In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 231

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IDWWNS, Chapter 231: Prewar Preparation

Prewar Preparation

Along with the news of Akatsuki Organization going to invade Magic Domain spread, various big forces of Divine Wind continent were alarmed. They had never thought that this organization which had laid low for three years would actually appear suddenly like this. And the target this time was the sacred place of all magicians——Magic Domain.

Akatsuki organization, no one of Divine Wind continent had ever heard the existence of this organization. They appeared for the first time in the wedding of eldest son of Ximen clan Ximen Feng and eldest daughter of Wang clan which was being held three years ago. In that battle, two-thirds of Ximen clan’s experts perished which included two God’s domain experts who were the real pillars of the clan. And the Dragon clan who had come to aid Ximen clan also suffered serious damage. More than 20 Dragon clan died, and 5 High God realm five great dragon kings also died, one might say this was very heavy causalities.

And after that battle, Akatsuki organization formally entered the eyes of everyone. Innumerable forces began to investigate everything about Akatsuki organization, but they basically got zero information.

They even don’t know exactly how many member were there in Akatsuki organization. Other than those few known people, they knew nothing else. They also knew everyone from Akatsuki organization wore black robe with red clouds imprinted on it and wore bamboo hat with wind-bells on it on their head, but as for everything else, they didn’t know.

But after the battle in Ximen clan, this Akatsuki organization suddenly disappeared from the scene. Regardless of how they searched, no one could find even a trace of them. But right now, they suddenly appeared in such high-profile manner, declaring they would invade Magic Domain. And the person of Akatsuki organization that had appeared in Magic Domain at that time however was not among the four people who had appeared previously in Ximen clan. (When invading Ximen clan, only Ren Tianyou, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger and Void had showed their face. Jade Maiden was staying inside the kamui space of Ren Tianyou taking care of Little Yu, so others didn’t know about the existence of Jade Maiden.)

And it seems like every time Akatsuki organization appears, they would bring about the rain of blood and violent storm. Last time they slaughtered in Ximen clan, and the target of this time was Magic Domain. It seems every time they appear, they were bound to shed blood of someone.


“In the past few days, it seems the number of people in Dark Capital have rose sharply. If it were not for us paying tenfold the price for the second floor of this restaurant, I fear the proprietor of this restaurant would have already force us out of this second floor the other day.” Standing at the window’s side of Sky fragrant restaurant’s second floor, and watching those clearly increasing number of people in these past few days, White Tiger slowly said.

“All of them are people attracted by the action of Jade Maiden 4 days ago, but I reckon these people ought to not hold too big of a hostility towards us Akatsuki organization. I guess those people who have evil plan for us are already in Magic Domain and are now discussing countermeasures for our tomorrow’s invasion.” Great Bear stepped forward holding two bottles of sky fragrant alcohol and gave one bottle to White Tiger, then spoke while drinking another.

“M-hm, the taste of this sky fragrant alcohol is pretty good, even after drinking all this time, I am not tired of it. But Zero is truly too generous, these past few days, he had already spent nearly a million or so gold coins for only this sky fragrant alcohol.” White Tiger took the bottle of sky fragrant alcohol given by Great Bear, opened the bottle cap, then drank mouthful of it. Next recalling their luxurious life of past four days in this sky fragrant restaurant, he couldn’t help but sighed with feelings.

“He he, actually this level of wealth is merely a worldly possessions for us. What is truly important for us are those cultivation items. As for money, if we want to then we can have it as much as we want.” Just then, Ren Tainyou walked out from inside his room, then said.

“He he, Zero, didn’t expect you think like that.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, White Tiger lightly laughed and said.

“This is truth nothing more.” Ren Tianyou walked to the side of window, then looking at those pedestrians in the streets, he said, “Oh that’s right, did Void and Jade Maiden return back?”

“Not yet. Following your instruction they had went over to Magic Domain to make advance arrangement. They had left 5 hours ago, with their speed, it’s about time they return.” White Tiger shook his head, then looking at the sky outside, he slowly said.

“He he, they are back.” Just at that moment, far-off in the sky, one white and one ash two lights flashed, these two lights were clearly captured by the Sharingan of Ren Tianyou.

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, two lights suddenly entered inside from the window, then Jade Maiden and White Tiger simultaneously appeared inside the second floor.

“You are back, how was it?” Seeing Jade Maiden and Void, Ren Tianyou hastily asked.

“Already arranged. With the ability of Jade Maiden, no one notice us. Moreover Jade Maiden severed the energy aura of surroundings, so it is absolutely unlikely to be discovered by anyone.” Hearing the question of Ren Tianyou, Void answered. This time he had went out, because Ren Tianyou had asked him to arrange a thing in Magic Domain. Fearing his movement and energy fluctuation would be perceived by other people, Jade Maiden was also dispatched with him. She used her blood lineage power to cut off the energy fluctuation.

“Jade Maiden, how was it, got any new information?” Ren Tianyou looked over to Jade Maiden, and asked. With the exception of helping Void, she was to use her ability to collect the information of inside Magic Domain.

“M-hm, they came as you expected, the people of Ximen clan really came. This time there are only two people, and both of them are High God realm expert.” Jade Maiden slowly nodded her head, and said all the information she knew.

“Hei hei, sure enough, after they knew our whereabouts, they will not let this chance slip by.” Hearing the information, Ren Tianyou sneered. “But seeing only two people coming, it seems the massacre of last time really injured them seriously. As an alone type force, they can only have few God’s domain realm experts.”

“So this time they ought to stress on yet another group that want to kill me—–Dragon clan. When the time comes, the main force of Dragon clan will absolutely come, and they must be hoping to eliminate me, this great trouble with the aid of Magic Domain’s hand.”

“Then is there any other force that is helping Magic Domain this time?” White Tiger asked.

“No, with the exception of the people of Ximen clan, no one else entered Magic Domain. Even the people of Dark Dynasty who were always in friendly terms with them didn’t go. I recon they have some misgivings towards Zero after his move in Ximen clan.” Jade Maiden shook her head and slowly spoke about the matters she had scouted.

“Humph, they better not raise their hands, else we will chop off their outstretched hands.” Ren Tianyou coldly snorted and said with disdain. After that looking towards Jade Maiden and Void who had a little bit of tired complexion, he said, “Well, you two go back to rest, and recover your energy. Tomorrow we will take action according to plan.”

“Okay.” Void and Jade Maiden replied. Then they returned to their respective room for a rest. They were busy for a long while, so they were indeed a little bit tired.

After Void and Jade Maiden entered their room, Ren Tianyou looked towards far-off sky outside, then his eyes pattern changed into the form of Mangekyo, “Tomorrow is destined to be a bloody day!”

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