In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 232

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IDWWNS, Chapter 232: Grand Entrance to the scene

Grand Entrance on the scene

In Sky Pond Valley 30 li outside the Dark Capital, the sky had just lit up, but large crowd had already gathered around this valley. Their gaze were focused on the barrier surrounding this valley.

This barrier was the famous barrier technique of Magic Domain—–Four Divinities Barrier. It was set up using the energy of those four huge Magic Towers which were in four side of this valley. Once the barrier was formed, its energy was closely bound with these four Magic Towers. Its defense was very powerful, which easily exceed the imagination of ordinary people.

Furthermore the master of these four Magic Towers could enter inside these Magic Towers, and use their own strength to add the attacking means in this barrier. It was incomparably mysterious.

Now inside these four Magic Tower, Earth system leader—-Ling Yanqi, Lightning system leader—-Lei Ba, Wind system leader—-Feng Yunxiang, and Water system leader—-Shui Linglong, all of them had already entered inside to the top of these towers respectively. According to their plan, they were responsible for defending the first wave of today, and stop the people of Akatsuki organization from breaking through the barrier and entering inside the Magic Domain.


“Is that Four Divinities Barrier, it seems this time Magic Domain is also playing a heavy hand ah.” A middle-aged man wearing black robe standing on the top of small mountain and looking towards that raised barrier underneath, not only his eyes shone at the moment, he also slightly whispered. Behind him, a young girl wearing black robe and black veil was standing, and next to them, 20 Dark Knights wearing black knight armor were guarding. Just like iron mask death god, they were quietly guarding on all sides.

“Master, why aren’t we helping Magic Domain? Aren’t our Dark Dynasty and Magic Domain always on friendly terms?” Also looking at that barrier underneath, that young girl asked curiously. She didn’t know why her master who was Palace Master of Dark Dynasty unexpectedly ordered everyone of dynasty to not interfere in this matter of Magic Domain.

“Ai, you are still too young, Miaomiao.” Hearing this young girl, this middle-aged man i.e. Palace Master of Dark Dynasty sighed. “Although the strength of Magic Domain is very strong, but is the strength of Akatsuki organization weak? Are they just fools who are daring enough to brazenly invade Magic Domain? Three years ago, they directly attacked grand Ximen clan, nearly reducing them to second-rate power. Don’t this clearly shows the strength of Akatsuki organization?”

“Moreover this Akatsuki organization is too mysterious. We don’t even know how many individuals are there in that organization. Last time when they Ximen clan, there were only four people. And according to the report from spies five days ago, the person appeared in Magic Domain was not among those known four, so we can only take a wait-and-see attitude first. It is true that we are on friendly terms with Magic Domain, but our friendly terms is also for the sake of benefit. Only benefit can advance our cooperation. Now there is not any benefit, but you want us to go and help them to deal with completely unknown enemy, I would like to ask again who would go and do this kind of matters?” Looking at the people of Magic Domain who were standing in combat readiness, Palace Master of Dark Dynasty slowly explained. Just like he said, majority of true power of this world seek benefits, no benefit, then who would go and help, and who would do arduous and thankless task.

“Moreover we can also take this opportunity to take a good look at the strength of Akatsuki organization, this too mysterious organization. But in front of four passage of Four Divinities Formation of Magic Domain, four Deity ranked magicians are arranged to defend. If they came in front of Four Divinities Formation, they must first pass through the obstruction of these four Deity ranked magician.” After speaking, he looked towards those four passage of Magic Domain valley, but because of trees’ obstruction, he was able to see nothing.

Just like Palace Master of Dark Dynasty, other people above the valley were also looking underneath. They wanted to take a look at whether this Akatsuki organization would again become famous in this battle or would get buried inside Magic Domain forever.


Time slowly passed, one hour, two hour, three hour………..very quickly it became noon, but there was no sign of the appearance of Akatsuki organization’s people. Just when everyone were beginning to think the people of Akatsuki organization didn’t dare to come, they however came with a great deal of movement, attracting the attention of everyone.

From the canyon in the west side of Magic Domain, suddenly a loud blood-curdling scream resounded, shortly afterwards towering huge grey colored sword blade appeared high up in the sky, then directly chopping underneath valley. “Hong honghong……….” Explosion sound continuously resounded. This sword blade continuously rushed towards barrier, and finally hit the barrier creating a large amount of ripple on it. After that this sword blade disappeared.

“They came.” The eyes of everyone who had gathered here to watch this battle involuntarily shone. And they immediately looked over towards that huge cloud of dusts raised due to explosion.

“Ding lingling”, “Ding lingling”, “Ding lingling”………sound of wind-bells came from the midst of dust cloud, shortly afterwards a figure of a person came out from inside the cloud of dust. After this figure walked out from cloud of dust, they could see this person was wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it and also wearing bamboo-hat on his head. He was also holding a short sword. He slowly stepped forward towards the Four Divinities Barrier, and finally stopped his steps in front of it.

And simultaneously, in the south passage, accompanied by a horrible shriek, a powerful sword qi flew out from inside, which created a huge gully throughout its path. After the cloud of dust in this location disappeared, similarly dressed figure with three sword on his back walked out. And after standing in front of the barrier, he also stopped his action.

While on the east side of valley, along with the loud crow cry, a huge golden flame engulfed the entire east passage. And a figure holding a spear slowly waked out from inside the flame.

In contrast to these three side’s grand entrance on the scene, in the northern passage, only a illusionary white colored halo rose, and two similarly dressed figure walked out unhurriedly from inside, then stopped in front of the barrier. From the build of these two people, both of them seemed to be women.

“It seems those four Deity ranked magicians are already dead.” Seeing unhurriedly walking out members of Akatsuki organization, everyone above the valley simultaneously thought. But what made everyone on the scene surprise was, these five people of Akatsuki organization stood motionlessly in front of the barrier. It seems they had no intention to attack this barrier.

“What’s going on? Why are they motionless? Don’t tell me that they can’t even breach through this barrier?” Seeing everyone of Akatsuki organization were motionless, everyone couldn’t help but find this strange. They didn’t understand what the hell Akatsuki organization was thinking.

“If that is the case, then this time Akatsuki organization is going to greatly lose their face. After making such big ruckus, now they are at a loss what to do in front of their opponent’s door.” Seeing everyone of Akatsuki organization standing motionlessly in front of barrier, everyone couldn’t help but think these inside their heart.

But just then, an ear-piercing sharp resonance sound resounded throughout this entire valley, and this sound was getting louder and louder, “What’s this sound?”

At that time everyone discovered all the member of Akatsuki organization standing in front of the barrier were looking towards the sky. “Don’t tell me………” A thought suddenly appeared in the heart of everyone present there, then they immediately lifted their head and looked towards the sky.

In the sky, a person who was holding an unceasingly spinning huge energy blade was straightly falling towards the barrier underneath from the sky. And that sharp resonance sound was coming from that huge spinning energy blades.

The rays of sun illuminated this huge spinning blade, giving out a dazzling radiances, which forced everyone to narrow their eyes, but in the heart they were thinking, “So these people were waiting for someone.”

Meanwhile everyone of Magic Domain also discovered this figure in the sky, and all four leader magicians sitting cross-legged in their respective towers simultaneously sense foreboding, then all of them coincidently pour their magical power in the barrier at the same time.

“Wind style—-Rasenshuriken!”

Along with the loud roar, this person holding that huge spinning energy blade slammed that spinning energy blade into underneath barrier. Suddenly the energy wall of this barrier ceaselessly twisted out of its shape under the attack of Rasenshuriken. Then the radiances of this barrier quickly dimmed greatly.

“How could this be, how could the attack power of this single attack be so strong?” Sensing the enormous pressure coming through the barrier, all four leader couldn’t help but thought this while being greatly shocked inside their heart. And if this goes on like this, then the barrier would be broken very soon. This frightened them so much that all of them hastily poured all their magical power into the barrier.

“Humph, break!” Ren Tianyou snorted coldly, then the rasenshuriken in his right immediately advanced forward. Along with ‘ka ka’ disintegrated sound, this huge barrier was directly broken off. And at the moment when this barrier was broken, the complexion of all four leader in Magic Tower simultaneously become red, and then spat out a mouthful of blood.

They didn’t have any time to be shocked. They immediately flew out from their respective Magic Towers, preparing to meet enemies head-on. Simultaneously, when the barrier disintegrate, magic halo appeared in all Magic Towers, ready to battle head-on.

Even after the barrier was broken, without any reduction on his strength, Ren Tianyou immediately used the remaining energy of Rasenshuriken to completely destroy a Magic Tower underneath, killing everyone inside that Magic Tower in the process.

Ren Tianyou stood on the debris of that Magic Tower, then looking at those Magic Towers all around which were gradually giving rise to magic halo, he loudly yelled, “Everyone of Akatsuki organization, heed my command.”

“!” White Tiger and everyone else immediately paid attention.

“Disperse in all side, you are free to hunt and kill, slaughter everyone inside Magic Domain, leave not even a blade of grass, I want not even a single survivor here.” That voice of Ren Tianyou which was filled with killing intent floated inside the valley. And everyone who heard this couldn’t help but shiver.

“““““Yes!””””” All five of Akatsuki organization answered, then directly changed into five light and dispersed all around inside magic Domain, beginning to take action.

A war was about to unfold.

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  1. Uh, didn’t this mean he reducing battle power against Democrats invasion?! It just 2 years before the invasion right?

    1. Cough cough “talk about OP skill on naruto”
      Cough cough cough “rinegan” cough “wood style”

      1. Oh yeah, I forgot…. Those damned OP skills #facepalm
        He also able to learn from the system, the sealing jutsu from Uzumaki clan too.

  2. Meh, I would have just called up Shukaku and Matatabi and have them launch a nice little Tailed Beast Ball artillery barrage. :V

    1. Good idea but instead. Charge two TBBs and then use Rasen-shuriken to break the barrier and harishin out of there just as the TBBs about to hit.

    2. I actually thinking absorb the team using kamui, teleported inside, release the team, massacre everyone, then jump out again using kamui. Imagine how scary is that?! There is the barrier stand tall and strong, yet everyone inside is massacred.

      1. Well I’m thinking that too~ but doesn’t that means they telling the world they can’t destroy the barrier?

  3. I was kind of hoping the author would paint the picture of the attack on the leaf village again. You know how pain threw the “summoner Pain” into the sky and the rest of the team members were summoned to the battle and appeared out of thin air. That would’ve been an awesome scene to relive. x.x

  4. If MC want to kill everyone why don’t use barrier and amaterasu or other fire move to burn the oxygen, so everyone inside will died.

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