advanced forward.

And when this huge blade came into contact with Ring of Fire, it directly spilt open Ring of Fire without any obstruction. Then this Ring of Fire changed into flame specks and disappeared.

After that without any reduction in its power, under the alarmed and panicky gaze of everyone in the tower, that energy blade directly cleaved that Magic Tower. Immediately this Magic Tower created by using many rare and precious materials directly scattered into debris, under this incomparably domineering energy blade attack. And the magicians inside this Magic Tower also directly changed into blood fog and disappeared in the sky leaving behind flesh and blood in that place after they were engulfed by its incomparably tyrannical sword qi.

On the side of White Tiger, Great Bear and others, they had also began destruction. At that time, four light streak across in the sky. They were precisely those four leaders who were rushing over after the barrier was broken. But when they wanted to go and obstruct the steps of Ren Tianyou, in front of each of them, a person appeared.

White Tiger obstructed Lightning System Leader—-Lei Ba, Great Bear obstructed Wind System Leader—-Feng Yuxiang, Vermilion Bird obstructed Water System Leader—-Shui Linglong, and finally Void and Jade Maiden obstructed one of the target of this time Earth System Leader—-Ling Yanqi. There was two of them to deal with Ling Yanqi because they wanted to finish him off as earliest as possible.

This was the first phase of the plan Ren Tianyou and other designed. First they would closely watch these four great experts of Magic Domain, then they would finish Ling Yanqi off at the earliest speed possible while Ren Tianyou and others were holding back others.

One should know, in Divine Wind continent, Magician restrains Illusionist, Illusionist restrains Warriors, and finally Warriors restrains Magicians. Although the magic of magicians were very powerful, nevertheless powerful magic required time to prepare the magic, but under the fast speed of warriors, they basically don’t have any time to chant incantation.

Ren Tianyou quickly ran towards the center of Magic Domain, throughout the way, those ordinary magicians basically didn’t dare to even show their head. Even if they appeared, Ren Tianyou would finished them off with a single casual move.

At this moment, suddenly a huge fireball with heat wave came towards him from the front.

“Humph, Katon—-Gokakyu no Jutsu!” Seeing this huge fireball, Ren Tianyou coldly snorted in disdain. Playing with fire in front of him who possess the bloodline limit of Uchiha clan, they were naturally courting death.

Quickly making a series of hand seals, he too spat out a huge fireball from his mouth, which advanced towards the incoming fireball.

The fireball of Ren Tianyou and that fireball in front of him confronted each other, depleting each other’s energy. Just at that time, he suddenly heard two light dragon roar, and suddenly two golden colored figure flashed towards him from both his right and left side. These two figure and those half-dragon mode people he had seen in Ximen clan last were alike. Now they were punching towards him.

“Playing diversion? Too naive.” Seeing the sudden appearance of these figures, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly. Just after that those two fists directly landed on the location where Ren Tianyou was standing, causing large amount of dusts to rise. But after the cloud of dusts disappeared, other than those two half-dragon state people, there was no trace of Ren Tianyou in that location.

“Did he dodge?” One half dragon person among them stood up and looked towards the sky. Both of them were High-God realm experts named Ximen Han and Ximen Wuwang of Ximen clan, send here to assist Magic Domain. They were here to seize a chance to eliminate Ren Tianyou.

Ren Tianyou had jumped out to the midair from the dust which was brought about by explosion. But just then, suddenly a sound of clap of thunder came from above the sky. And black clouds suddenly began to appear in the sky above Ren Tianyou.

“Not good!” The complexion of Ren Tianyou changed. Then he immediately threw a special kunai to far-off ground. And after this kunai flew far, Ren Tianyou also disappeared from that location.

“Kacha!” A huge lighting directly struck down from those black clouds, immediately creating a huge crater on the ground where it struck.

At a distant point, Ren Tianyou suddenly appeared in front of that thrown special kunai. After that looking at that lightning strike far away, Ren Tianyou murmured, “Other than the God’s domain experts of Ximen clan and Magic Domain, are there other expert too?”

Very soon, the guess of Ren Tianyou was proven. He saw two people wearing magic robe flying towards him from far away. Other than Fen Tian, there furthermore was one white beard old man.

“Old man, who are you? That lightning magic of just a moment ago you released was extremely timey.” Seeing old man with High God realm strength just like Fen Tian, Ren Tianyou narrowed his eyes and asked.

“I am previous Domain Master of Magic Domain—–Lei Wuyi.” Staring at Ren Tianyou, this old man slowly opened his mouth, “Never thought that the leader of Akatsuki organization ‘Zero’ is actually so young, but because of your offence towards us Magic Domain, you will certainly die today without a doubt.”

“He he, who can’t talk big, old man, but it depends on whether you have strength or not if you wish to kill me.” Hearing Lei Wuyi’s full of killing intent words, Ren Tianyou coldly snorted in disdain, “Furthermore, this situation of today is caused by the move of your Magic Domain. Five days ago, we gave you a choice, but it’s too bad, you selected the worst choice.”

“No need to talk with that damned beast, it’s better to directly kill him.” Ximen Wuwang suddenly flew over, then releasing dense killing intent, he emitted a large amount of golden light in his right hand, “Go to hell for me, Violent Dragon Fist!”

“Humph.” Seeing the move of Ximen Wuwang, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly with disdain. Then pulled out that Uchiha Round Fan with his right hand from his back, then directly placed it in front of his body blocking that fist.

“Peng!” The fist of Ximen Wuwang directly landed on the round fan, and was stopped without any explosion. The golden light on his right fist was gradually being absorbed by the round fan of Ren Tianyou.

“This is………” Seeing the energy of his Violent Dragon Fist was being absorbed, suddenly a bad feeling appeared in the heart of Ximen Wuwang.

“Uchihagaeshi! (Uchiha Reflection!)” At this time, the eyes of Ren Tianyou who was under this round fan lit up, then he softly said. And along with these words, the round fan in his hand suddenly flashed with bright golden light.

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