In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 230

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IDWWNS, Chapter 230: Shocking the entire continent

Shocking the entire continent

In the imperial capital Dark Capital of Dark Empire, inside Sky fragrance restaurant, Ren Tianyou and his group of people were sitting around the table and simultaneously drinking while happily looking at the matter occurring in the Magic Domain in the Dazzling Light Mirror created by Jade Maiden.

When the projection of Jade Maiden was eliminated by Fen Tian, Jade Maiden who was sitting cross-legged on the floor also slowly opened her eyes. Then with a wave of her right hand, that Dazzling Light Mirror immediately disappeared.

“Well, now the challenge is done, we will take action after 5 days.” Seeing Jade Maiden had woken up, Ren Tianyou slowly said to everyone on the scene.

“Zero, how can you be sure that Ximen clan and Dragon clan will absolutely come?” Vermilion Bird couldn’t help but ask.

“He he, Vermilion Bird, how can you be so stupid?” Before Ren Tianyou could answer, White Tiger said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Vermilion Bird was slightly dumbfounded. She didn’t understand the meaning of White Tiger.

“What Whiter Tiger meant is, the people of Magic Domain will transmit this news for us.” Draining the cup of alcohol in one gulp, Void opened his mouth.

“Why? If Magic Domain gave out this news then wouldn’t they lose their face? So why would they do this?” Vermilion Bird was even more confused. She didn’t understand what was going on.

“Do you really think Magic Domain which is so big is completely clean? They definitely have spies of other power. Today Jade Maiden stirred up trouble like this, which was seen and heard perfectly clear by everyone of Magic Domain. Wanting to keep this news a secret is basically impossible, so very soon this matter that we are going to invade Magic Domain will be spread by these spies. At that time, will Ximen clan not obtain this news? And after Ximen clan obtained this news, they will absolutely tell Dragon clan too. So we don’t need to worry about the experts of Dragon clan not coming.” White Tiger slowly said.

“Yes, and the reason why I set up five days gap to attack is to give preparation time to Ximen clan and Dragon clan. And at that time when they gather in Magic Domain, we will take action.” Ren Tianyou nodded his head and agreeing to White Tiger he said. “But you should also remember that, the main target of the action after five days is only disruption, not killing. Ling Yanqi this person will be handled by Great Bear, Vermilion Bird and Jade Maiden. Void and White Tiger will be responsible to obstruct other people of Magic Domain. All remaining things, leave it to me, I will finish them.”

“Then what about us, Little You?” Hearing Ren Tianyou didn’t call out her and Little Yu’s name, Muyue couldn’t help but ask. As for Little Yu, Ren Tianyou had already told about this plan, so she didn’t ask.

“Elder sister Yue’er, Little Yu is not too well these few days, so I want to trouble you to take care of her.” Ren Tianyou said the good excuse he had already prepared.

As a matter of fact Ren Tianyou didn’t want Muyue to join this operation, because after 5 days, Ximen clan would most likely appear in Magic Domain. Although she had already lost her memories, but everyone of Ximen clan however hadn’t. So Ren Tianyou didn’t want to make any unexpected mistake. And previously, the relation between Ximen Yue’er and every one of Ximen clan was unlike his, she didn’t have any hatred towards them, so Ren Tianyou didn’t want to let her hands contaminated by the blood of Ximen clan, as that would be very unfair to her.

As a result, Ren Tianyou requested Little Yu to help him in concealing this matter when they were on the way. And asked her to stay with elder sister Yue’er in Dark Capital until they resolve the matter of Magic Domain. After that they would return to Dark Capital and all of them will leave this place together.

“What happened to you, Little Yu? Where are you feeling unwell?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, as expected the attention of Muyue shifted to Little Yu and she asked with concern while sizing up her body.

“Ah, I also don’t know what’s wrong, these past few days, my head always feel dizzy and I cannot exert strength as if I have no strength at all.” Sure enough, after hearing Ren Tianyou, Little Yu immediately held her forehead and feign to be unwell.

“Since that is the case, I will stay to take care of you. I will also not be in ease if I leave you alone here.” Seeing Little Yu’s that feeling unwell appearance, Muyue immediately said worriedly. She didn’t insist on going to Magic Domain with everyone.

“Sigh” Seeing she no longer insist to go to Magic Domain, Ren Tianyou heave a long sigh of relief while wiping out the cold sweat from his forehead.

“Well, in that case, here and now dismiss. Everyone do your respective activity and wait for the arrival of the day after five days.” Ren Tianyou looked at everyone, then said after standing up.


In the imperial capital Tianlong city of Ailer Empire, inside a mansion, Ximen Batian hit the table. Along with the ‘peng’ sound, this table was directly smashed into pieces. And the teacup on the table also shattered after falling on the ground.

“Finally found that beast after three years, didn’t expect he would actually come out on his own initiative.” Ximen Batian coldly said with his face filled with fury.

“Clan head, according to the news received from spy, Akatsuki organization will invade Magic Domain after 5 days, what should we do?” In the hall, one spy kneeling in front of Ximen Batian said respectfully.

“Humph, I won’t let this beast have an easy time.” Ximen Batian snorted coldly, and waved his hand to signal this guy to retreat. After that guy retreated, Ximen Batian turned around and walk to cella. He was going to arrange a plan for after five days.


Inside Flame Phoenix Villa of Light Empire, Feng Yunmeng was reading the intelligence report. Finally she slowly placed it down and sighed, “Didn’t expect after three years, this little fellow actually got mad like this, moreover this time my daughter is also following him to Magic Domain. His gallbladder truly have enough guts.”

“Villa Master, should we sent reinforcement?” An old woman standing by the side of Feng Yunmeng politely asked.

“No need, I will personally go for a round trip, but unless it is out of absolute necessity, I will not raise my hand. Moreover I, Feng Yunmeng’s daughter is also not weak, beside that kid is also not that simple.” Feng Yunmeng shook her hand to signal her to not worry,


In Elf Source, when Elf Queen heard the reported news from the elder, her matchless beautiful face exposed a smile, “That kid is actually planning to fight Magic Domain. Very good, this time I will go personally and see this kid’s and his organization’s means.” Finished speaking, the body of Elf Queen changed into green colored radiances and disappeared from this main hall.

While at the same time, all the big forces of continent had basically received the news about Akatsuki organization invading Magic Domain after 5 days which suddenly shocked the entire continent. They had never thought that the organization that had invaded the Ximen clan last time was actually going to appear once again, moreover their target this time actually was Magic Domain which was sacred place for all magicians. All the big forces immediately sent someone to Dark Empire planning to take a look at the strength of Akatsuki.

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