In a Different World With the Naruto System, chapter 23

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 23: Space-time ninjutsu

Next day Ren Tianyou and others woke up very late in the morning, after all, currently they were already inside the territory of Supreme Feilu Empire. Here the unexpected dangers were also greatly reduced, as a result they were more relaxed. And just yesterday they had a big battle, so Luo Tianxing and others reverted back to the nature of young master and miss of big clan, and didn’t get up early in the morning. Currently it didn’t matter to Ren Tianyou, because he didn’t care where he had to stay. And currently he had only two goals, first was to find the way back home and other was to get revenge against Ximen clan.

After thinking for a very long time, it was obvious to Ren Tianyou that, his current power was insufficient to achieve his goal of finding the way back home to Earth. After thinking very hard for a long period of time, he had estimated that, first of all he had to evolve his Sharingan to Rennegan level. This would help him to summon the body of 10 tailed beast, after that he should exchange all nine tailed beasts with system points, then revive the 10 tailed beasts. After reviving 10 tail beasts, become its host (jinchuuriki). He thought that perhaps, with the help of 10 tailed beast’s incomparable strength added with the power of the supreme eye Rennegan, he might be capable to break through the dimension and return back to his original world.

But currently he was extremely far away from accomplishing that feat. First of all his eyes were only at the level of Mangekyo Sharingan, and that was also awoken just recently so he was still not yet completely familiar with its basic power. No need to talk about mastering most supreme level eyes ‘Rinnegan’. And after that, there is still the resurrection of 10 tailed beast, and for its resurrection, all the nine tailed beasts was necessary. And even for the exchange of single Ichibi ‘Shikaku’, it required at least 30,000 system points to exchange, no need to mention about the requirement of system points to exchange the tailed beast having almost infinite chakra, Kyuubi.

And before trying this, he should gasp some space-time related ninjutsu too. Even in the original world of Naruto, there were only a hand full of ninja who could use space-time related ninjutsu. And the most famous was Fourth Hokage, who was also known as Yellow Flash! But his ninjutsu which made him famous ‘Flying Thunder God Technique (Hiraishin no Jutsu)’ was not created by him! It was actually created by Second Hokage who was also the younger brother of First Hokage. Fourth Hokage merely improved this technique, and developed ‘Flying Thunder God Technique – Level Two (Hiraishin — Ni no Dan)’.

In the Naruto world, the most admired ninja of Ren Tianyou was nither the ninja who was known as God of Shinobi ‘First Hokage’ nor the first person to evolve his Sharingan to Rinnegan ‘Madara’! But the Second Hokage ‘Senju Tobirama’! Because Ren Tianyou believed that the talent of Second Hokage was far above First Hokage or any others. The First Hokage had merely inherited Six Path’s incomparable ** and chakra, which made him possible to use wood element ninjutsu, that’s all. But Second Hokage merely depending on his common water element ninjutsu became Second Hokage. Even more he also developed a space ninjutsu ‘Flying Thunder God Jutsu’ and also forbidden jutsu ‘Kuchiyose—Edo Tensei (Summoning Jutsu—Reanimation). [TL: ** was written in raw]

Either of those ninjutsu were matchless. Relying on ‘Flying Thunder God jutsu’, Fourth Hokage had got the nickname ‘Yellow Flash of hidden leaf’ and became one of the most powerful ninja in his time period. Relying on ‘Summoning Jutsu— Edo Tensei’ forbidden jutsu, Kabuto alone could actually hold on his own when fighting against the army of Allied force and after summoning Madara with that jutsu, he also succeed to force the allied force army to corner! So Ren Tianyou thought that even though Second Hokage was matchless genius, he was merely overshadowed by the matchless reputation of his brother First Hokage, that’s all.

The main goal of Ren Tianyou was to find a way back to Earth, and for this first he must learn and master space related ninjutsu. But even after researching and studying ‘Flying Thunder God Techinque’ for a long period of time, he still lacked the slightest knowledge of it. Because for learning this jutsu he should be first be capable to sense dimensional fluctuation. If he couldn’t do that then forget about practicing and mastering, he couldn’t even take the first step to start studying this jutsu. It’s not that the strength of Ren Tianyou was not enough to learn this jutsu, rather he was completely powerless to sense slightest fluctuation in dimension. So with no other choice, he thought about the shortcut, which was Sharingan.

The powers of Sharingan were very mysterious and unparalleled. And after awakening Mangekyo Sharingan, the user can get even more unique or unusual ability. This includes the space-time related ability too!

There were only two people with the Sharingan which possessed time-space related ability, they were Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Obito. Ren Tianyou knew only one space-time related ability of Madara, which was temporal shift, this jutsu was shown once in Naruto world. And the space related ability of Uchiha Obito was even more prominent! The ability of this fellow could not only shift space but the user could send himself inside the different dimension to dodge the attacks, and he could also send other person inside his dimension where that person would be in his mercy. And his both eyes had the same ability and that ability was known as kamui. Kakashi who had left eye of Obito couldn’t use the full version kamui, but even the uncompleted version was far more powerful.

Ren Tianyou was completely sure that for the time being he couldn’t learn Flying Thunder God Technique, so he wanted to awaken Mangekyo Sharingan of Uchiha Obito. Because he possessed Naruto System, he was not limited by any rule of original Naruto world. As long as he had enough system points he could awaken Mangekyo Sharingan of every person. So he came up with this shortcut which was to awaken Mangekyo Sharingan of Obito!

Since he already realized that for the time being he couldn’t learn Flying Thunder God Technique, he thought ‘since I can’t even sense space fluctuation, for now I won’t dwell on it. After I personally let my body feel another space related jutsu, it would be easy to sense space fluctuation. Then I can easily learn this Flying Thunder God jutsu!’ As a result, Ren Tianyou had gave up his plan to awaken Mangekyo of Sasuke, and decided to awaken Mangekyo of Uchiha Obito next.

Although Ren Tianyou had already decided what to do next, he still had quite a numbers of matters that were troubling him. First was, his wind and lightning attributes’ chakra nature change hadn’t make any progress whatsoever, because of this he couldn’t learn Wind Style—Rasenshuriken ninjutsu. Second was quantity of system points! After exchanging Mangekyo Sharingan, he didn’t have many system points left, so he must hurry and start earning system points. Third was the Mission System of Naruto System! He had already own this Naruto System for more than two years but he hadn’t completed even a single mission, because there was not even a single mission mentioned. So it was harder to collect system points. If this mission system had any missions then he would have another method to earn system points and he no longer need to kill magical beasts all day long like he is some kind of butcher.

Honestly speaking, currently he still did not have full confidence, that he could successfully take revenge against Ximen clan. As one of the major clan among 4 clan of Ailer Empire, surely the strength of Ximen clan was not weak. Although he had power which was far more incomparable to previous Ximen Tianlong, still he didn’t let this power to get into his head. Before taking revenge, Ren Tianyou at least wanted to awaken Mangekyo Sharingan of Obito and completely master wind and lightning chakra’s nature change. Only after that he would start to think about taking revenge against Ximen clan.


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  1. Thanks for chapt!

    i think it’s more good to awaken Eternal mangekyou sharingan first to remove the backslash
    before his revenge, so he can burn that place with amateratsu

    1. i think Hashiramas Cell’s before Eternal almost the same thing but a far stronger body and it delays the blindness by a significant amount as well going by how Obito abuses the fuck out of His Kamui yet appears to have lost none of his sight.

  2. Fking op, damn this chap was a whole explaining of what I knew anyways……. Still read it though lol.

  3. Who’d wanna go back to earth/why the hell would anyone wanna go back to earth?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Well, his family is there! And looks like their relationship is extremely good, so yes, earth he goes!

    2. I know right he probably be put in a crazy hospital in the first place if he did get back!Because he looks different and his family and friends wont know him.

          1. and he could always keep a transformation jutsu up as his old appearance with his near Limitless 10 Tails chakra. He may even be able to return his body to his old apperance there may be a jutsu out there that could pull it off

  4. I agree with Ren Tian You. The second hokage was a heaven defying genius. 😀

    Thanks for the chapter! This novel is really addicting 😛

    1. Yeah, I think this might be the first time the author got some piece of Naruto trivia 100% correct; Senju was by far the most talented Ninja in Naruto. Every other super powerful ninja is either using a bloodline limit or one of Senju’s original techniques, if he’d been born with a decent bloodline limit Senju would have been totally unstoppable.

      I’m also glad he decided to go for Obito’s Mangekyo next; Obito’s Mangekyo has by far the greatest defensive and utility abilities, though it looks like the author wasn’t aware that there is indeed a difference between each of Obito’s eyes; specifically his right eye lets him use Kamui on himself and his immediate vicinity, while his left eye (which Kakashi has) lets him use Kamui on things at a distance.

      1. 1. Senju is the clan name you mean Tobirama
        2. Kakashi has the left eye Obito has the right eye

      2. But I also think both of the mangekyo of obito had same power kamui. not diffrent as you have mentioned.

        1. yes Both of Obito’s eyes have Kamui but are used differently Obito’s right eye can use the go through things and contact needed Kamui while Kakashi’s eye can use it at a distance

          1. But isn’t kakashi kamui weaker version of obito. as kakashi couldnt use kamui to enter in his dimension but when madara used it he could easily enter the dimension

            1. Kakashi can send people into the dimension only when aided by Kurama’s Chakra as shown when he sends naruto in to attack Obidto as he is not the Original owner of the eye it costs more which he does not have

              1. Yeah Kakashi needs to use far more Chakra due to not having Uchiha blood in him: The actual power of both eyes is the same Kamui, but the range of each eye is different with the right eye being shortpersonal ranged and the left eye being long ranged.

                Kakashi can’t actually send himself into the pocket dimension even with extra Chakra, he can only send other people. Inversely Obito can only transfer himself and anything he is physically nearbyin contact with. I think there’s a few times where he transports something that is really, really close to him but most of the time it looks like he needs to be in physical contact to transport something.

                Obito also seems to have way more control over where the other side of the portal opens, whereas Kakashi can only send things intoout of the pocket dimension and has no control over where exactly those things appear.

                1. Obito’s ability to phase through things is also a differantway of using Kamui which appears to be unique to his right eye

                  1. He doesn’t actually phase through things; he just transports the part of his body that the thing is ‘intersecting’ with into the pocket dimension with Kamui. Which yeah Kakashi can’t do.

                    Why exactly Obito can transport parts of himself into the pocket dimension without severing those parts is never explained, but is presumably a sub-function of the right eye.

  5. It’s so cool when you use the original japanese names for all the skills huehue, with them english translations….It definitely scratches that inner chunnibyou inside you..!

          1. yes if has purchased them he should keep them and i am positive only one Eternal regardless of which one will forever halt his blindness.

                1. Did kaguya become one with the god tree after her sons were born with chakra because she wanted to get the chakra back or no?

                  1. originally it was she ate the god fruit and got Chakra as a result then the ten tails came after her then the details get changed up near the end. and i stopped caring exactly what the fruit did

                    1. No Kaguya and the tree were connected by the fruit and when her sons wanted to stop her she became enraged resulting in the tree becoming the 10 Tails. I think the filler for her goes more into depth about Kaguya and the tree.

                    2. But still they mentioned that Kaguya made the Shinju transform into the Juubi in the manga.

                    3. The filler only existed to bring more insight into Kaguya’s backstory and history with the tree (which was glanced over in the manga).

  6. I like the idea of adding videos of the jutsus used in the chapter.

    Also, it would be good if the link to the video is in the jutsu name itself or next to it. If the reader has to scroll down to the end of the post to make click on the link make the reading of the chapter a little more cumbersome.

    Thanks for the translation Steady.

  7. You’re getting all the names wrong or the Author dies not know his stuff. Edo Tensei is not Reanimation, it’s Impure World Resurrection.

  8. what if you got them bankrupt as revenge that way you wont need the power to destroy them but only need the power to protect yourself in case they get revenge on you for making them bnkrpt

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